Top Ten Korn Songs with Similar Titles

Here are Korn songs with very similar titles to each other.

The Top Ten

1 Daddy / Hey Daddy

Both are very dark and creepy songs, but Daddy is much sadder than Hey Daddy. - NikBrusk

2 Hating / The Hating

The Hating from the new album is much better in my opinion than Hating from Untouchables. Hating had way too many electronics that sounded like crap, bu The Hating has awesome riffs and great screams. - NikBrusk

3 Wake Up / Wake Up Hate

Wake Up Hate is much more brutal, and Wake Up is more melodic. - NikBrusk

4 Counting / Counting on Me

Like Wake Up and Wake Up Hate, Counting is more melodic and Counting on Me is way heavier - NikBrusk

5 Lies / Liar

Both are incredibly brutal and heavy songs, though Lies has crazy screams while Liar has crazy scatting. - NikBrusk

6 Bottled Up Inside / Eaten Up Inside
7 Beg for Me / Prey for Me
8 Open Up / Get Up!

Open Up is way softer than Get Up, but the ending is weird as heck. - NikBrusk

9 Twist / Twisted Transistor

Obviously there's a huge difference. Twist is nothing but scatting, while Twisted Transistor is an actual song. - NikBrusk

10 Die Another Day / Die Yet Another Night
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