Best Kodak Black Songs

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1 No Flockin

Best Kodak song, no doubt - SpammerCanner

Still bonp in the Streets


I don’t like Kodak but this song is pretty good

2 Skrt

The fact that this list exists... - AlphaQ

This list should not exist.

3 Roll in Peace

This is his strongest work he's put out...AND IT'S LOWER THAN TYGA'S BEST! 1/5 - DankGodX

One of the best by the living lawnmower himself

4 Too Many Years

This song is fire. Best song of his

I love this song it's the best

5 Vibin in This Bih
6 Project Baby 2
7 Tunnel Vision

Easily my FAVOURITE SONG but I don't know why the album cover makes me wanna cry..

First song I heard by Kodak and still the best - ghostsrose

This is one of his worst - DaWyteNight

The beat is AWESOME!

8 Dead Time
9 Calling My Spirit
10 Drowning

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? Zeze

The Contenders

11 Purp
12 Codeine Dreaming

Should be higher up


Pull up on a demon on God


14 Patty Cake

Favorite Song May 20, 2019 It’s Playing On My Phone Right Now 🥰

15 Signs
16 Christmas in Miami
17 Could of Been Different
18 Catch Flight
19 Malcolm X.X.X.
20 Gnarly

Funny song and should be played more

21 If I'm Lyin Then I'm Flyin
22 Like Dat

This is crazy low

Wayyy too low

23 Blood Sweat Tears Revenge
24 Transportin
25 Everything 1K
26 Slayed
27 There He Go
28 Baby Girl
29 Skrilla
30 Gave It All I Got

His flow is nasty and he embellishes it to the max on this track

The best kodak beat to this date and nasty verses

31 First Day Out
32 Versatile
33 Lonely
34 Big Bank
35 Can I
36 4th Quarter
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