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1 Break Down (Kim Hyun Joong) Break Down (Kim Hyun Joong)

Both members of SS501 are the first 2... best band ever and best song from the best man ever

Thank u! Yes I should write this bad song is best Korean song of all time? Thank u TheTopTens! Thank u for deleting my comments, Thank u!

Kim hyun joong is my favourite Korean star

I love kim hyun joong and I like his sing very much

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2 Not Alone (Park Jung Min) Not Alone (Park Jung Min)

Don even know what to say. I totally loved it. I also liked the video clip. Just love it! N its catchy

Park jung min fightnig -

I like very much this song

I am triple s and I am happy because of number 1 and 2

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3 Trap (No Min Woo)

This song is also famous in one of the Hollywood movie especially in club scene

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4 Give Me Your Heart (Park Jung Min)

This song is very beautiful for me

Wow number 4 is my love as like as number 2 and 5

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5 Tonight the Night (Park Jung Min) V 2 Comments
6 Starlight Tears (Kim Yoo Kyung) V 2 Comments
7 The Chaser (Infinite)

Its just driving me like coupling between black hole and supernova

It's AMAZING, got me hooked right away.
The song is cathy and have a nice meaning.

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8 Gangnam Style (Psy) Gangnam Style (Psy)

Gangnam style is a great song. IT should be on top

When it beat Baby, it showed the world that Bieber is vincible!

The salvation of our generation from Justin Bieber

I think it's good song I really like it

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9 Mr. Simple (Super Junior) Mr. Simple (Super Junior)

A tangy gentlemen supermassive song

A hit song. Everyone looks handsome in this song.

The Korean is the most best ever song that I wanted when I was a kid.

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10 Going Crazy (X-5)

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11 Lucky (EXO)

This is really the best song. And Kai is good at dancing then Suho is cute. PP from Myanmar.

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12 Because I'm Stupid (SS501)

Love this song including the instrumental version. I love the sound and lyrics and the beautiful voices in such harmony.

Its give beautiful meaning. SS501 members have beautiful voices. I love this song very much

This is the best song, I ever hear in the K-POP. I also love boys over flowers
SOEUL mates kim bum, kim so eun

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13 Dangrous (X-5)
14 Replay (Shinee)

Love shinee so much. onew fighting!

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15 My Shiny Boy (Girl's Day)
16 Never Say Good Bye (SPEED)
17 I Love You (2NE1) I Love You (2NE1)

GO 2ne1 I am the biggest fan BLACKJACKS VOTE

They'd be friends with PSY. They have the best dance, best songs, best personality and best looking. They are the best. They are BEAUTIFUL. They are perfect! They are nice peoples. They are just WONDERFUL~ They must be on the top~

2NE1! Yeaah man! Well, if there was BIG BANG of course that I'll vote for BIG BANG! Ahaha by the way. Most korean singers are

I love this song

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18 Ring Ding Dong (Shinee) Ring Ding Dong (Shinee)

I will always love the SHINEe songs.. Cause they're really great! Go shinee

I like this song. Shinee fighting from G.A. Myanmar.

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19 Day By Day (T-ara) Day By Day (T-ara)

I love this song very... Much. Tara fighting. I love Tara forever.

What a voice really amazing thanks to dream high 2 cast, if not I miss to hear that song, yah I don't know why I'm so crazy when I hear korean songs instead of tamil songs

I love this song and love this group.

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20 Alone (CN Blue)

CN Blue is the best forever..

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1. Not Alone (Park Jung Min)
2. Give Me Your Heart (Park Jung Min)
3. Tonight the Night (Park Jung Min)
1. Trap (No Min Woo)
2. Starlight Tears (Kim Yoo Kyung)
3. Because I'm Stupid (SS501)



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