Dara Park - 2NE1


Dara is always showing her bright and happy personality. She is always open to her fans, updating them through her me2day and twitter.
And she's extremely pretty, and has a very sweet voice.

She has a warm personality which shows on how she values her friends and fans. She has a beautiful face but she doesn't seem to care about that, she doesn't mind getting dorky unlike many female idols who are super conscious about their looks. She's beautiful inside out, someone you want to keep for life! She can be the classy fashionista or a cool hip hop chick.

Dara is such a really nice person, she really deserves all the great things that she has, she never change and always look back where she stared I hope her carrier will continue and bless her for what shes doing...

Dara do have a really good personality...
We we're neighbors when she was still in the Philippines..
She was so sweet. she often visit us when she have vacation.. fighting

Dara is cheerful, delight, kind, warm and beautiful. Every good attitudes are all in DARA. She's deserve the best.

Her personality is so bubbly, cheerful and dorky. I can't believe that she's like the oldest member of 2ne1 with Bom! I love the way she wrinkles her nose in her selfcas, naturally beautiful without ps, and dares to show her bare face. No wonder so many male idols love her and the reason why Thunder is so overprotective of dara even though he's the younger brother.

She's wonderful, and the best girl I've ever seen. Words can't express how much I love her.

She's give me the power with her smile when I need stay strong

She's so bright that even when your feeling down, just seeing her smiling face will surely light up your mood..

She's already an angel descended from heaven. Seriously.

Definitely Dara, she is always so kind and nice 24/7, even when she's mad she still is cute.

She have unique personality. She"s so beautiful, inside & out. Keep updating her fans

She's really goddess in amazing.

She's beautiful inside and out. She's just too humble and too cute.

Wow, the only girl in this list. way to go DEE!

Back then when she was just starting her carrier I know that she has the potential and a wide opportunity waiting for her, with such talent and beauty, shes cute without even trying and she admirable in her simple way. She is not just a star but an idol for being herself disregarding what the people will think about her she just does what she wanted but never forgets to remind herself to make the people around her happy :::)))


Sanadara park is a kind person and she love her fans and haters

Because shes one of a kind unnie.. Even though shes an introvert person shes really2x nice, kind, humble etc. Shes purely innocent.. A rare person that you meet.

One of the most down to earth girl in the k-pop industry. She's not fake, kind hearted, and has a dorky personality which is loved by men in and out of YG ;) she's girlfriend material fr.

She is selfless. She is well loved by everyone who knew her. :) she brightens the day

Sandara Park also known as 'DARA' of 2ne1 is the most humble Kpop celeb I've ever known. Back when she was just a celeb in the Philippines and the most popular teen celeb in the Philippines, She never forget to help and respect others. Dara is still the Krung-Krung here in the Philippines. :) ♥♥