Best Kodaline Songs

The Top Ten Best Kodaline Songs

1 All I Want

This song is so full of emotion and beautiful lyrics

This should definitely be number 1, it's such a beautiful song

It's been three months since the breakup with my first, and this song speaks to me on a level beyond personal.

And this was introduced to me by a friend of mine who had already suffered the same, except years ago.

The song has such great meaning and the video is phenomenal

2 High Hopes

I suffered from depression and this song just speaks to me. I saw them in Houston Friday, May 1. When they sang this, I broke down and cried so hard. This song is powerful and the lyrics are beautiful. I adore kodaline.

We all have different opinions of course, but for me, this is my favorite song, right after I heard it I just think that this is the one, this song is calming and a angelic sound to my ear,

This song should be number 1. It's one of my favorite songs

The best song ever by kodaline

3 The One

I can't describe another word for this one, but u guys should listen it and I think this song is better than all I want, high hopes etc. My other favorite is Brother. THE ONE SHOULD BE AT 1

Wonderful! So emotional! One of my favorite songs and videos

Just one word... EPIC

Best songs ever

4 Love Will Set You Free

This song is just incredible the song makes me feel comfortable

5 Temple Bar
6 Talk

Utterly beautiful chorus, of course striking lyrics. It touched my heart on the first listen. I adore this song, can relate to it and it's really special to me.

This song is amazing, extremely relatable for anyone who has gone through a breakup. The lyrics are just...


7 Way Back When
8 Ready
9 After the Fall
10 I Wouldn't Be

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11 Brother

One of the most beautiful songs I ever heard... Full of emotion and it makes you feel

This is so fudging beautiful

The most emotional and beautiful song

Just listen it, and feel the beats of the best song

12 Follow Your Fire

Absolutely amazing work, the music, lyrics and the build up. Easily this will be one of his best in the coming years.

Should be way up at the top 5
The falsetto is really amazing
And so is the vibe of this song - country_sheriff

Brilliant song

13 One Day

Just a beautiful song. Should be much higher. The 2014 version is utterly wonderful.

Kodaline's first song I heard and I fell in love with them.

14 Love Like This

Just lovely.. All I want is the best though

One of kodalines most upbeat songs

15 Brand New Day


16 Big Bad World
17 Moving On

My favorite. Kodaline song. It Brings me back to where it all started.

Beautiful song

Amazing song


18 Ready to Change
19 Honest


Kodaline have some nice songs but this should have a higher standing.

20 All Comes Down

Has a really bautiful build-up

21 The Answer
22 Raging
23 Pray

I just love so much the darkness in that song.. Its perfect..

The keyboare chords and bass guitar entry is amazing

24 Take Control
25 The Riddle

I'm all caught up with its catchy rthym from the first time

It is one of the best songs of Kodaline
How is it not even in the list?

26 Worth It
27 Perfect World
28 Gabriel
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