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21 Black Pink

They should be in top 10 because they can show that they are the best korean group I hope they will be in top 10

They are so cool!

Black Pink in your area.

Best of the new generation!

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22 AOA

Please have more videos in your groups...

I'm fan... From Philippines...

Love Them Best Girl Group

I really love them. :) The way they dance and the kind of music.

I really love AOA team.

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23 Orange Caramel

Nice, cheery, full of life. Cute videos made as well!

They are nice, cheery and colourful! Not one of their songs are not nice and their video clips match up as well!

From Magic Girl to Funny Hunny to A-ing to Shanghai Romance to Bangkok City and now to Lipstick, their songs are amazingly catchy and have a great beat to it.

I like this girl group. I usually do not like super girly things, but this group has such catchy songs I cannot stop listening to them. - AnimeDrawer

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24 Stellar

Even if they're videos are a bit too much at times they are an amazing group and deserve more attention for their timeless bops

Pretty chill personalities; opposites of their current image and really need more love from stans.

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25 G-Friend

G-Friend's members are all talented, can sing and can dance. Some members even have some other talents. They have catchy and beautiful song with powerful but not too sexy choreography that make everyone can be a fan of them.

This girl group is very talented their choreography in their dance was hard and it is not easy to do..

Top chore right now

GFriend is the best.They have great dance moves which are perfectly synchronized,and their singing is awesome.Songs like Rough and MeGustasTu really top the charts.I will always love GFriend,no matter how much my friends try to get me to like other groups.
GFriend Fighting!


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26 Evol

They are probably the most talented group out there, consisting of powerful ex-underground rappers with high skills. They have wonderful controlled vocals and not to mention amazing dances.

They should be in the top 20's for these girls are simply outstanding!

Awesome song and people. They beat the pants off Sistar.

27 Mamamoo

They should be in the top ten! 4 rappers, 4 singers, 4 dancers and 4 talented girls who out to have fun on the stage!

They're talented. Period. Everything you need in a girl group

They are the best they need to be in the top 10.

Everyone in Mamamoo has heavenly vocals, an amazing personality and great dancing skills! They really have what‘s most important when working in the music industry: ACTUAL TALENT!

+They are HILARIOUS and gay

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28 Tahiti
29 Chocolat

Very good in their talents

30 Fin.K.L

I love this idol group most!

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31 2Yoon

Though they are only a sub-unit, they are probably more talented than most of the K-Pop industry. They have strong vocals. They can do soft and slow ballads, pop, country, and even heavy metal. They can also rap and dance. They know how to be sexy, badass, cute and funky.

32 Dal Shabet

I think dal shabet is the best because their songs was so cool... I like them very much...

I like their songs...because it comes to heart

33 Twice

Twice is different. They can prove that they can rap, dance, sing and capture the heart of their audience. They are so versatile in various ways. There charisma of being funny, cute and lovable is very contagious. I give my 100% support for them. Twice Fighting!

They debuted with a hit song, they are all so beautiful and unique as well. They deserve more attention!

Twice is unique. They are beautiful visuals, awesome vocals and they prove they can rap just as well as other girl groups. Once all the way!

Twice is my life, they are pretty, cute, and very good looking. They always have good choreography and they have really good talent in their group. Momo is the lead dancer and is very skilled at dancing. Jihyo has a really good voice and always gives their song some extra spice to it. Dahyunn and Chaeyoung are the rappers and their voice is good too. Tzuyu is the prettiest one of the members and addes a dose of cuteness to the group. Mina and Sana are Japanese like Momo and are adorable and pretty and complete the group. TWICE is the best and is growing very popular these days.

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34 Red Velvet

Check out there song happiness.

Amazing band check out there song "happiness"

They're amazing and all of them are actually pretty

SNSD's rightful juniors.
RV= Red Velvet. Real Vocals. Real Visuals

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35 Girl's Generation

I love girls generation

I'm really mad at you guys... Super girls

This group should always be in the top 5

I love this group specially kim taeyeon, tiffany hwang, I'm yoona and the others if snsd read this comment I really love this! Promise and I will not ever give up supporting snsd :-D snsd goodluck and godbless SNSD! FIGHTING!

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36 5dolls

I like all of their songs personally. I don't know why they don't get much play in the Korean music world.

I think this group could go very far if they just get more support and work on their performing. You should check out the charming5dolls cd, it's a great album.

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37 Crayon Pop

They're different; a breath of fresh air with their weird, dorky image and song choice in a galaxy of sexy-image girl bands and come-hither-type songs.

They've also got the best synchronized dance moves!

Cute dance they have then very energetic.. They love what they'll doing. And the steps are easy. So easy to memorize

Their so cute! And there music's really catchy. Although they all look really small compared to other girl groups, (which is not a bad thing) but it's probably just the angles of the cameras.

I love their concept!

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38 Nine Muses



They're popular but at the same time not. Everyone knows them but they're always so close to winning

Incredible! The girls improve every time.

I love you Nine Muses

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39 GP Basic
40 Fiestar

They're good at everything. They're probably the best girl dancers in K-pop history, they're good at singing, and they have unique personalities which everyone will like. Best rookie girl group of 2012.

Very sweet girls and music is great! They're my personal favorites, I fell in love with every member and I love how they switch up their concepts. Diehard Fiestar fan forever.

They're simply so good in everything just an all around group who can sing, dance, and even change their style and still be just as amazing if not even better since they did a cute adorable look from the start but then having the sexy concept which the group pulls off vey well.

Fiestar for the win!

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