Korea's Top Girl Groups

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81 Smile.G
82 Scarlet
83 1PS
84 Lipservice
85 Rubber Soul
86 Unicorn
87 7 Grade Class 1
88 4L
89 Playback
90 LoveUs
91 10X10
92 MyB

They are beautiful!

93 SUS4

GLAM is always trying out different styles that will always impress you! You should check out their songs!

Maybe they have just a few songs but their combination, look, singing and dancing fits so good together.. I love Them! Especially dahee

95 Ladies' Code

All the members can sing. I don't see that a lot anymore.

Beautiful and talented singers and dancers. Their songs are very good too

Sojung has an incredibly beautiful voice; it's unique to any other voice I've heard in the kpop industry. Meanwhile Zuny has a deep, rich voice that is highlighted very nicely in "Galaxy". Ashley is absolutely stunning and is a great leader. This group had a lot of potential when they were a 5 member group, but even though they've been out of the kpop industry for a while due to the incident that led to the passings of EunB and Rise, their recent comeback shows that they've really matured as singers and they're coming back as strong as ever. I genuinely hope these girls can climb up higher on this list, and in the eyes of the public.

96 Brave Girls

Amazingly beautiful and original, they deserve more credit for their originality and talent! LOVE THEM! Please have a comeback soon my loves!

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97 Skarf

This rookie girl group deserves more attention. They are on the right path. Please do listen and watch "oh Dance" and "love Virus".

Talented girls and a good mixture of members from different countries. Good at singing, dancing and mcing, they are multitalented and I can say that they are very different from other girl groups. By looking at their performances, their dance are unique and singing parts are also split evenly. If you want to see more of skarf's talents, do visit alphaentkorea youtube channel and I recommend skarf show EP 1. Their dance is awesome! Its a waste that they come from a small company and the company isn't doing much to promote them...): skarf hwaiting! Love virus hwaiting!

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Need I say more

Well they are one of the top girl groups now so this list is actually pretty invalid now

They should be higher than this! They broke the music industry..

Unlike many other kpop girl groups you can feel that they are true to themselves and they are just so hilarious.

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99 C-Real

They are the ones, who can be all they can be. The girls are one of a kind hot and sexy.

The girl group who can actually sing!

100 Roller Sis

Poor thing didn't even have one vote! :(

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