Top 10 Korean Drama OST

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1 Because I Miss You - Jung Yung Hwa

I love this song so much

I love Jung Yong Hwa

Jung Yong Hwa! The Best! Hua, Saranghae Oppa!

This iss a very god song :") I love yonghwa oppa

2 That Man - Hyun Bin

His voice is just so beautiful. Reading a poem, narrating a documentary, and even singing. There's just something in his voice that's so amazing.

I had a last song syndrome with this song.

His singing makes you feel the pain he feels

I never get tired of listening this song.

3 Only You - Kim Tae Woo
4 Suddenly - Kim Bo Kyung

I know this song, my sister sings it everyday and I actually came to like it

The song never gets old. I can listen to it forever and never get tired of it. love the drama and the songs

Oh! I love this song. it deserves the no. 1 spot

Wow this song is amazing, its at the top of my most played list on my cellphone and I'm damn sure if I play second most played song for like whole 24 hours it still won't be on top... And the best part is I'm not Korean I'm Indian haha lmao

5 Because I'm Stupid - SS501

My best oppa... Kim hyung joon... People from various parts of world watch Korean dramas... My best ever Idol in Korean drama-Kim Hyung Joon... Please come to India (bangalore) once... And give a live performance...

This song is just amazing! I've been listening to this song for four years and I never get tired of it

I love this song and also SS501. I always listen it but never tired.

I like this song.

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6 Moment - Changmin
7 Tears Are Falling - Missing You
8 Rewind - Gavy NJ
9 Just Once - Soyu
10 Love Wind - Wax

The Contenders

11 Carry On - Alli

This song drives me crazy... Especially when the pitch goes high... Wow awesome this should be number 2

12 Dream High - Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, IU

This song is really beautiful and make me sing with it however I don't understand

It tells about how teens today to be creative and not giving up easily.

13 Stand Up - J-min

I didn't even watch the drama but fell in love with the song after I heard it once.

To the best song ever.

14 Echo - Every Single Day
15 Daddy Long Legs - Baek Ah Yeon

I hate the singer it's horrible

The lyrics is so sweet :')

16 Because I Love You - Hyo Rin

I love hyorin I'm her fan

17 Burn Out - Block B
18 In Your Eyes - to the Beautiful You (Onew)

Onew's voice makes me feel comfortable

19 Crazy of You from Master's Sun - Hyorin

Another of my favourite song... Very perfect to listen in silence... Peaceful and makes my heart happy

20 Hello Goodbye - My Love from the Star

I really like it its like heaven

I like it so much

21 Rooftop Prince - Happy Ending
22 Lonely - City Hunter
23 Because Love Grows - Yoo Sung Eun
24 My Love Is Hurt - Lee Sang Gon
25 Yoon Mi Rae (It's Okay That's Love) - I Love You
26 Touch Love - T Yoon Mirae

I love it a lot... A perfect melody... Just melted my heart... Sooo lucky

27 Beautiful - Exo Next Door Mini Drama (Baekhyun)

I love exo and all of exo song but this song is really my favourite song when listen the first time

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