Kpop Idols That Don't Look Korean

the list was made ONLY for kpop idols that are korean, because if not they would look foreign because they are foreign, ok please enjoy or don't if you don't want to,and you can always add people to this list as long as they are kpop idols and korean.

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1 Jaejoong - JYJ Jaejoong - JYJ Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.

Jaejoong doesn't look Korean. Ok... Let me rephrase it, kim jaejoong doesn't look human at all. I mean which human being have eyes that are both cute and sexy?! His complexion is just so white and smooth, his smirk is charismatic but sometimes goofy, and his actions are super random, weird but cute. He looks like a vampire, no joke. I won't be surprise if he is Haha. I mean, look at his features and stupidly tall height? Totally not Korean at all!

As someone had said above he doesn't look human. He is an angel, god or something!

Jaejoong should stand on first place

He is so good

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2 Ken - VIXX

I'm glad Ken's on here. When I first saw him I literally looked up whether he was half Korean or something of the sort (maybe mixed with Thai or European). If I'm honest I actually can't put my finger on why he looks different but being a part of kpop has lowered my borders between races. While my mind will lock on any Asian I see, If they don't have the stereotypical Asian eyes I don't know why they look so different... But I don't think Ken has a typical Asian face structure and the light hair doesn't help.

I seriously thought he was American or european the first time I saw him in G.R.8.u. - youngaekim

I think he looks western because he has a giant nose (compared to Korean or other east Asian country people).

He doesn't look korean, his features look more american?

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3 Heechul - Super Junior

Doesn't he look like Japanese a bit... when he keep silent

He looks like a Japanese because of his hairstyle

At first I think he's a janpanese
I am also Elf too haha - Kolour

4 Sooyoung - SNSD Sooyoung - SNSD Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), better known by the mononym Sooyoung, is a South Korean singer and actress. She was a part of the short-lived Korean-Japanese singing duo, Route θ, during 2002 in Japan. After returning to South Korea in 2004, Sooyoung eventually became a member of girl group more.

Yeah. I agree with this. I'm really wondering sometimes if shes a half foreign. She has this pretty twinkling eyes that might not be common on some Korean. Love her so much anyway.

Her eyes are much wider than other members actually. Very pretty eyes. Love it.

She looks japanese and european

Sooyoung is like a filipina

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5 Gyuri - Kara

She has been mistaken for almost everything but black and Asian (besides Japanese)

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6 Sangmin - Cross Gene

He doesn't. He's so handsome...

Just look at him

7 Hyoyeon - SNSD

Hyoyeon with her blonde hair makes her look exotic gorgeous and foreign

She looks like a foreigner

She is the moat beautiful blonde grl I have ever seen, evn with black hair, she looks stunning

8 Kai - Exo

Kai became cuter because of his flatted nose.

He is so hot with blonde hair

I just love him! Cool guy!

I have never seen a korean kpoo idol with such charming smile ^_^

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9 Oh Ha-young - A Pink

She really looks foreign. She is really mistaken for being Arab or something, but actually she has a filipino blood. Her grandmother is half filipina, so she's probably has 1/8 of filipino blood. But she's definitely Korean.

I think her grandma is a filipina...

Oh hayoung I'm proud of you because you are 1/8 filipino

You guys are all wrong her gramma is not filipina and there is thousand of people who just look alike mixed race even 100% korean with no surgeon

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10 Krystal - f(x)

What do you mean Filipino aren't Asians, they're Asian.

Lol Filipinos ARE Asian

I think so, she's like a Japanese or Filipino

Krystal looks like a mango fruit to be honest.

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11 Vernon - Seventeen

Maybe it's kind of a cheat since he's half white, but no one can ever tell just how Korean he is at first-- he's often mistakenly called "the American." Culturally, though, he's super Korean.

There is no such thing as having half of a nationality in your genetics...I wish people would get that through their heads for once.

Vernon IS half American and half Korean! (-: He was born in New York but moved to Korea when he was a kid

I don't understand why Hansol is one of the candidates because despite the fact that he is half Korean, the other half of him is still foreign which will make him have the appearance of a foreigner.

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12 Dong Woon - Beast

I honestly don't understand how he isn't on top of the list because the first time I laid my eyes on him, I definitely thought he was a foreigner or perhaps a mixed race individual. His facial features are incomparable to the average Korean which renders him to be the cynosure of his group (as I assume) and even though I've searched around everywhere and all I kept discovering is the fact that he is absolutely Korean, I'm still a bit ambivalent because his appearance is exotic and there undoubtedly has to be even just a tinge of European or American blood within him.

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13 Nana - After School

She looks so westernized when she has blonde hair and then she looks Japanese when she has black hair!

It's actually hard to believe that she is Korean when she has blond hair, by the way she is so pretty with it. She is made to be blond.

She looks so western! I couldn't believe it when I saw her picture :D

14 L - Infinite

L doesn't look very Korean with his eyes. He looks part something else.

I think he kinda look alike with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

L is so cute

He looks to perfect just like taehyung and jaejoong and taeyong and exo Kai those guys look to perfect to be real and extremely handsome plus L so cute with his dope ass smile just makes you want to smile and his facial features are too perfect and his skin looks so smooth he looks a mix of arab or Japanese and he looks a bit Latino 😊 Stilll he's handsome!

15 Kris - EXO Kris - EXO

I honestly don't know how to describe Kris' look... I mean, I always thought he was distinctly Asian but now reading this, why DOES he look Asian? I feel like it might be his eyes but they're not that small and a lot of Asians still look Asian even with large eyes. But his facial features aren't really Asian either...

Of course he don't look korean because he is not

He got Chinese and Canada blood. exo said he is the most handsome of exo


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16 S. Coups

The features plastered on his countenance are very unique and he really stands out compared to the others.

He's handsome, looks like mixed with Italian. Very unique with big eyes and long eye lashes.

I always thought s.coups is mixed with turkish or something like that

Seungcheol really doesn't look like korean when I first saw him I don't really like his feature bcs its quite weird (at that time) but now I'm falling deeply for him he was mixed of cute+manly at the same time choi seungcheol go go go

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17 Lee Jong-hyun - CNBLUE

Ever since he was born, his parent told him that he looked like a Russian baby. and when he 11 years old, his friend told him that he probably mixed. and he run to his father, but his father told him that he is 100% Korean. no wonder, he has paler skin that other Korean man, long eye-lashes, brown eyes and dimples. he looks like Canadian-Japanesse man. I love his talent and his "Burning" stare.

Haha I'm agree with this.. Russian? Canadian? Probably doesn't look like any Korean people! Your skin is too white and your face make me thinks twice.. are you Asian?

18 Gummy

I don't know what it is. Gummy just doesn't look full Korean to me. To me she looks Korean-American and I'm not entirely sure why.

I think gummy look like Turkish woman and her voice so different

19 Rap Monster - BTS

He looks like he's part Black to be honest

Namjoon looks perfectly fine in my opinion he isn't ugly he's handsome and does look a tad mixed with African American.

Though he doesn't have a good looking face, but he got an IQ brain.

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