Top 10 Knott's Berry Farm Coasters

The top 10 roller coasters at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.

The Top Ten

1 Xcelerator

No Hangtime is now - Poseidon

I want to ride this!

Xcelerator is a great rush. The launch is just amazing and very powerful. Would recommend.

Xcelerator is a great ride. It's launch goes to 82 MPH, and is very intense. The drop is an incredible 200 ft tall, and it provides some great airtime. - Lameformer

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2 GhostRider

It's my favorite ride I was there with my friend and can only go on ones (sad)

It was a great ride once it got rebuilt again but now I think it might be the best ride in the park.

Although it's rough, GhostRider provides some great floater airtime and has some nice drops. - Lameformer

These are the top 10 scariest roller coasters at Knott’s Berry Farm as of my experience (2018)

10: Timberline Twister
9: Jaguar
8: Coast Rider
7: Pony Express
6: Sierra Sidewinder
5: GhostRider
4: Montezooma’s Revenge
3: Silver Bullet
2: Xcelerator
1: Hangtime

3 Silver Bullet

Although this ride is not very intense, it has some great inversions, and it has other cool features like an overbanked turn and a helix over the water. - Lameformer

4 Montezooma's Revenge

This ride is amazing. The loop is forceful, and you drop not once, but twice. - Lameformer

5 HangTime

Why is this so low? This ride is just as awesome as GhostRider!

Why Is This So Low? - Poseidon

New for 2018

6 Sierra Sidewinder

This is a pretty intense family coaster- there are a couple of incredible over banked turns, and the spinning only adds to the forceful turns. - Lameformer

7 Jaguar!

This is a good family coaster. It's long, and you get some great views of the park. However, many of the elements are not exciting. - Lameformer

8 Pony Express

This motorbike coaster is decent. It has some cool hills, an indoor banked turn, and an overbanked turn. However, it's launch is pretty weak (only 38 MPH) and it's a very short ride. - Lameformer

9 Coast Rider

Although this ride has a great first drop, the rest of the ride is pretty boring. It doesn't have any strong lateral g forces that many other wild mouse coasters have. - Lameformer

10 Boomerang

Boomerang is gone - Poseidon

Although the inversions are both fun and forceful, the ride's roughness ruins it. - Lameformer

The Contenders

11 Timberline Twister

It's the kiddy coaster - Lameformer

12 Supreme Scream
13 Wacky Soap Box Racers


Removed in the 90’s for Windjammer Surf Racers.

14 Corkscrew

Removed in 1989 for Boomerang.

15 Windjammer Surf Racers

Removed in 2001 for Xcelerator.

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