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1 Because I Miss You - Jung Yung Hwa V 3 Comments
2 That Man - Hyun Bin

His voice is just so beautiful. Reading a poem, narrating a documentary, and even singing. There's just something in his voice that's so amazing.

I had a last song syndrome with this song.

His singing makes you feel the pain he feels

I never get tired of listening this song.

3 Only You - Kim Tae Woo
4 Suddenly - Kim Bo Kyung

I know this song, my sister sings it everyday and I actually came to like it

The song never gets old. I can listen to it forever and never get tired of it. love the drama and the songs

Wow this song is amazing, its at the top of my most played list on my cellphone and I'm damn sure if I play second most played song for like whole 24 hours it still won't be on top... And the best part is I'm not Korean I'm Indian haha lmao

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5 Because I'm Stupid - SS501

My best oppa... Kim hyung joon... People from various parts of world watch Korean dramas... My best ever Idol in Korean drama-Kim Hyung Joon... Please come to India (bangalore) once... And give a live performance...

This song is just amazing! I've been listening to this song for four years and I never get tired of it

I love this song and also SS501. I always listen it but never tired.

I like this song.

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6 Tears Are Falling - Missing You
7 Moment - Changmin
8 Rewind - Gavy NJ
9 Just Once - Soyu
10 Love Wind - Wax

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11 Carry On - Alli

This song drives me crazy... Especially when the pitch goes high... Wow awesome this should be number 2

12 Dream High - Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, IU

This song is really beautiful and make me sing with it however I don't understand

It tells about how teens today to be creative and not giving up easily.

13 Stand Up - J-min

I didn't even watch the drama but fell in love with the song after I heard it once.

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14 Echo - Every Single Day
15 Daddy Long Legs - Baek Ah Yeon

I hate the singer it's horrible

The lyrics is so sweet :')

16 Because I Love You - Hyo Rin

I love hyorin I'm her fan

17 Burn Out - Block B
18 In Your Eyes - to the Beautiful You (Onew)

Onew's voice makes me feel comfortable

19 Crazy of You from Master's Sun - Hyorin

Another of my favourite song... Very perfect to listen in silence... Peaceful and makes my heart happy

20 Hello Goodbye - My Love from the Star

I really like it its like heaven

I like it so much

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1. Because I Miss You - Jung Yung Hwa
2. Only You - Kim Tae Woo
3. That Man - Hyun Bin



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