Top Ten Kiss Songs of the 80s


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1 Heaven's on Fire

One of the greates KISS songs of all time. Absolute classic

Some people say crazy nights and anomalies are bad albums but I think there great.

Love this song

Love it

2 Lick It Up

Kiss' best song, hard to believe it came after their prime - Shake_n_Bake13

3 Crazy Crazy Nights
4 Creatures of the Night
5 I Love It Loud
6 Forever
7 War Machine
8 Tears Are Falling
9 Rock and Roll Hell
10 Uh! All Night

The Contenders

11 I've Had Enough
12 Under the Gun
13 All Hell's Breakin' Loose

This song kicks butt, as does the whole " Lick It Up" album.

14 Keep Me Comin'
15 Who Wants to Be Lonely
16 Silver Spoon
17 Saint and Sinner
18 Hide Your Heart
19 King of Hearts
20 Reason to Live
21 Read My Body
22 I Still Love You

This song is epic people. Come on. Great vocal from Paul, great drums from Eric... Vinnie ripping that guitar... Lets go

23 Thrills In the Night
24 Is That You?
25 Killer
26 Danger

Killer song very underrated

27 A Million to One

Simply the cleanest, purest, and best KISS song ever. Also the most underrated!

28 King of the Mountain
29 Exciter
30 You Love Me to Hate You
31 Shandi
32 Dark Light
33 Fits Like a Glove
34 Dance All Over Your Face

Definitely should be in top 10. This song pumps me up every time I hear it. One of Gene's best.

35 Naked City

Underrated song from underrated album.

36 Cadillac Dreams
37 Young and Wasted
38 Torpedo Girl
39 Just a Boy
40 Talk to Me
41 The Oath
42 Mr. Blackwell
43 Tomorrow and Tonight

This was supposed to be "Tomorrow" from Unmasked. The editor should correct this error.

44 Rise to It
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1. Heaven's on Fire
2. Lick It Up
3. Forever
1. War Machine
2. I Love It Loud
3. Lick It Up
1. Crazy Crazy Nights
2. I Love It Loud
3. Lick It Up

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