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21 Leeteuk - Super Junior

Multi talented all rounder. Without a doubt the best Leader of any Kpop group. This man works like a maniac to support his members and promote his group. And he does it all tirelessly with a beautiful smile on his face and a laugh.

Super Juniors leader teuk~ I love his personality so much He can go from being completely crazy and dorky to a great leader! I'd love to have a personality like that.. But nope I'm just crazy all the time!

Best leader in the whole history!

And he really knows where his good angle in the camera...

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22 T.O.P. - Big Bang T.O.P. - Big Bang Choi Seung-hyun, better known by his stage name T.O.P, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and actor.

I think he is very unique, charismatic and not to mention his voice! Rapping is not easy. To fit your rap into one song is not an easy job. He did a great job, all his rapping blend well with every bigbang song. He also won several award for his acting skill, his movie or drama always stay top of the chart. T.O.P have a very outstanding talent in both singing and acting. Why can't you guys see it. He brought to kpop. And he still my king.

He's a very memorable rapper, he's quiet but his lyrics are absolutely amazing, I especially liked the lyrics in Monster and Oh Mom. He has a character beyond a 4D personality; he's so unpredictable! I think he's a mysterious person but very humble. And we all know he's the main dancer of bigbang!

He's a good man. full of swag, funny and talented.

I just love his deep cool rapping so awesome

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23 Soohyun - U-Kiss

This guy is really kind, and it's really sad to think that he has such a low self esteem. He doesn't think highly of himself, but he is truly amazing. Beat leader ever.

Its his leadership that has brought you kiss on top
His is very caring and hard-working and very much determined
He pushes all the member to their potential
He brings out the best from everyone
He is working too hard to keep group together after replacement
Forever U-KISS

He's a good leader, he always cares about the other members. He would be a good boyfriend as you could see in U-Kiss Vampire. He's also really funny, he always makes me laugh. And I love how he always directly smiles at the camera, it makes me feel happier.

And his derp faces are pricless - yukikimnohara

He is really witty and kind!

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24 Eunhyuk - Super Junior Eunhyuk - Super Junior Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

He is funny and love his fans so much. He used to not smoking and drinking alcohol, now he drink but he keeps it low. He's professional with his job, there are so many fans who got angry because 'the most ugly in super junior' thing but he made it like a joke and laught it off. He didn't get angry easily. It's true he has bad side too, but his personality is lovable.

Eunhyuk oppa is good looking and has a great personality and can dance really well.

I think that out of all Suju members, Eunhyuk has the most pure and warm heart. I watched most of his pranks and I honestly think that he is so good and kind to be true.. His personality is so adorable too..I am Kyu and Hae's bias by the way

Eunhyuk is really a talented person he deserves to be in the industry...

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25 SeoHyun - SNSD

She is really nice and caring, especially to her fellow members. She never uses informal language, and she is very mature. She doesn't even know how to express her anger, she just becomes quiet whenever she's mad.

She was shy when she started so I guess her stint in We Got Married boosted up her confidence. I'm happy of what she has become. Now she's a woman full of confidence and elegance. She's not just beautiful and talented but also very intelligent.

She is really kind, adorable, wise, silly, 4D and has a proper life.

I have never come across a celebrity who is so down to earth. Whatever the world says,she just sticks to her principles and I really respect that. She is genuine and humble. She is a beauty with brain!

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26 Kim Kyu Jong - SS501

How is he not the first?... he's so funny and sweet and his voice makes me melt.. he's out 4D leader - MaryBelle

I love his velvety voice, he deserved to be the first!

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27 Suzy - Miss A

Suzy is one of the idols with the best personality. Even though she's only 19 (international age) she can be very independent. She's beautiful inside and out. I think she's the most charismatic idol.. Suzy is the maknae of her group, but her unnies ( other miss A members) said that Suzy also took care of them. She looks so perfect. She has a voluptuous body, a very innocent, goddess-like, natural face. She's multi-talented. She acts very well, she dance gracefully with sexiness and charm. Her voice is very beautiful. She can draw, play musical instruments and a very good role model to everyone especially to the youths. She's an inspiration for many people and she's one of the best stars Korea have. She's a hardworking person that's why she's on top. Their are lots of stars who have been compared with her but nothing can beat her. Overall Suzy is one of the greatest creation, God made. She's very humble, down-to-earth, very friendly, generous.. and many more..

I really love Bae Suzy ever since from Dream High until now. I have known a lot of kpop female idols, but no one could ever replace her as my bias. I love her personality.. I really don't know how she captured my heart.

She's so cute and amazing but... I really think that Lee Min Young should be here :(

Cute nerdy sometimes love suzy my bias

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28 Im Yoona - SNSD Im Yoona - SNSD Im Yoona is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and has participated in various television dramas such as You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, and God of War, Zhao Yun.

I personally believe that Yoona is a very genuinely sweet and kind girl. I never get the feeling that she's trying to show off or anything (unlike some certain team member) but unfortunately, that's her position in SNSD. She never takes advantage of the fact that she's pushed straight into the center of the group, and that's what I admire about her. She treats her teammates equally as well. Her relationship with her friends are very strong, and I really love watching them interact. Why is she placed so low!? - SuperWiz

YoonA is really adorable. She's cute, dorky, sweet, girly, boyish, playful, humorous and blunt all packed together. The reason why she's Korea's sweetheart is because of her friendly personality that everyone finds hard to resist. You simply can't hate her. I know that people say Suzy's more popular now, and YoonA's time is up, but you know what? Suzy is NEVER going to reach YoonA's popularity at the peak of her career. YoonA is still incredibly popular even though she debuted ages ago. YoonA has amazing variety skills and she's hilarious. Suzy simply cannot compare. I'm YoonA, hwaiting!

She does not try so hard to show off, and she is a down-to-earth person. She may not be talented but definitely have a nice personality.

She's disciplined but sometimes she's mischievious.. She'Pretty but laughs like an alligator..

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29 DongWoo - Infinite

Dongwoo... He is just a tru sweetheart. He talks to the fans in the airport freely. All members of Infinite are awesome in the personality. Some people here is in the list as rude idols actually. Dongwoo also helped to pick up the rubbish after idol sport championship which I found absolutely good. While another girl group members just walk, stepping on the rubbish while talking. Dongwoo is not my bias, but I adore his personality and talent. And FYI, he is very kind to his mother.

I don't really have a bias in Infinite, but Dongwoo-shi is very hard to not like. He is funny and weird in a strange way that actually makes you like him. He seems kind to all his peers and members, which I find very good.

Actually he isn't my bias, but he is too nice. My bias is Woohyun but Dongwoo is nicer. I even wonder if there are some persons who doesn't like him.

He is so sweet and his laughter is contagious, honestly, most of the time, he has a big smile on his face which makes me smile too! OPPA FIGHTING

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30 Key - SHINee

He's so adorable - sexy and cute in the same time, really, really handsome. AWESOME style - clothes and hair. Gosh, I love his rainbow hair. And it's just impossible for him to lie, haha. Very umma-like, nags a lot, but in a cute way. And his voice! Could listen to it forever.

Key is amazingly talented he is a great singer and dancer! Has amazing style and is super funny! Everyone can get along with him and he is just an easygoing out here bubbly person. Also he is like the mother of the group taking care of his members E. G cooking cleaning being organised! He should be number 1 on the list

Key is just... He is so CUTE and is too amazing for words.

Kibum is lovely person

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31 Kevin - U-Kiss

He's caring, and is always there for his members any time they need him. Also, he seems really down to earth!

Kevin is really adorable, his personality is sweet and he seems really down to earth. He's also funny and really cares about working hard for the fans.

He's awesome plus he can speak English. He's funny and cute- sings and dances quite well to!

Kevin is just so positive- he really makes you happy just seeing him!

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32 V (Kim Taehyung) - BTS

V is such a kind and sweet soul. He loves getting to know new people and make friends with any and everyone. He's also not concerned about his idol image, shown every time he pulls a silly face, which is refreshing in a world full of idol who care so much about how they look and what people think of him. He's also very sweet to his fans; just watch any fancam of him at fan meetings. From long chats, intense eye contact, lacing fingers, and high fives V offers it all to his fans and really makes them feel important and close to him. Sure he can be weird and quirky (so is the rest of BTS) but its those very things that make him so lovable. Who can say no to that bright rectangle smile and that deep yet childish laugh of his?

Kim Taehyung is the epitome of a great personality. He's kind and caring toward his fans, and isn't afraid to reach out and get personal with them during fan meetings. He's always ready to share a smile and chat with fans; always ready to give them is undivided attention, he is notable for his amazing fan service. To some his quirky "4D" personality might be off putting, but it is one of the very things that make him an admirable person. Taehyung isn't afraid to be silly and have fun and seems to care less about his image and more about bring joy to others.

I Love V! He's so cute, sweet, and child-like off stage, but a total sex god onstage with that tongue of his. But he's also such a cool down to earth person who I feel like you could totally have a casual conversation with. Just watch the who BTS American Hustle Life, you're gonna fall in love with V (and the rest of BTS)

Everything he does gives a kind of a comforting feeling to everyone.I really like this guy.

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33 Jin (BTS)

You can see how Jin truly cares about his other members, earning him the name Eomma Jin. He's sweet, handsome, funny, dorky and down to Earth. Even though as any ARMY knows he's not the best dancer you can see how hard he practices to make sure he puts on a good show for the fans. He gives an amazing fan service as well. He also has an extremely underappreciated voice and tends not to get a lot of lines in songs (he's been getting more lately though) and gets teased by his younger members a lot despite this he is extremely tolerable and doesn't take it to heart and keeps focusing on his fans and his performance

He is really kind or at least it looks like while on camera.He is affectionate and sweet, a little awkward but I like it.He is good at cooking and it looks like he is always there for the other members.I love his dancing because it gives me life and makes me laugh.Kim Seokjin fighting!

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34 Jungkook - BTS Jungkook - BTS

Is there anything that Jungkook can't do?! He's just too good at everything he does; singing, dancing, rapping. Not to mention his good looks and oozing sex appeal. He can be funny at times too which makes him more adorable. He's also very hardworking even if he's the youngest in his group.

Jungkook always shows respect to his sunbaes ( mama Jin taught him well)

I like Jungkook because he is a good person. He treats his hyungs with respect (but teases them, although jokingly). He doesn't whine or complain whenever he is asked a favor. He truly loves thhe ARMYS; at a concert they weren't allowed to take pictures but since he was sweet, he took selcas with them.

I'm not going to say he is perfect, because I can' say that when I haven't gotten to know him behind the camera,but from what I've seen he is really hardworking,shy at first,kind in his own way,extreeemeeelyy talented and well it looks like he has it all.I like you Jeon Jungkook.Keep up the good work.Fighting!

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35 Mir - MBLAQ
36 Taemin - SHINee Taemin - SHINee

When they asked him about his wish, he wished for his group to win a Deasang.. And finally in 2013 after hard work.. That they produced 4 Korean albums in one year, despite the singles, they Did won! ❤️

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37 Jimin - BTS

He always takes care of members and fans, he's always bright and smiling and he's so incredibly caring and kind and its sad how he only gets appreciated for his looks rather than his great personality

This cutie always takes care of his members. He's kind and smiles a lot. But sometimes, he got self-concious and thinks that he's fat :'(

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38 Jackson Wang - GOT7

Jackson is absolutely hilarious. Admittedly because he is part of JYP, one of the only companies I really respect for the way it generally treats its idols, he is not at all afraid of being himself, and he is very carefree. He isn't worried about his image or what others think of him. Also, did you SEE him on Roommate when his mom and dad visited him? He was bawling his eyes out. He obviously loves his family a ton, and it must have taken a ton of courage and self-control to move to a whole new country in pursuit of a dream that could've never come true. Jackson Wang is one of the nicest people you will ever meet as well. Even if he makes some sarcastic comments, he cares so much about people and he gets easily attached. Really, how could you NOT love him?

He's always such a gentleman with girls and are very careful with his words. He apologizes when he knows he's wrong and admits it. He's always uncomfortable laughing at jokes with racial slurs in it and he's just such a bright and gentle person.

Like Amber, Jackson has a naturally funny and lovable personality that exudes authenticity.

I met Jackson last summer and he was hilarious. He is so funny and friendly

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39 Kyuhyun - Super Junior Kyuhyun - Super Junior Cho Kyu-hyun (born February 3, 1988) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, its sub-groups, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-K.R.Y., and a former member of the South Korean ballad group S.M. The Ballad. He is one of the first four Korean artists more.

Kyuhyun is awkward, dorky, talented, genius, blunt, family-oriented and adorable at the same time! He's just my type.

Kyunhyun oppa is good looking and can sing really well. Also he has a good personality and loves his fans.

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40 Kim Taeyeon - Girls' Generation

Taeyeon is a very bright and talented person

Her beautiful face and personality always show out that she is charm and smart

The true leader without the classic appearance of a leader. She instead shows a rather warm approach by being the dorkiest member in the group.

TaeYeon stay strong. She's the best leader and yet she's So pretty. She's also very talented and So kind.

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