Best KPOP Group Sub-Units

There're so many subunit in much kpop group and each subunit had many different skill and characteristic. Here list of top 10 subunits of kpop group.

The Top Ten

TaeTiSeo (SNSD)

No other subunit will ever be as good. Possibly Orange Caramel.

Taetiseo is and will always be the best. They have perfect vocal harmonization. Not only their music is awesome, but their members are also the best. Taeyeon is cute, Tiffany is sexy and Seohyun is innocent. They are the perfect combination ever form in our generation.

Their voice is harmonized perfectly. Hope for more corroboration in the future. Love these dorky, cute and pretty girls

Amazing vocals, beautiful, kind, talented ladies.. what more can you ask?


Although there are only 2 of them in the sub-group, sistar19 can still pull off fantastic songs and dance routines. They are also able to showcase their sexy concept and still do so well. Sistar19 fighting!

The two members compliment each other really well. Hyorin's singing and Bora's rap just goes hand in hand and their songs are always awesome

Cause their voice is amazing!

They're awesome in everything!

T-ara N4 (T-ara)

This sub-unit is so DAEBAK!

Orange Caramel (After School)

Just a cautionary note: Orange Caramel's songs are very addictive. There is no antidote of cure; and even if there is, I don't want to be cured.

They've done the most work out of all sub-units, and make creative and catchy songs!

I love how OC are able to make saccharine cuteness work really well. Their songs are always catchy, with nice and easy to follow dance routines (which must be a relief for the members compared to their much more difficult choreography in AS), and they are all great singers. OC got me into kpop, and will always be my #1 bias.

They stand out of all the sub unit in kpop!

2Yoon (4Minute)

Best vocals! Jiyoon and Gayoon, both of them have awesome voices. :3

G.D & TOP (Big Bang)

Nobody compares to these two

One of the best and oarguably one of the most iconic sub unit in kpop

Gd abd top album is perfection

~I am a good boy~

Super Junior-M (Super Junior)

I like taetiseo but I only know of one song by them sistar19 are pretty and their songs are nice but in kpop they aren't as popular as anyone else in this category orange caramel can get annoying yo me at times never heard of 2yoon but I'm pretty sure they at good orn4 as for everyone else they are either good legends that are better seperately not cute enough to sexy bap bang&zelo too much rap no offense love rap and infinite h not a big fan of some of the guys in infinite breaking them down won't make it better. But I'm pretty sure they are all good in their own way.

Super junior M have achieve many nominations and awards overseas... No doubt they're the best unit exist in kpop world

I love all of Super Junior and all of it's sub-units

When it comes to singing, the way their voices blend is no joke. Watch any KRY concert and you'll see they are the epitome of live singing. Talent, looks, personality it's hard to beat SJ and all of their sub-groups are definitely deserving of being the best.

EXO-K (Exo)

They are so talented and amazing <3 I also love EXO-M so this was a really hard choice but my vote goes to EXO-K. My bias is Park Chanyeol

Trouble Maker (4Minute & Beast)

This duet is unique. It represents the sexy side and the cute side very well. Hyuna is the rapper, and Hyunseung is more comfortable at singing. Their voices have been made to go together.

Trouble Maker is one of the first sub groups I have ever liked with the sexy Hyuna as the rapper and the weird but cute Hyunseung as the singer, they blend together very well!

Trouble maker is the best than all.

They're get world attention with their debut and their first song of 'trouble maker' which give dazzling and astonishing performence

Super Junior K.R.Y (Super Junior)

K.R.Y is a beautiful mix of three amazing voices! Years of work, efforts, and learning to show skill and experience in every song. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung truly are some of the best voices in all of KPOP

KRY deserve the 1st place. look like Cloud, Sparkyu, and Ryeosomnia haven't found this list! I should share this!

The Contenders

Infinite H (Infinite)

Dongwoo and Hoya bring out a totally new concept and genre that is completely different from Infinite's works, and is probably one of the most satisfactory hip-hop work by idols

Best boy sub-unit with it's song of of special girl which refresh our mind when we listen to this song

Infinite is the best forever :D

Best sub-unit ever, dongwoo and hoya are amazing on producing together(like they're made for each other), their rapping, dancing and singing is so awesome and it suits their whole subunit!

AOA Black (AOA)

Hani and Solji have really good vocals

Unfortunately they are not popular during that time, they should have a comeback, it will be successful

Bang & Zelo (B.A.P)

B.A. P is one of the fastest growing kpop idol nowadays. But before this group's debut TS entertainment wisely promoted for porminent members of bang and zelo to raise awareness of theiroriginal group

Super Junior-H (Super Junior)

A group with happy and amusing performence


Never knew that the combination of Leo & Ravi, out of all the VIXX members, would work so well! Their voices fit so well together that when they released 'Beautiful Liar', I was beyond pleasantly surprised! Can't wait to see what else they will release in the future!

They have amazing chemistry. I nearly cried in beautiful liar.

Ravi and Leo? Enough said...

Ravi's amazing rapping skills and Leo's beautiful vocal's makes this sub unit brilliant and it's perfect for the wontaek shippers


Whole package! The multitalented kings!

Vocal kings. Their albums are gold!

Great vocals and catchy songs

The best

EXO-M (Exo)

Exo M is the number 1 sub unit. fighting EXO -M

EXO-M will be the number 1! Vote!

EXO M is the best sub-unit...

So many people didn't notice them but it's so talentful unit in kpop


I adore your style: unique and exciting.

Best Sub-unite ever

The first letter B in there group name stands for BRILLIANT.. Ukwon P.O and B bomb are perfect combination as sub unit in BLOCK B.. They are so adorable and talented.. More Power oppa and may God shower you more blessings.. 💋 saranghaeyo

BTS BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2013.

BTS is probably the best kpop group I've ever listened to. Sure there are varies of other groups I love but when it comes to BTS I am in love with the group!

Bts Is best I just love them

I <3 bts :D I choose em over eny other group


The best ❤️


NCT over all is just a talented group of Men who are all unique and special in their own ways both musically and personally.

To be honest I love all the units

JJ Project

I only starting to get to know them well because I love GOT7 as well

Jb and Jinyoung? Oh I miss these days of JJ Project but I love them as Got7 too

The mom and dad of got7, I wish they'd do another sub-unit album ~
even if they're in got7 it's not like they're leaving but to see the got7 team with sub-units would be great!

CL & Minzy (2NE1)

They're the best, best dance, best rap, best voice, and stay the best!

CL and Minzy are the best. Better than bom and dara.

They deserve to be #1!

Our multi-talented maknae line ♥

It's really too bad they only did a single.

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