Top Ten Kiss Songs of the 70s


The Top Ten

1 Detroit Rock City

Detroit rock city rocks.

One of the kiss bests,
But my favourite is NewYorkGroove
Ace rocks!

2 Rock and Roll All Nite

One of the biggest songs of all time - frapp10

Awesome it's a really good one

3 Strutter

It's so heavy metal I love it

4 God of Thunder

GENE +BLOOD and ACE and CRISS on drums& of course PAUL as a front enough sed

5 I Was Made for Lovin' You
6 Shout It Out Loud
7 Love Gun
8 Beth
9 Black Diamond

Best KISS song ever. Doesn't get the love it deserves. Maybe because Criss sang it, I don't know, please tell me.

10 100,000 Years

The Contenders

11 Deuce

It is so so so so good it sholud be in number one

12 New York Groove

Got annoyed after a while

13 I Stole Your Love
14 Hard Luck Woman
15 Cold Gin

An awesome Song it's great live too

Cold gin should be top ten

16 Calling Dr. Love

Gene wrote a great one good guitar solo

17 Hotter Than Hell
18 Makin' Love
19 Shock Me

It's awesome ace is really good in it

20 Parasite
21 King of the Night Time World
22 Love Her All I Can
23 Hard Times
24 Goin' Blind
25 Firehouse
26 Nothin’ to Lose
27 Let Me Know
28 Got to Choose
29 Watchin’ You
30 Let Me Go Rock N Roll
31 Comin’ Home
32 Strange Ways
33 She
34 Come on and Love Me
35 Rock Bottom
36 Ladies in Waiting
37 Flaming Youth
38 Do You Love Me?
39 Take Me
40 I Want You
41 Mr. Speed
42 Ladies Room
43 Plaster Caster
44 Christine Sixteen
45 Almost Human
46 Rocket Ride - Kiss
47 Larger Than Life
48 2,000 Man
49 Charisma
50 Sure Know Something
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1. Rock and Roll All Nite
2. God of Thunder
3. Detroit Rock City
1. Detroit Rock City
2. Rock and Roll All Nite
3. Love Gun


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