Top Ten Korean Drama Ost of 2016

Give my top and favorite picks for Korean ost featured in Korean drama if 2016

The Top Ten

1 Davichi: This Love

Boy, is this a great song or what. It's no surprising that Davichi being a duo always have great ost..and it not an argument that "descendants of the sun" is currently the best Korean drama of 2016..if you are a well known Korean drama watcher and you haven't watched this movie...oh boy are you a...I recommend you do - molexy35

So sweet

My favorite ost :D

2 Noel: Again

Best one - molexy35

This song is my best...aside from the drama "please come back mister" being on fleek this ost makes it even better - molexy35

3 Yoo Mi Rae: Always

Also from the hit drama of 2016 "descendants of the sun" this was also phenomenal of the best.. This song is really one of kind - molexy35

This has got to be one of the best OST and kdrama I have ever watched. This is on top of my list. This is probably the most successful kdrama of 2016. Good job!

4 5urprise: Feel You, Erase You

This ost was a part of "cheese in the trap" the highly anticipated drama that was adapted from the popular online webstory although this wonderful had plenty of ost beautiful story this was my favorite of them... You should check it out - molexy35

Good drama good actor and actress and good soundtrack

5 Chanyeol (EXO), Punch: Stay With Me

Another ethereal song by Punch, a singer who makes her away with amazing OSTs. The riff of the song made the song notable (you can even relate it to Faded). Punch's delicate voice is definitely unique and suits the song, and master Chanyeol, his voice and rap which almost comes to a whisper, might even break all the barriers around you. This song is definitely ane of the best hits of 2016.

Best OST of the year. Chanyeol and Punch both did it justice. On repeat 24/7.

Chanyeol's rap is very relaxing and cool at the same time in this song

Yo! Chanyeol is so talented!

6 Lee Hyun Woo: One Thing

Okay let's get started...okay see I love lee Hyun woo so much fell in love with him ever since I saw him in "to the beautiful you"...but I do not love home as much I do lee min ho...he is my bae... Go lee min you...Kk..back to the issue this was a ost from "morin school" that people loved and din't love..but I thought this was one of the most awesome dramas of 2016..check the ost out. - molexy35

7 Chen & Baekhyun & Xiumin: For You

The song gives you a mellow vibe which you can just lay back and relate the meaning behind the lyrics. The chords progression is cumulatively a popular choice among singers nowadays and with the right and melody and harmony, 'For You' just takes your breath away.

I love this song from Scarlet Heart

The best ever

Best of best

8 Vixx: Alive

Okay so does this have beats of what...I love this song it one of those ost that just makes you wanna get up and rap along..a good song for a face off...fight...okay I know it's king of bogos for me to put ost from the same movie right next to each other but I guess that just how it turns... - molexy35

9 Beak Jin Young: Goodbye

Okay so I think we all know that it's no lie beak Jim young is a goddes of ost..I mean she slays every single song she writes..this was a ost from "good bye mister black" a come back to the big screen for moon char won..this is a super good song - molexy35

10 K Will: Talk Love

Love this song... So even though you might not know the lyrics or even speak Korean.. This is one of those songs that just makes you wanna sing along of humm along if you will it one of the ost from the hit drama "descendants of the sun" - molexy35

The Contenders

11 FMV: Hallucination

Okay to be fair the only reason why I always waited for new episodes of this series is because of this is a ost from "vampire detective" it's really good song love the rap - molexy35

12 IOI : I Love You, Remember

Best song

13 Gummy : You Are My Everything

For me, this song should be on the list. Like... it's the best OST ever in 2016.

14 Chasik & Yoo Seul: Crazy

Last but not least, comes a great song from a great series..this was a song from the ost of " page turner" fell in love. With it as soon as I heard it. - molexy35

15 Davichi : Forgetting You

I just keep listening to this song again, again and again... It makes me suffer but I can't help it. I think that's what we call a "bittersweet symphony"

One of the best ost that I listen to from Moon Lovers : scarlet heart ryeo these tow beauties send you in journey to the moon

I love this song like crazy, it's so beautiful and romantic and amazing...If you have never watch Scarlet heart: Ryeo this is your chance cause believe me it will blow you mind n heart away.

16 Lee Hi : My Love

What a deep feeling she give us throw her singing with her velvety voice I love her voice and singing OST from Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I love this!

❤❤ my first favourite ost of moon lovers second is all with you. (Also davichi this love - dots is one of my favorite by the way) I cry every time I listen this, makes me remind of wang so and hae so so much😢😢 love you so and so

17 Kim Woo Bin : Do you know
18 Taeyeon - All With You

Touching and sweet voice of love

Taeyeon forever

19 Ben: Like a Dream

I just love this song

I love listening to this song, it's nostalgic and beautiful.

20 Mad Clown, Kim Na Young: Once Again

Kim Na Young's vocals are so addictive, even though the notes never fail to send chills down my spine! The background notes don't give the feeling of being "extra", but rather necessary to the song's success! Mad Clown's rap was smooth and confident, it didn't give me the feeling of wanting to skip it like I usually do with rap. Overall, a haunting song that I will never get tired of.

A song which I never get tired of listening over and over again!

21 Epik High feat Lee Hi : Can You Hear My Heart

I like that song a lot and the best part of it is the chorus sing by Lee Hi it is wonderful

This song is really touching

Very beautiful... I don't understand korean language but...this is very beautiful song...I can hear it for whole day..

22 Park Young In & Kwon Soo: No way

Perfect songs for drama Doctors...also see strong carater of park shin hye

23 ChenXPunch : EVERYTIME

It is very nice to hear and Chen voice is perfect with Punch voice

It's the best...ost I ve heard

24 JUNG JOON YOUNG: Where are U
25 Park Bernard - DIRT
26 Round and Round - Han Soo Ji/Heize

Opening song from the famous korean drama Goblin

27 Crude Play: I'm Okay/I'm Alright
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