Top 10 Best Kpop Fandom Names


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1 Super Junior = E.L.F Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

ARMY is stupid FIGHT ME

No one can beat suju, they paved the way and that's the fact


They are the best...mark these words from an EXO-l


The best band and best fandom ever

I love iKON

IKON is just not a band they are family😊

They are the best, both iKON and iKONICS 🥺❤️


I've been an ARMY since the Boy in love ERA, and this fandom gave me the opportunity to be confident and to take a path in I won't regret till the end.

It is meaningful and Us Army's love the meaning behind all of BTS songs and many more.

I voted because I think that the fandom name ARMY suits the best for BTS

I love being an ARMY no matter what we'll always be a shield for our Boys

4 B2ST = B2TY

Nct have so many different types of music due to the sub units and it makes them so unique

We the real vibe killers...

We are grass... I mean a big family



I love how Carat is very cool as a fandom name, and although I can't be fully considered as one, I definitely support them through the end.

Karats and SEVENTEEN are extremely nice and kind. The fandom name is adorable

Y'all just go search up the meaning. its pretty cool (also its carats, but its cool)

Imagine not stanning seventeen. that’s embarrassing.

10 EXO = EXO-L

I just love




The Newcomers

? Pentagon = Universe
? SF9 = Fantasy

The Contenders

11 Got7 = Igot7/Aghases

It is really a strong fandom

I love kpop

Ahgases are really amazing. We love you Got7

Imagine not stanning the most savage people in the world. we stan savages

12 Twice = Once

We are more respectful than blinks

Twice is love

Blink = pure toxict

The best

13 BlackPink = BLINK

I vote blackpink


They are the most respectful and talented k-pop girl group ever they are so true❣️

I am a Once and a Blink, I voted for blackpink because the Once’s on this page are very toxic and are talking about other fandoms toxicity. Some blinks are solo stans or are very toxic but lots of them are kind and supportive of every member and really just want a full album🖤


Come on this is the most legit fandom name, ask Sangho, he totally loves it. - RockysThighs

15 Stray Kids = Stay

Stay is one big family that are teasing their idol(Stray kids) all the time. I love my Stays

Bruh no one can beat monbebe and stay at being the cutest names

It’s literally one of the cutest fandom names without being vaguely embarrassing, but I might be a bit biased considering I am a Stay lmao

You make Stray Kids STAY❤️


Inspirit literally means to encourage.
Inspirits will encourage our INFINITE till the end.

We are not happy ending but we are never-ending; because our love is infinite.

It's the best

Inspirits...damn this name sounds cool - TwilightKitsune

17 Monsta X = MonBebe

No one can beat stay and monbebe at being the cutest names

Not gonna lie, when I first saw the fandom name, I didn't pay much attention to it. Now that I've looked more into them, I find it the most perfect, cute and fitting.
MX have a hint of French words in some of their concepts, like their Music film for 'Destroyer' and Joohoney's line in their collab with Steve Aoki, 'Play it Cool'
Mon means "my" in French
(Also the group name starts with Mon so that's really fitting)
Bebe can mean star/baby/soul mate/best friend/partner/love/etc
I love how the group name and the fandom name show the two sides of Monsta X. On stage they're these insanely fit, talented 'monsters' and in reality they're truly just babies.
Monsta x have very subtly included the fandom name in their first win, 'Dramarama' at 2:54. You kinda need to listen closely to hear as the word is disconnected into "MON" *other lyrics* "BE" *lyrics* "BE". But once you do hear it, it's the cutest thing ever uwu

I love the fan name so much it’s my favourite 🥺

I became a monbebe about a month or two ago, and during my time in the fandom I've noticed that everyone is extremely kind and caring and they usually don't start fanwars. It's honestly a really peaceful fandom and I'm so happy that I found monsta x (which is actually one of my favorite groups right now) and this amazing fandom. Oh and stan our babies Monsta X ( ♡ ͜ʖ ♡)

18 Big Bang = V.I.P

Very Important Person

Bigbang, changed my life.. Love you forever!

The best

I love you BIGBNAG

19 Red Velvet = ReveLuv

Always with red velvet❤

I love RV

20 GFriend = Buddy

Y'all should vote for us because we got friendzoned by GFriend themselves. Lovely!


21 MAMAMOO = MooMoo

From what I know, Moomoo means radish in korean? I don't really remember much, but definitely these four women from Mamamoo is talented. I mean how can this group make me question my sexuality because they are totally the girl crushes you've been dreaming of.

Because I love them

Literally cutest name ever

Stan talent stan mamamoo

22 BTOB = Melody

Beat and melody should coexist

Since i’m a new one, they always welcome me.they’re all so sporting and funny like their idol

€Every beat needs a melody”. While Born To Beat may not be the best name, Melody is really beautiful. Also a rly nice and fun fandom.

All of the members are quite cute and I'm a melody❣️

23 SNSD = Sones
24 TXT (Tomorrow x Together) = MOA (Moments of Alwaysness)

Talent, Talent, Talent & Potential to become even better.
I love how the meaning of the group name is connected to their fandom name which shows how connected both are.

The best of all

25 Wanna One = Wannable

They are goddd

Meaning they will be able to achieve everything and anything together.

26 Ateez = Atiny (Ateez+destiny)


27 Nu'est = L.O./.E.

It is a really unique name and has a deep meaning behind it. NU'EST is written as 뉴이스트 in Hangul. The consonants, ㄴㅇㅅㅌ, look like it is spelled "love" in English. It is also exactly what NU'EST thinks of their fans, as their loves. It's super cute.

28 VIXX = Starlight

I love vixx, I love their concepts and I love how they try their hardest and keep fighting.
The have changed so much over tense six years and give us hope and are truly a blessing.
They give us fans love as well.
Their fandom name is STARLIGHT for gods sake
Isn't that amazing?!
Vixx #keepfighting

29 Golden Child = Goldeness
30 Loona = Orbit
32 Day6 = My Day

We stan talented kings

33 X1 = ONE IT

I really love X1 I am proud that I am ONE IT even they just debuted a month go they really have so many ONE IT that's why I always keep supporting X1 I will support them no matter what happens


They literally behave like a family

Wait first of all,the visual are no joke,they are filled with talent,respect just wow stan astro please.

The astro are just amazing with there voice and love for their arohas. For me the love for astro is more that I can't Express it in my words. We purple you astro💜

We LOVE ASTRO that's why we became an Arohas and ASTRO called us (A)ST(RO) (H)eart (A)ll Fans cause we love each other vice versa!
sweetest fandom! 💜


Literally the cutest name ever and the best fandom 🍯 -


"LEGGO" sound like "Let's go". So...EXceed In Dreaming! LEGGO!

37 B.A.P = Baby
38 Dreamcatcher = InSomnia

Using the Latin word somnia (somnia being the plural form of somnium, which translates to dream or fantasy), the name InSomnia means “in dreams".

39 Miss A = Say A
40 Victon = alice

€�We Always Love The New Voice”

41 The Boyz = the B
42 Shawol = SHINee

One of the most most known groups in kpop, legends

I love shine

44 ONEUS = To Moon

I love oneus

45 Itzy = Midzy

Rookie of the year. We love Itzy

46 Nature = Leaf
47 GWSN = Groo

I didn't even know this group exist but what!? This is the fluffiest fandom name ever! Sorry MooMoos, y'all have been dethroned by this adorable fandom name.

'Groo' is 'Stump' in Korean, and on their site they said that you can find trees in parks and relax under them, and that also means that you will stay by GWSN's side all the time~

48 1the9 - Wonderland
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