Top Ten Best Koopa Kids

The Top Ten

1 Ludwig

Ludwig is garbage.

Ludwig always the last koopa kid and your hair has my favourite color dark blue and you are cool

He is awesome! He is maybe the third best character after Dimentio and Fawful! - Ludwigvon10

Thank god Wendy's not on this list.

... Correction: She is on this list?! - GreenViolet8236

2 Roy

Roy guy with a cool sunglasses but he's fat not fatter than Morton but fat using bullet bill guns won't work anymore so think of a better plan to destroy Mario

Roy's our boy

3 Iggy

Iggy is CRAZY which makes him the most fun and unpredictable. I'm a big fan of how he taunts Mario by smacking his booty before they battle, cracks me up every time. Plus bright green is my favorite color. Love Lemmy too though (he's just so CUTE)!

Iggy insane stupid idiot that's why you are number 2 you are funny and you have a chain chomp as a pet

His design is neat and he's crazy and I love him.

Man, Iggy's cool people! He's the twin brother of Lemmy in the two T.V. shows: The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. He rocks people! - GreenViolet8236

4 Lemmy

Lemma loves balls and cutest koopa kid and youngest one day the ball and cuteness will disappear one day

Lemmy is my favorite character and should be higher than Ludwig because Ludwig is an idiot

Lemmy is awesome and he is great in Mario kart8

I love Lemmy! He is so cute and that is why he is my favorite! Yay Lemmy!

5 Morton

Morton fattest and strong you could squash Mario but you never thought of it you now I the next game this should be your plan

Wow. Never believed that he's on this list. He's awesome! He's my brother's fave character too! - GreenViolet8236

Get him of the list he is ugly

Get him off the list. He's overrated

6 Larry

Larry Larry Larry why are you always the jumping plan were you just jump jump and jump can't you think of something better Larry


7 Wendy

Wendy is no cute girl she is the second ugliest girl character I ever seen I feel sorry for her she should be cute as lemmy

Please bring Wendy higher! She doesn't deserve all this hate! BOWSER IS NOT A KOOPALING - DCfnaf

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