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I can't choose inbetween Gene and Paul, but WHO CAN!

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1 Ace Frehley Ace Frehley Paul Daniel "Ace" Frehley is an American musician, singer and songwriter best known as the former lead guitarist and founding member of the rock band Kiss. V 1 Comment
2 Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Stanley Bert Eisen, known professionally by his stage name Paul Stanley, is an American musician, singer, songwriter and painter best known for being the rhythm guitarist and co-lead singer of the rock band Kiss.

Paul Stanley is so underrated in comparison to Simmons. He actually wrote God of Thunder, Simmons just sang it. God of Thunder is like a big bang of rock creation. The music carries you away, it's really imposing and so addictive!

So Good he should be no. Two forever!

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3 Gene Simmons Gene Simmons Chaim Witz, known professionally by his stage name Gene Simmons, is an Israeli-American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, actor and television personality.

God of thunder

4 Peter Criss Peter Criss George Peter John Criscuola, better known by his stage name Peter Criss, is an American musician and actor, best known as a co-founder, the original drummer, and an occasional vocalist of the hard rock band Kiss.
5 Eric Carr Eric Carr Paul Charles Caravello better known by his stage name Eric Carr, was an American musician who was the drummer for the rock band Kiss from 1980 to 1991. Caravello was selected as the new Kiss drummer after Peter Criss left, when he chose the stage name "Eric Carr" and took up the "Fox" persona.
6 Tommy Thayer
7 Eric Singer Eric Singer Eric Singer is an American hard rock and heavy metal drummer, best known as a member of Kiss, portraying The Catman originally played by Peter Criss.
8 Vinnie Vincent Vinnie Vincent Vinnie Vincent is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is a former member of the rock band Kiss from 1982 until mid-1984 during the band's transition out of their 1973–1983 makeup period.
9 Bruce Kulick Bruce Kulick Bruce Howard Kulick is an American guitarist, musician and a member of the band Grand Funk Railroad, with whom he's been since 2000. Previously, Kulick had been a long-time member of the band Kiss.

Way underrated! There is only one Ace Frehey, but Bruce is the best all around musician ever in kiss. Loyal to Paul and Gene to a fault--a real team player. His reward? Kicked to the curb. If Ace Frehley can't be in Kiss, Bruce should be instead of Tommy.

10 Mark St. John
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