Top Ten Best Korn Choruses

The Top Ten

1 " I can't take no more. What are we fighting for? You are my brothers. Each one I would die for. Please just let it go! All our heads are blown! Let's take the stage and remember what we're playing for" (Wake Up)
2 "Nursery rhymes are said, verses in my head. Into my childhood, they're spoon fed. Hidden violence revealed, darkness that seems real,Look at the pages that cause all this evil!" (Shoots and Ladders)
3 "Hey! I've sick mom, With a f**ked dad. Dealing with your life. Dead bodies everywhere. You! Really want me to be a good son. Why? You make me feel like no one!" (Dead Bodies Everywhere)
4 "Your all that's wrong! With your dumbass psalms! Yet that's all that, you will ever be! Nothing you can do cause that's all that, you will ever be!" (Ever Be)
5 "Something takes a part of me! You and I were meant to be! A cheap f**k for me to lay Something takes a part of me.." (Freak On A Leash)
6 "Don't let them throw me away! Keep me and I'll be okay. Skipping a beat but it plays. Don't let them throw me away! Don't let them throw me away!" (Throw Me Away)
7 "We are the hurt inside your head! Lost in the void of what is dead. Constantly twisting things I said. Happiness is boring, need pain instead!" (Starting Over)
8 "Hey you! You're saying that she's all that you desire, Liar! Hey you! You think you can throw water on this fire? Liar!" (Liar)
9 "All I wanna do! (You are not my real mother) Is kill you! (Should I beat and stab and f**k her?)" (Kill You)
10 "Take me away, Set me on fire, There's no other way! Give me a reason 'cause I got nothing to gain. So what are we doing now? Feeling complacent I cannot be contained! I'm so lost and lonely now." (Love And Meth)
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