Best Koe No Katachi (The Shape of Voice) Characters


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1 Yuzuru Nishimiya Yuzuru Nishimiya

My favorite character was always Yuzuru. She starts off quite cold towards Shouya, and she had a good reason to be. She then proved herself as a strong character, and worked through her problems.

Totally best girl.

Yuzuru is a cool kid with a cool and chilled attitude. She’s very strong-willed and caring, willing to do anything for her big sister. She also took upon herself the burden of her sister, being incredibly strong for a child her age in order to support her sister. She’s always trying her best to be strong and emotionally stable, and wants the best for Shouko. And I like her boyish attitude - Goku02

2 Naoka Ueno

I really like Ueno. Her attitude and personality is strong and very confident, and she is truly a really good friend to Ishida. She did many things for her friend. We don’t see many friends like that in real life. - Goku02

3 Shouko Nishimiya Shouko Nishimiya

I never understood why so many people like Shouko... I mean she was kind and cute and all, but she was quite bland is a Mary Sue in my opinion. She’s rather uninteresting as a character, and I still don’t get how she could fall in love with someone who bullied her continuously in the past so easily. Yes she forgave him, but I hardly see anyone in real life who falls in love with someone who abuses them that quickly. - Goku02

4 Shouya Ishida

I really feel pity for him. I can perfectly understand the reason why he found Nishimiya annoying when they were in the same class, and though he went too far with his bullying, he was just a child back then who didn’t know any better. He really didn’t deserve to have his childhood ripped away from him after that like that. I really like his character development, how he realised his wrongdoings and apologised, and how he learned about the value of his life after his attempted suicide, as well as his slowly start to not feeling isolated again, being able to socialise normally with other people like he used to when he was a kid. - Goku02

5 Tomohiro Nagatsuka
6 Satoshi Mashiba
7 Miyoko Sahara
8 Miki Kawai
9 Maria Ishida
10 Kazuki Shimada
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