Kpop Idols With the Best Personality

Idols, that are not just amazing in singing & dancing.. but also be kind and warm-hearted..

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1 Ten - NCT

Ten is such a good kid. You can really see through it by the way he talks and the way he acts. If you have been a fan of Ten since TNT you will know how much of a great kid he is. He love his family so much and during his stage during his TNT performance, he invited his grandma on stage! How sweet is that and even now if you will see how his family really goes to the airport just to send him off. That is family goals right there. He's teachers even said that Ten will always help his classmates even though he is still not finished in his own works. His kind hearted personality really brings people to each other. You can see it during his participation in HTS. All of the sunbaes cheer for him and babied him during the show especially Hyoyeon, Bora and Taemin even those idols who haven't really get to know him wants to be friends with him example is Yugyeom. His own sunbaes also love him like Shinee's Key and Taemin! Ten is also a great friend towards his members. You can see how he is ...more

He is life teacher

His life teaches me to alive when I lose everything and wanna die

What I cutie, such a warm personality. I absolutely adore his him, where can I find a Ten of my own?

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2 Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

We love, we proud by him for his personality. Kind, hard-working, responsive, conscientious, generous, modest, prankish... Have large heart, helping people, a lot of sacrifice for charity. Now protects the homeland on the border.

A talented singer, dancer beautiful, handsome man

I love his velvety voice, he deserved to be the first!

Cute..great personality a 4d,a leader

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3 Seungri - Big Bang

If we are talking about personality, Seungri's personality is clearly one of a kind in the kpop industry. It is difficult to find such boldness and carefree antics inside an industry that is so restrictive in the way idols are supposed to "behave". I believe Seungri... jumps the bar and gives a rather refreshing, approachable human feeling to a group (BIGBANG) that feels quite unreachable other way.

Clearly the boy has huge confidence in himself; which allows him to do what other idols (and members) wouldn't dare to do: and that is make fun of himself. I find THAT ONE of his best traits; he is not scared of making fun of himself, letting others make fun of him or allowing fans to laugh about his mistakes... What is more awesome or humble than that? Others would hide or try to look cool... but not Seungri. I think he has a personal saying that says "The more weak, human and with flaws you look, the better." And Oh! If I don't love the boy for that. He looks ...more


Talk about him is just something impossible because of so much emotions and feelings to say. He is such a charming panda when he is always trying his best to bring happiness and love to other people. Whatever he does makes me love him even more and I swear that my sister somehow annoyed with me cause I always ramble about him. Keke... Hey my sexy, charismatic, talent, funny, strong baby, You are the cutest panda in my world.

Love him, Love him, Love him. I hope he never changes and is forever young. I love seeing him on television and in concert. A very talented individual.

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4 G-Dragon - Big Bang

He's a talented dancer, songwriter, music producer, singer, vocalist, rapper, etc. He's a true musical genius of the century! He's always friendly with others, especially with his own group members, and his smile is so warm. I really don't know about the marijuana scandal, but I think I believe him, for a lot of valid reasons. Usually, people don't believe these things, and GD himself said so too, he knows not many people will believe him even after he opens up to the public, but he still does, because what's the point of lying? It's not going to get him any more positive attention. He's also sincerely sorry about what happened, as he apologized too fans over a million times.

He made me love kpop and there is a legit reason why we all love him so much. I truly think he is one of the most talented artists in the century. He is not afraid to make a statement and he is bold with his choices. His smile is bright and caring and although he is not the most perfect looking kpop star out there, he has a certain charm and charisma that makes him the brightest star that shines. His fashion is impecable and sometimes weird but everyone still loves it because he makes it different and new. His voice is so unique and recognizable in every song he sings. I loved That XX for its unique but soft cursing. I don't care if he did marijuana because that does not change who he is. I believe him because I know that under all that stardom and coolness is a truthful dork that needs his fan's appreciatation and love! GD you are the best no matter what!

G-Dragon is known for his fashion, talent and personality. He's so polite and loving to everyone! When he does something wrong, he truly regrets it and apologizes for it. He personally doesn't think he's cool, but all of his fans see it. GD believes that music artists aren't "products" of their music industry, and just wants to work with what he loves. Whether it's onstage or offstage, his image may change, but his personality remains the same.

I have loved him for 5 or 6 years and I will continue to love him even more.

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5 CL - 2NE1 CL - 2NE1

Best rapper in all girls in kpop so cute and great in singing and dancing

She is talented as is really nice. She shows her true self and I love it!

She's such an awesome & talented leader with a gret personality

The baddest female!

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6 Daesung - Big Bang

Really underappreciated. He's genuinely a sincere, humble and caring guy, and not just on variety shows. He always lightens the mood with his jokes and always places others before himself. He has been through so much in his life - his father opposing him joining Big Bang, his vocal cord nodules, his 'lacking appearance', and those two tragic car accidents - all these garnered him so much unreasonable hate and left him emotionally and psychologically scarred, but yet he still manages to move on, staying strong and maintaining that beautiful smile, not for himself, but for his loved ones who truly care about him, and VIPs. He is truly someone who inspires me and helps me get through the tough stages of my life.

I've seen Daesung at events more often than I could count, in different countries throughout Asia.
He always puts his band members ahead of himself. He treats the staff with nothing but respect and jumps in when there is anything he can help with on stage. He will go out of his way to ensure that everyone (not only fans but also everyone who works for the event) enjoy themselves. He takes a step back whenever necessary (even more often than necessary really) to make sure everyone around him gets as much spotlight and attention as possible. He steps back so much that he might end up getting the least attention on stage, which is probably the reason why he is underrated - it took me a handful of events as well to notice how kind and warmhearted he is. When things go well, he will say it's thanks to everyone else, not himself. If things do not go well, he will blame it on himself and nobody else. Even when he might have more than enough reason to be worn out, he will still put in ...more

He's really underrated, he still doesn't have a Korean solo album but Daesung is really a nice and polite guy. He always show his respect to his seniors (you can always see him bowing and greeting them) and juniors (he's humble and not arrogant and properly bow to his juniors) He went through many difficulties but he still managed to stay strong and maintained his beautiful eye-smile although he recieved much hate. He has a very witty personality and makes a lot of "bad" jokes and puns to lighten the mood and remove tensions. In variety shows, many made fun of his "lacking" looks but he just laughs them off. He's my bias and inspiration. He made me realised that looks aren't everything, he used his pure talent ( his husky and powerful vocals are just amazing ) and is very sucessful in Korea and Japan. I truely respect Daesung. :-)


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7 Park Bom - 2NE1

She is a ray of sunshine, always happy.

She is so friendly and I like her

She can make her member happy with her funny dance and action. And very kind to the maknae mizy.

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8 Hani - EXID

She's so open and has a personality that she's not afraid to share. Her traits make her a really fun person to watch on variety shows.

Her personality makes her loved by her fans. She's dorky and boyish, and also loves to eat

She doesn't hide away her quirks and braces them instead

I love her! She's so genuine and nice and cute,sensitive and caring! I've seen her on a lot of variety shows and I always found her really humble,friendly and talkative. The best moments are when she is in a Variety Show with Heechul,though... They are the best couple ever,don't fight me on this ahahah,but really,I love her,it's sad that she's so underappreciated

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9 Song Min-Ho - Winner

He is juss an innoncent, sweet, kind guy that just makes you want to hug him. On stage he may look scary but off stage, he's just so fluffy that you can't help but be drawn to him.

10 Yesung - Super Junior Yesung - Super Junior Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.

Yesung's weird, funny, adorable, awkward, dorky, handsome and epic! Of course he's my favorite in all of KPOP!

Yesung is so unique and funny. He isn't afraid to be himself, and his true self is awesome. He is hilarious in an off, dry humor sort of way. Yesung cares about the other members a ton, but he doesn't make a big show of it. He is really talented, but still very humble and he doesn't hog the spotlight.

One of the best voices in Kpop ever. Deep, passionate, earthy voice that forms the basis of practically all the Super Junior songs. A class act.

He always support and cheering all of him juniors and the members of Super Junior, he is the coolest and best person in SM

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11 Jung Yong-hwa - CN Blue

He is a wonderful leader and always delivers his best to his fans! He is consistently working hard to get better and trying to make everyone around him happy and proud. He composes his own music and works as a team with cn blue. Always appreciating and smiling to those he is around. He is so thankful for his company, fans and band! His fellow band mates are always praising him on his wonderful leadership and hardwork! Plus, his fans always get wonderful messages through twitter about how much he loves and appreciates them! He never loses an opportunity to let people know he is thankful! ♡

What I like about Yonghwa is that he can be both manly and childlike at the same time. He is boyfriend material. He's mature, understanding, talented, family-oriented and just plain gorgeous. His music makes him stand out even more. Not to mention his acting ability. He's just perfect for me.

He is the most talented I've ever known in kpop and the only one that catches my attention. I almost watched all his videos and you can tell how good personality he has. Jung yong hwa fitting!

He os perfect leader.

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12 Seungyoon - Winner

Our humble and caring leader~~

13 Dara Park - 2NE1

Sandara Park, beautiful inside and out. She's so humble and down to earth and what I love most about her is that she recognizes her flaws and give all her best to do something about it. She always reminds us that she's human too and that she's got imperfections. She knows her limits and she knows where to stop as to being public. She shares her daily life with fans but she doesn't overshare. She's got a good heart. She makes it easier for fans to connect to her. There are seriously a lot of reasons to love her and be proud to be her stan.

Sandara Park is such an amazing women :D She's so beautiful even without the help of surgery, her beauty is just the same with her personality. Even YG members tells that her personality is really good, she's a funny girl with a dash of sexy and fun, so guys.. If you vote Sandara Park of 2ne1 you will never regret, try to search her personality and you will be amazed!

She's very nice even though she was in the Philippines. I can tell you she is a very nice person with a pleasing personality

She is so humble and so much cute. Little awkward because she always affraid if her act shoul be hurt other people. Such a nice girl...

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14 Jaejoong - TVXQ Jaejoong - TVXQ Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.

Even though I'd love to say that all member of TVXQ (Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin) have good personality and manner, but Jaejoong (especially) is the best. His professionalism and humanism is the best. Even though in a situation which most of us will go mad n furious, he (still) can manage his action n words so that he can be wise with the current situation. For example is when the incident which JYJ's concert for Jeju Island's promotion (for N7W) was cancelled by irresponsibly party. (JYJ is ambassador for Jeju Island)
And many cruel things that happen toward JYJ in Korea (they are blocked in many broadcast n cannot do their activity as celebrities n artist freely).
Kim Jaejoong, fighting!

He's so caring and loves his members so much. Like seriously look up what his tattoos say. One says "TVXQ SOUL" and some other stuff at the sides while on his chest it says "keep the faith" and his lower back has his birthday and also JUNSU and MICKY next to that. He has also mentioned numerous times that he's never thought as himself as handsome even though almost all of his fans think the opposite.

He has a big heart and he is really nice... Too nice even. He thinking for others more than himself. He is also so humble and adorable. He support orphans and love children. He is honest and caring. He solve things calmly not easily get mad.

He's really sweet and incredibly patient. I also like how informal and friendly he is with his fans.

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15 Onew - SHINee Onew - SHINee

ONEW - A man who can endure his pains with a smile. Who stands by his members on all occasions. Takes her of his members... A lovable human being. Now most of his team members are now involved in their individual schedules and he has been offering his support as well as he can... One who bows 90 degrees automatically whenever he sees any of his sunbaes. The person who introduced his mom from his group the first... Over all, he is one of the best leaders in kpop industry. He is a good human being...

Onew oppa... I miss you so much... How are you? Your ankles are still hurting? Don't worry oppa.. We, the shawls will wait for you... No matter what. You take care of yourself and the rest of the group okay? Sarangheyo oppa..

His smile and his eyes can make you feel warm.
When he see Fans crying, he tries to make them stop by doing random things~

His, Onew condition" is the funniest!
He tries his best to make everyone laugh, and he always succeed. - yukikimnohara

Golden hyung.

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16 Lee Hong Ki - FT ISLAND

Hongki is actually that one idol in the kpop industry who is not afraid to show his flaws, his human side, to the general public. As Seungri or Heechul, he also has a strong personality that clashes with the kpop industry but feels like a breeze of fresh air in a world created to sell stereotypes. What makes the difference from SG and HC who are like that because of their great confidence in themselves, is that Hongki's personality is driven by his own will to show himself as he is. He gets nervous and shy a loHongki is actually that one idol in the kpop industry who is not afraid to show his flaws, his human side, to the general public. As Seungri or Heechul, he also has a strong personality that clashes with the kpop industry but feels like a breeze of fresh air in a world created to sell stereotypes. Hongki is that hang-out-friend kind of guy, he is funny and always has a topic to talk about. He sings heavenly not just thanks to his naturally beautiful voice but because he knows ...more

I like how Hongki has a dorky and funny personality. He's so childish, which is entertaining. I think he gets along really well with others because he always bring laughter. Behind his funny and childish personality, he becomes really manly when he sings. He's so passionate about singing and anyone can tell. Even when he acts, you can feel the passion. that's why I think hongki has a good personality, he knows when to be serious and not. Along with the other FTISLAND members, they're all great! I love them all! Ftisland fighting!

I really really like his mischievous personality. He's really unique and he gets along with the other idols. :))

He's the best idol in the industry. He have a good personality and he's pretty too. Always helps his friends and cares about them, even the people nearby, always have a close deal with them too. I think he is a very good person and always want to make people feel good, for this reason he know when be funny and bring laughter with his adorable personality <3. In addition, he's very very manly when he sing and always touching with his touching voice. Love you Lee Hong Ki! You can deal with anything in your life! My best wishes from Spain too you! Fighting oppa! 사랑'"

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17 Lee Joon - MBLAQ

Lee Joon is possibly one of the funniest idols on reality T.V.. Combined with Mir and the rest of MBLAQ He is just, they're just perfect together. And he's a really nice person, he has a good relationship with most other idols, he's a great singer, dancer and actor and he is the cutest thing with one of the best and most unique smiles (also them abs).

His smile is adorable! I like his looks which are a little similar to Jinyoung of B1A4 but Joon is more handsome! Very funny!

Hands down the funniest idol in reality shows right next to Gwanghee

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18 Taeyang - Big Bang

I really like Taeyang. His voice and smile is the best! He's good at dancing and singing. He's funny too!

Taeyang is good looking and has a good personality

He passion for music make me fall in love to him

Eyes nose lips is awesomely awesome awesomeness

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19 Donghae - Super Junior Donghae - Super Junior

Donghae is one of a kind, he really deserves to be loved. In fact, he deserves even more recognition than he has now! He is so multi talented too... He's the second best dancer of Super Junior (although Donghae's my bias I have to admit, Eunhyuk is the best at dancing), he and Sungmin are the best vocalists after KRY, he has proven his natural composing skills (he wrote the song Haru and helped write Only you for their SPY album recently, they're my favorites of their SFS album... And there's so many other songs he's written that I think should gain more attention. All his songs are so sweet! I love his style), he's super good looking (I honestly think he should be the visual of the group, not Siwon... Siwon's body is much better than Donghae's but siwon's face is so derpy sometimes. Donghae has perfect features and the cutest eyes ever :D he should get more modeling offers.. The pics for the sept issue of CeCi were PERFECT and ADORABLE AND TVDHDGEJEWOBWCX), and he can even act (much ...more

Donghae should be at number 1 on this list! Have you read his tweets? Even if he's Korean and doesn't know too much English he still tries his best with talking to his fans. He often write things such as "I will meet you in my dream, goodnight! ", "Met beautiful ELF today! " and so on. He's also very fun and childish!

It takes one look to see how amazing of a person he is. He is perfection from head to toe.

Donghae is so precious :') he must be number 1

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20 Heechul - Super Junior

He is a popular guy DEFINITELY. Well.. You can see he is still popular after his had done the military services for 2 years. People who are older than him and younger than him in the kpop industry also respect him. Even though he seems to be kind of rude in variety shows, when he was asked to criticize people like I don't know (you should go figure it out laugh out loud) people don't seem to hate him as he is kind of polite behind the cameras. Of course he is talented! He can sing he can dance. He can act and he can do variety shows as he has a humorous personality. He is handsome too yeah and pretty haha! That is basically why he's successful and likeable.

He has a very unique personality. His bluntness and honesty always makes me laugh. Laugh out loud Heechul, you need to come back.

Just check him out on youtube and you'll understand; he's hilarious. Even though he is rude and blunt, he is actually a very caring person like Ji Kong Ki can attest to. I just love him as he is not bland like other kpop artists; he is talented, charming, has a quick wit and a sharp tongue, he is AWESOME!

He is fabulous! so honest, so outright.. completely loveable

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