G-Dragon - Big Bang


GD has got two personalities - one, on-stage and the other off-stage. Most people judge him by his on-stage persona which is the confident, arrogant, unapproachable one but they fail to realize they are all part of his songs. The real GD can be seen in variety shows and interviews which is the shy, humble, modest one. Even though he is such a talented singer, rapper, song-writer, music producer and dancer, he himself considers himself the most 'overrated' musician in the industry ( I don't know why he would consider himself 'overrated' when in reality he deserves all the praises in the dictionary since he achieved so much on his own at such an early age ). Moreover he is a trend-setter. Whatever he wears, even though sometimes it ends up being weird ( no offense ) he sets a new trend. And boy does he has manners. He respects everyone, he doesn't care if they are famous or not. He keeps bowing in front of everyone, both seniors and juniors. What astounds me the most is the fact that ...more

What can I say more? He is perfect in every single way. His smile is so sweet and warm. His fan service is awesome! And he always do his best in everything...the writing and producing new songs. Not only for himself but for others idol too. He really one of a kind! His fashion is epic! He can wear anything in anyway he want and still looks superb! I guess he really is born to be a star! Whatever it is, I know his heart is pure and he really love his job. And for that, I will always support him. :) (MichelleTerence)

He's very talented. He's also amazing in composing songs. He has a heartbreaker image onstage but offstage, he's a gentleman and a very sweet guy that can make all girls swoon.

Even with the fact that GDRAGON is the wall in the kpop industry he remain down to earth.. Even if he is very much famous not just in Korea but in other countries too, he stay humble as always and donate/help in charities.. Even he may look intimidated when performimg he never forgets to greet anyone as well as he never forget to bow 90 degrees even in his hoobaes.. He is an honest person.. He is the kind of person who is always reserved and stay cool no matter what the circumstances.. He always prioritize his members and even made songs for them.. Even though a lot of people hate his personality he still continue to live and prove to that people that he is better.. He may look tOugh on stage but in real life he is a shy type of person and also lovable, he even choose his father over his fame.. Totally a music genuis and never afraid to try new genres in his songs.. He is not just an idol he's already an artist and many people as well as his co idols look up to him with admiration and ...more

G Dragon is very polite. I notice that even when his rival groups got awards, he will happily smile and congratulate them. Most idols aren't like that.

He's talented and hard-working. He's so strong on stage, but off the stage, I would've never expected to see such a lovely, sensitive, and sweet side of him.

He is the best.He has a very charming and adorable smile. His charisma is so overwhelming. Like he stands out while not even doing anything. He is known for his humbleness and bowing to his fans/sunbaes/hoobaes 90 degree. He is also a very respectful and diligent person. There are bunch of idols/fans who look up to him as a role model because of his hardworking and humble character. Also, he is a genius songwriter and a great rapper. The fact that he can be very badass onstage and cute, adorable and shy offstage makes me more attracted to him than I already am. GD is truly ONE OF A KIND.

I never met someone who looked cold and one second later when he smiles I feel he was the warmest person I ever met

For me GD is always at the top of everything! I love him so much 'because he's so good at everything, literally EVERYTHING!

He has the best personality I think, he's such a hardworking, kind, and polite man. He do care the others and I think he really likes kid, he treat them very well, such a perfect man

I love him with all my heart and you all know why. I don't need to say anything else. He is just the BEST. Period. END OF STORY!

He is the best group leader that I've known because not only his talents but also his characteristic

He is the best and the king of kpop I love him so much

He is very talented and dedicated towards his work, family, friends and fans. He is the only k pop idol that I came to like this much.

He's friendly, kind and he love the kids

He's a good leader.
You can really tell he feels sorry for what he did (the marijuana scandal) He apologized more than just one time and he really meant it, he didn't just want everyone to shut up.
And he helped a little kid, went to the hospital of the kid, donated money and bought him some stuff
He's very talented, he can write lyrics, rap, sing, dance and more~ - yukikimnohara

He's amazing person even I never met him in real life!

Just how can there be a perfect human like be alive

I have nothing to say, just that g dragon is the best.

I have loved him for 5 or 6 years and I will continue to love him even more.

He's lovely, sweet, friendly and fashion

He's so fantastically one of a kind

He got everyone lose their mind

He's so different with all the idols I knowed. He so smart, so cool and so cute. Yes SO CUTE. Maybe you think it's wrong but belive me he so cute and so close in the life_ it's so different with him on the stage but I like this. Everything he does always make you smile. Jiyongie 5ting

Jiyong oppa is really polite to everyone in a music industry. He's humble and know how to down to earth when it come to his music. He's talented and nobody can deny this.