Top Ten Kool and the Gang Songs

The Top Ten Kool and the Gang Songs

1 Too Hot

Play this song on really hot days!

2 Summer Madness

Imagine this song being released in 1974. It's nothing like you ever heard before. Even hearing it in 2018 it feels fresh.

And then you have the 1976 live version. True eargasm.

3 Get Down on It

"How you gonna do it if you really don't wanna dance, by standing on the wall? Get your back up off the wall! Tell me baby? "

This song is such a classic this one should be number 2 behind Celebration

This song should be number 2 on this list please make this one number 2 - mneilan

This song should be number 2 - mneilan

4 Joanna
5 Jungle Boogie
6 Fresh
7 Celebration

Very catchy, loved, party track that has progressed well with the times.

Oh Come on it can't be so low

8 Misled
9 Ladies' Night

Amazing song love it so much oh yes it's ladies night

Love this one it's a classic - mneilan

10 Cherish

"Cherish" is among the very best songs with a masterfully mixed entrance: romantic, smooth, light, and "singable. " Since way back in the eightees it has been a favorite!

The Contenders

11 Tonight

Tonight and Misled are their best two

12 Chocolate Buttermilk
13 Take It to the Top
14 Hollywood Swinging
15 Open Sesame
16 Big Fun
17 Steppin' Out
18 Stone Love
19 Victory
20 Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)
21 Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh La, La, La)
22 Straight Ahead
23 Jones vs. Jones
24 Hi Di Hi, Hi De Ho
25 Funky Stuff
26 N.T.
27 No Show
28 Celebremos
29 In the Heart
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