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1 A Millionaire's First Love

Love is really a dream that you will wish that you will not wake up from.

Makes me cry every time I watch it... I can never get bored watching it...

One of my favourite Korean movies.

2 A Moment to Remember

Has all the elements of romance

3 My Sassy Girl

This movie is so unpredictable! Just like the lead character! Lol! You could never guess what will happen next, you might laugh your ass off only to cry your eyes out next! So there was never a dull moment!

This is definitely the kind of movie you would watch over and over again. If you die in a zombie apocalypse without watching this movie, you haven't live well enough.

This is the most funniest & most romantic film I have ever watch

4 The Classic

The best Korean movie ever made. The best Korean soundtrack. Best acting. Best story

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5 Windstruck

I have lost count of how many times I have watched this movie & cried my heart out!

Love this movie... Heartfelt

The best movie ever!

6 My Little Bride

I relate this movie... :-) the little bride realizes her true feeling in the end and the guy was really loyal to her.

First love,

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7 Daisy

Cute movie and I love how hard he was trying to get her trust and love.

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8 Il Mare

Best plot. Good actors

9 Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
10 Love So Divine

Very romantic in a certain ways. I like this one.

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11 Virgin Snow V 1 Comment
12 Always Only You
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1. A Moment to Remember
2. My Sassy Girl
3. A Millionaire's First Love



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