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21 Mamamoo

My second favorite group of all time is Mamamoo. Their talent is indisputable and they have amazingly sweet hearts. They more than often communicate with fans unlike any other artists, K-pop or not.

Gaining a lot of attention this year with their recent hit 'Um Oh Ah Yeah', MAMAMOO is an extremely vocally talented group who also dabbles into composing and writing music. Check out their incredible acapella version of 'Um Ah Oh Yeah' now, it's worth it.

22 CLC

CLC is just a rookie group but I already really love them. They have great voices and all sing well. I hope they get the recognition they deserve later on. Really looking forward to what they will do next.

A rookie group from CUBE ent. But has a very high potential of being the best group: )

23 The Ark

The Ark is no joke, a shame that they disbanded. They were the embodiment of true talent and the fact that they were sometimes tagged with the line, "better than your oppa" makes them so empowering. They were POWERFUL dancers of the same intensity as boy groups, Yuna is a good rapper, all of them are capable of amazing vocals, they were so different from other girl groups coming in with their more masculine sided image as well as debuting with a song that holds great meaning. The girls work so hard and were truly capable of being one of the only true hip hop girl groups, not to mention their wardrobe was pretty bomb. Have you seen their outside live performances with their covers from groups such as EXO and BTS as well as others? They're amazing girls with lovable personalities and I truly wish they continue to endeavour into their dreams and goals within music and entertainment. Much love from Shields.

24 4Ten
25 After School
26 Blackpink
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