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21 I've Had Enough (Into the Fire)

This song has it all, including a guitarist who only appeared on one album. Despite the chaos at the time, could be their finest effort... Ever.

22 Seduction of the Innocent

Such a rough yet plaintive song, with a hard dirty baseline. Definitely (one of) the best songs. Bit more complex than their other more popular ones that have simple-yet-catchy appeal, this one's darker. Incredibly stirring song.

Love this song, great riff in the end. Really plays on Genes demonic side

23 Creatures of the Night

I love this song! The beat is awesome! Gene simmons was loud and raw vocals and KISS was true metal on this one better than god of thunder and detroit rock city.

I don't know why this isn't on the top 10. This song is one of the first Kiss songs I've listened to and to this day it still makes me feel great listening to it!

Pauls sings not gene... Great dark paul song

24 Journey of 1,000 Years

Really underrated song! This song feels so different then the rest of their songs, it makes you feel really alive

25 Talk to Me

Ace isn't the best singer, but he is pretty good in this song. Same with "Shock Me".

26 New York Groove

This is NOT a KISS song! It's a Russ Ballard song that Ace covered on the solo lp. Really catchy & should be on the radio today!

Top 5 Kiss song!

27 Unholy

This is a song that only Gene Simmons could sing. And it is perfect when sang live. This is a dark creepy and sinful song that Gene personifies.

This song reflects the best unmasked generation

28 Parasite

Parasite is the hardest hard rock KISS song. The song is back boned by a heavy fast riff. ACE does a great job with the solo. It is an old KISS classic.

One of my fave Ace songs! Ace shoulda sang it!

Great beat, graet guitar, way to go Ace.

29 Psycho Circus

I LOVE this song with a passion. It is a high energetic song with an amazing guitar solo and spooky yet lively feeling to it that can't be beat.

This is an important song in Kiss history. Coming back to their roots but in a more modern style for the time. Love this song

Probably their most energetic song!

Can't take this song off repeat. Definitely one of my favorite from Kiss.

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30 Hotter Than Hell

Perfect in every way! In my top 5!

Always great, LOVE KISS...

31 God Gave Rock and Roll to You II

a great dedication song to Eric Carr

This song is off the hook

Damn the watchmojo list said this was 9th place

Why does Paul hafta sing like a teenage girl!

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32 Sure Know Something

Talk about an underrated song? I think that Sure Know Something should easily be top 10, if not top 5, Gene's bass in this is elite, and Paul Stanley's voice is just amazing. I think that this song and Shandi definitely deserves to be in the top 10 because they are underrated and legendary!

This is one of the best songs that I listened ever.. It has all

This is really a top 10 quality song and needs to go higher

I love this song

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33 Shock Me

Ace is the best singer Kiss ever had, he maybe can't take those higest tones but there is something whith his voice that just make it amazing.
*-* SPACE WITH ACE! - Metalhead222x3

My personal favourite Kiss song, but admittedly not number 1. I say Rock and roll all nite has to win this-no question. Also, bring do: I was made for lovin' you- not even in the top 50 Kiss songs!

Just love Ace and his voice is so unique, so cool.

One of the best guitar solos of all time

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34 God Gave Rock 'N Roll to You

How is this song not rated higher in the list? This is the kind of song I'd love to listen to when I finished myself a long journey feeling victorious and all. I love how the band shows how much they love what they accomplished by saying that God gave it to them, and that is grand! The guitar riffs are just awesome and easy to sing along that it gives you a state of peace! This is one of the best songs I've ever heard and believe I will never get tired of it. Always reminds me of how much I've gotten from God.

This song is amazing and the melody and vocals are just perfect. I have no idea how this is only ninth on the list. The key change just finishes of this song the best way possible.

Can't believe this song isn't at least in the top 5. I really do think it's one of the greatest songs not only by Kiss, but of the entire Rock history! This song indeed occupies such an important place in all of the members of the Kiss Army's hearts and will always be a reason for being proud of what this amazing band has made (and keeps on doing) for Rock n' Roll.

Totally underrated

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35 Great Expectations

A song for the fans, love it

This song is way better then hate go down to see hate and lisen to it you will not like it

More I listen to it- more I like it!
Way ahead of it's time!

36 Do You Love Me

Damn Good Song One of there Bests and one of my Favourites!

Do You Love Me KISS ARMY - Curti2594

Really good--one of my fave "Paul" songs

37 100,000 Years

Listen to the Drum Solo on Alive - Lilbob93

I love all these songs. However my most favorite song ever is 100,000 years. I LOVE KISS! - Wendy56

This song is from beginning to end great, you can't sit with this song

Drum solo on Alive takes it to another level

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38 Hard Luck Woman

Well I must be stupid but this is a great song. Best song written by a Kiss member. It shows that Peter Criss did, indeed, have talent.

You're not stupid. But apparently everybody else who voted on this list is.

Sometimes I just get pissed off with the people. This is one of the best KISS works!
It deserves much more than this.

My #2 Fave! Written by Paul & sung by Peter!

39 Christine Sixteen

I cried for an entire week before turning seventeen because two of my favorite KISS songs are about sixteen year old girls

This HAS to be higher up on the list! The chorus sticks in your head all day!

40 King of the Night Time World

Heard this song on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, which made me go out & buy the album!

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