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1 All I Want

This song is so full of emotion and beautiful lyrics

This should definitely be number 1, it's such a beautiful song

The song has such great meaning and the video is phenomenal

The song and the music video is absolutely beautiful!

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2 The One

I can't describe another word for this one, but u guys should listen it and I think this song is better than all I want, high hopes etc. My other favorite is Brother. THE ONE SHOULD BE AT 1

It was good - Ananya

This song is one of my best song in my life ever I told u. Better than all I want or kodaline's song u've been heard.

3 Love Will Set You Free

This song is just incredible the song makes me feel comfortable

4 Way Back When
5 High Hopes

I suffered from depression and this song just speaks to me. I saw them in Houston Friday, May 1. When they sang this, I broke down and cried so hard. This song is powerful and the lyrics are beautiful. I adore kodaline.

This song should be number 1. It's one of my favorite songs

The best song ever by kodaline

One of my favourite songs

6 Talk

This song is amazing, extremely relatable for anyone who has gone through a breakup. The lyrics are just...

7 Ready
8 After the Fall
9 All Comes Down

Has a really bautiful build-up

10 Honest

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11 Raging
12 Brother

This is so fudging beautiful

The most emotional and beautiful song

Amazing song that brings tears to the eyes.

This is emotional song

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13 One Day
14 Love Like This

Just lovely.. All I want is the best though

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15 Brand New Day
16 Big Bad World
17 The Answer
18 Take Control
19 Moving On
20 Ready to Change
21 Pray

I just love so much the darkness in that song.. Its perfect..

22 The Riddle

It is one of the best songs of Kodaline
How is it not even in the list?

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