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1 Megalomaniac

A megalomaniac song from a megalomaniac band...

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2 Juke Joint Jezebel

This was a good album, probably their best in line with Angst and Nihil.

4 Kunst
5 Free Your Hate

This is a great song, especially one to play while in an intense deathmatch in Grand Theft Auto V.

6 A Drug Against War

Anyone who was not following KMFDM before "Symbols" should not be posting here. Their new stuff is good, but I feel Angst was their best album overall.

7 Krank V 1 Comment
8 Son of a Gun
9 D.I.Y
10 New American Century

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11 Hau Ruck
12 Anarchy V 1 Comment
13 Pussy Riot
14 Light
15 Money
16 No Peace
17 Professional Killer
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1. Megalomaniac
2. Juke Joint Jezebel



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