Top 10 Kits and Apprentices in Warrior Cats Who Died

The Top Ten

1 Snowkit

Why did Erin make him die. I cried

This was so sad

Not right

He would’ve been such an interesting character. *sigh*
But I would’ve named him Snowfall.

2 Larchkit (TC)

I love Larch-kit!

me to

3 Mosskit

I love Mosskit! Why did she have to die?

Erin Needs To Bring Her Back to Life

She was so cute! To young to die...why Erin Hunter!

I felt sooo bad for Bluestar Mistyfoot and Stonefur I loved Mosskit at least she had Snowfur in StarClan

4 Nightkit
5 Mistkit

Zakattack2, that's Snowkit, the FIRST one on this list, have you read the books? (sorry, not trying to be mean) - Swiftdawn

I don't know if this was the kit that died from the hawk, but whoever it was, it was sad! - Zakattack2

It just wasn't fair! - IcetailofWishClan

6 Blossomkit
7 Swiftpaw

Even if he is overrated, no cat deserves to die like THAT. - IcetailofWishClan

8 Seedpaw

so sad

She saved lilypaw

9 Badgerfang

I remember reading Yellowfang's Secret a while back. My cousin was sitting next to me, and I started bawling. He said, "What happened! Stop crying! " I replied with the words to one of my favorite songs, "Water Fountain" by Alec Benjamin. This is what I said.
"Too young. Too young. Too" *my voice cracked as I mouthed the words* "I was too young."
"What? " Was what he insisted. I replied with a song driven deep into the back of my mind.
"If I die young, bury me in satin, lay me down in a bed of roses."
"Who died? "
"What's so special about him? "
"He was a kit."
"But then wouldn't his name be Badgerkit? "
"Brokenstar is a fox-heart."
"Oh. Oh, well."

His story is so sad. read enter the clans for full story

Even if he has a warrior name, he's kit age.

10 Splashkit

FYI, this is Graypool's kit. - IcetailofWishClan

The Contenders

11 Morningkit

This is his sister. - IcetailofWishClan

12 Tadpole

Sasha's and Tigerstar's kit, right? He was the one that drowned.

13 Deathpaw

No thanks

14 Emberkit (DotC)
15 Shrewpaw

Shrewpaw was trying to feed his clan and he was a small cat almost a warrior thooe!

16 Sweetpaw

Why is this not on the list? This was gruesome! She was in a coma and got buried alive! and I have a very different opinion on sad deaths! - Spottedfern

17 Yuckpaw

What kind of name is that! - sydneyhelget

18 Incineratorkit
19 Molepaw

Poor Molepaw. He died of greencough. Poppyfrost must've been depressed.

20 Withkit
21 Patchkit
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