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1 Detroit Rock City

Best KISS song by far, no debate.

I can't understand why it isn't first on the list. Good tunes, good lyrics, overall best song of their career.

You gotta loose your mind in Detroit... Rock city

1 of the best songs EVER!
Killer bassline and guitar solo

KISS is not even a good band but this song is pretty good

Best kiss song, I listen to this at least three times a day still great chorus, beat and some brilliant drumming

2 Rock and Roll All Nite

Rock & roll all nite is the best ever

everyone knows this song, Kiss doesn't suck, best show ever they can still rock! - ALD5033

This is the classic song no doubt about that

Rock and roll all night is the best song ever made better then beth kiss rocks

3 I Was Made for Lovin' You

it includes what a perfect rock song must have:
lyrics about love
a refrain you can sing out loud
excellent guitar work
a voice you like listening to
and the perfect mix of instruments and vocals (y)

I first heard this songs in the "Scooby Doo meets Kiss" movie. Then I started to realise real music and started loving Kiss.

Best song ever

Very underrated band of all time. They have memorable songs that stand the test of time.
To thrive and to still be hugely relevant in the music business for almost 40 years is pretty much unheard of. Yet Rolling Stone has barely acknowledged their existence, and they are still not in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame after a decade of being eligible. As far as my favorite song concerned it's a tie between I was made for loving u and detroit city. - saurabh192007

4 Strutter

This song deserves to be number one. It is my personal favorite and its just so badass! The people that made this are full of it because if hotter than hell isn't one of the ten best kiss songs then I'm not a kiss fan!

Good song but their are so many songs that should be higher where's she's so European what happened to sure no something and wear on earth is shandi

I think Strutter must be number 1

My favorite pre-game jam, like paul says "this ones for the ladies"

5 Love Gun

Find out what it means, lolz - SmoothCriminal

Great song! Gene Simons is taking it out on his guitar, and Paul Stanley has a great voice. The Love Gun shot me when I heard this song!

Gene doesn't play the guitar on love gun he doesn't even play the bass it's Paul and of course it's Ace playing lead

you can't forget this baby... don't try to lie!
- goutkris

Love Gun is my favourite by Kiss. The guitar riff, the drumming, the vocals and THAT GUITAR SOLO are simply excellent in my opinion. Great song, great album.

6 God of Thunder

I love everything about this song, the lyrics really got me hooked. Gene's vocals just add something special to this one.

Simply their best heavy metal

My favorite kiss song so far. - Arencey

When listening to the song you can't help but get into the dark and gritty feel of Gene's persona.

7 Forever

I really love this song. Wish there would be more of this kind.

Luv Gun and this are the #1!... but Forever is the #1 Romantic - SmoothCriminal

its has probably the best solo in the world :)

I'm a head banger for life, KISS is my favourite band ever, Forever is the best KISS song because it's romantic, charismatic and memorable.

8 Beth


Love this song

When I was young we would party to kiss music and this always quieted the room

Also we would all laugh that every guy in the room would be singing along with the song

Try it after the guys have had a few beers play this song and see who sings along with it

The first time I realized the song was from Kiss, I could not believe it!

9 Crazy Crazy Nights

This song is just so fun and takes the repetition and makes it great. The vocals are amazing, the guitar is killer, the bass and drums back perfectly, and the keyboards accompany the song amazingly instead of taking it over. Really great song, deserves the high spot.

My favourite song! I can't belive it isn't higher, but it a Kiss song anyway so it alright. We all love Kiss! If you love Kiss you shouldn't fight about what song is the best!

Do it at 1.25 speed and it would be in first place. Literally.

My favourite KISS song, and the most popular here in the UK, Paul's vocals are great in it, and the tune is amazing as well!

10 Black Diamond

The ending is so amazing. - JC_How

It takes time to look past superficial production to recognize great songs & early KISS had great punchy rock songs that flew in the face of much of the so-called prog & wimpy pop of the day.

Great Song! It starts off slow and builds to maximum intensity eventually bringing it around to a stop. You think the song is over and then it tricks you and starts rocking your face off again. Love it Love it

This song is so amazing... The best way to listen to it is LIVE! But overall a fantastic song. 1,2,3... HIT IT!

Out on the street for a livin...


The Contenders

11 Deuce

The best, love the energy in this one! - Shyrtex

How is this not in kiss’s top 3! Kick ass Rock & Roll.

One of the best songs and guitar riffs I have ever heard!

Hello! How is this song not in the top 3. Calling real KISS fans everywhere, get this song to number 1!

12 I Love It Loud

Why isn’t this on top 5?

Eric Carr's Drums Alone Make This Song Brilliant

Best kiss song

This was one of the first songs that got me to like rock music & KISS. I remember being infatuated with listening this song! - maarilynmaanson

13 Heaven's on Fire

Number 1

Why is this no 13...don't know, should be higher.

505 by Arctic Monkeys is so overrated

My favourite KISS song for sure. This song is takin' me high

14 Cold Gin

This is PURE Kiss 💋. Classic Stones influenced riff, an amazing verse setting up that memorable chorus. This should be way higher up the list. My favorite. track when playing Alive. But the original from their debut is the best version. COLD GIN TIME AGAIN!

Why didn't anyone vote for this song it rocks. Rock and Roll All Nite is the most overplayed overrated song of all time. Cold gin is just so awesome

Great song - written by Ace - my favorite song that Gene sings lead on. Ace's riff has been copied a few times (Buckcherry- Lit Up)

Cold Gin should be top 5 for sure. I am amazed at all of the songs after Dynasty. Some good songs for sure but not classic Kiss.

15 War Machine

It's like a thrash song! I don't know why everyone likes rock and roll all nite. It's not a good song! It's way overrated, and they repeat "I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day" over and over and over again! It's a song that people who don't listen to rock love.

It is one of kiss best heavy songs ever

Heavy and shows off genes unique vocals

Learned how to play bass on this song!

16 We are One

Best, most underrated KISS song ever.

An amazing song! Very special

17 Calling Dr. Love

Needs to go higher

Best kiss tone, along with detroit rock city, god of thunder, love guns, war machine, creatures of the night, I love it loud

I don't think this song gets the love it deserves. 17 is just too low.

If arrogance belongs anywhere, it belongs in a rock and roll song.

18 Lick It Up

This song deserves to be at least in the top 5, because of its pure dopeness.
Love it so much.

Definitely deserves to be higher and I mean like in the top 5 this song is iconic

It should be higher seriously it has a very catchy chorus and is a great song, rocknroll all night is just the same stuff all over again, doesn't have solos or nothin.

Can't believe this isn't in the top ten! This is one of the best rock songs ever, just gets you up and dancing! What a pumping song!

19 Say Yeah

Anthemic tune that trumps Rock and Roll All Nite. Really catchy tune.

20 I've Had Enough (Into the Fire)

This song has it all, including a guitarist who only appeared on one album. Despite the chaos at the time, could be their finest effort... Ever.

21 Seduction of the Innocent

Such a rough yet plaintive song, with a hard dirty baseline. Definitely (one of) the best songs. Bit more complex than their other more popular ones that have simple-yet-catchy appeal, this one's darker. Incredibly stirring song.

Love this song, great riff in the end. Really plays on Genes demonic side

22 Psycho Circus


This song was to be top 5 easily. Definitely my favorite song from Kiss. Masterpiece.

I LOVE this song with a passion. It is a high energetic song with an amazing guitar solo and spooky yet lively feeling to it that can't be beat.

This is an important song in Kiss history. Coming back to their roots but in a more modern style for the time. Love this song

23 God Gave Rock and Roll to You II

a great dedication song to Eric Carr

This song is off the hook

Damn the watchmojo list said this was 9th place

Why does Paul hafta sing like a teenage girl!

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24 Journey of 1,000 Years

Really underrated song! This song feels so different then the rest of their songs, it makes you feel really alive

25 Unholy

This is a song that only Gene Simmons could sing. And it is perfect when sang live. This is a dark creepy and sinful song that Gene personifies.

This song reflects the best unmasked generation

26 Shout It Out Loud

Needs to be higher up

Great hook and rhythm. Love the chorus.

Wow, really guys? This HAS to be top 5. Come on, vote it up. Lick it up needs to move up also.

Number 2 all the way!

27 Talk to Me

Ace isn't the best singer, but he is pretty good in this song. Same with "Shock Me".

28 Parasite

Parasite is the hardest hard rock KISS song. The song is back boned by a heavy fast riff. ACE does a great job with the solo. It is an old KISS classic.

One of my fave Ace songs! Ace shoulda sang it!

Great beat, graet guitar, way to go Ace.

29 Shock Me

Not the best, but it’s my favorite

Ace is the best singer Kiss ever had, he maybe can't take those higest tones but there is something whith his voice that just make it amazing.
*-* SPACE WITH ACE! - Metalhead222x3

My personal favourite Kiss song, but admittedly not number 1. I say Rock and roll all nite has to win this-no question. Also, bring do: I was made for lovin' you- not even in the top 50 Kiss songs!

Just love Ace and his voice is so unique, so cool.

30 Sure Know Something

Amazing song
Don't know why it is too low

This should be higher! - Userguy44

Talk about an underrated song? I think that Sure Know Something should easily be top 10, if not top 5, Gene's bass in this is elite, and Paul Stanley's voice is just amazing. I think that this song and Shandi definitely deserves to be in the top 10 because they are underrated and legendary!

This is one of the best songs that I listened ever.. It has all

31 Creatures of the Night

I love this song! The beat is awesome! Gene simmons was loud and raw vocals and KISS was true metal on this one better than god of thunder and detroit rock city.

I don't know why this isn't on the top 10. This song is one of the first Kiss songs I've listened to and to this day it still makes me feel great listening to it!

Pauls sings not gene... Great dark paul song

32 Great Expectations

A song for the fans, love it

This song is way better then hate go down to see hate and lisen to it you will not like it

More I listen to it- more I like it!
Way ahead of it's time!

33 Do You Love Me

Damn Good Song One of there Bests and one of my Favourites!

Do You Love Me KISS ARMY - Curti2594

Really good--one of my fave "Paul" songs

34 Thrills in the Night

I think its one of there best Post make up era song of the 1980's

35 100,000 Years

Listen to the Drum Solo on Alive - Lilbob93

I love all these songs. However my most favorite song ever is 100,000 years. I LOVE KISS! - Wendy56

This song is from beginning to end great, you can't sit with this song

Drum solo on Alive takes it to another level

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36 Hotter Than Hell

Perfect in every way! In my top 5!

Always great, LOVE KISS...

37 Firehouse

4th best Kiss song behind Detroit Rock City, Rock n Roll All Night and Love Gun!

What?! No ways! This is one of their best songs ever!

Love it! Great drumming!


38 King of the Night Time World

Heard this song on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, which made me go out & buy the album!

39 God Gave Rock 'N Roll to You

How is this song not rated higher in the list? This is the kind of song I'd love to listen to when I finished myself a long journey feeling victorious and all. I love how the band shows how much they love what they accomplished by saying that God gave it to them, and that is grand! The guitar riffs are just awesome and easy to sing along that it gives you a state of peace! This is one of the best songs I've ever heard and believe I will never get tired of it. Always reminds me of how much I've gotten from God.

This song is amazing, Why isn't it higher than 34th on the list - ChelseaPurnell

This song is amazing and the melody and vocals are just perfect. I have no idea how this is only ninth on the list. The key change just finishes of this song the best way possible.

Can't believe this song isn't at least in the top 5. I really do think it's one of the greatest songs not only by Kiss, but of the entire Rock history! This song indeed occupies such an important place in all of the members of the Kiss Army's hearts and will always be a reason for being proud of what this amazing band has made (and keeps on doing) for Rock n' Roll.

40 Christine Sixteen

I cried for an entire week before turning seventeen because two of my favorite KISS songs are about sixteen year old girls

This HAS to be higher up on the list! The chorus sticks in your head all day!

41 I Still Love You

The MTV unplugged version is just outstanding!

Awesome slow song that still has a powerful feel to it.

Pretty good song that's about his breakup w/ Donna Dixon! & then she married Dan Ackroyd!

42 New York Groove

This is NOT a KISS song! It's a Russ Ballard song that Ace covered on the solo lp. Really catchy & should be on the radio today!

Top 5 Kiss song!

43 Turn On the Night
44 Rain

Carnival of souls kicks ass

45 All Hell's Breakin' Loose

Hey hey have you heard the news

46 Magic Touch

Always thought this was a good song. Sounds cheesy now! Laugh out loud

47 The Oath

Off an underrated album, this song shines like no other on the album. From The Elder, it gets no better than The Oath. "I" is also solid from the album, and so is "Only You". Other favorites from KISS include Magic Touch, X-Ray eyes and Naked City.

48 Goin' Blind

This song makes me want to be sixteen forever

The Melvins cover is better, but this is the best kiss song ever!

49 Reason to Live

Underrated it is a great tune

The best melody from the band

50 Within

Probably the best song on that album!

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