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41 Lay - Exo Lay - Exo Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

He bows to any living, walking, breathing? Thing there is. He knows how to control his emotions well. He rarely shows anyone that he's mad. He has a comforting, sweet dimpled smile. His unicorn forgetfulness really gets you sometimes, but his the sweetest when you actually get to know him. He's the perfect son, friend, member, and hopefully father and husband!

He always cares about his fans and never takes presents from them. Only letters. He things that they shouldn't spend their parents' money. And he always thanks fans and gives autographs.

Lay has gone through a lot. Yet, he's always kind and he is still so innocent. He's very friendly and humble. Also, he's extremely respectful. Even to strangers and to non-idols.

Lay is the sweetest, purest, kindest, most humble, most sincere, respectful and grounded person ever. It's impossible to not like him, he just has this really bright aura. He has a heart of gold, so warm and caring. These qualities are really hard to find in a lot of people.
Lay is also really innocent and naive. I think he knows that people can be vicious and cunning y he'll still give people the benefit of the doubt because his heart is pure enough to give people a chance.
Lay is very honest in his way of being. He has a very delicate body language whenever he does something, especially when he speaks. He's very honest but tries to put things as nicely as they can be just to minimise the risks of anyone getting hurt. He is a very caring person, incredibly caring about others' emotions.
Lay is also a very humourous guy; not consciously trying to be funny but he's funny on a unconscious level. It just happens randomly, he'll just blurt out something that'll make everyone ...more

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42 Jessica Jung - SNSD Jessica Jung - SNSD Jessica Sooyoun Jung was born on April 18, 1989. Known professionally as Jessica, she is an American singer, actress, and businesswoman currently based in South Korea. She is a former member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. In 2014, she established her apparel fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare. more.

Jessica is the triple threat of not only Girls' Generation, but Kpop itself. Beauty, Personality, and Talent are only a few things to love about the WARM Ice Princess.

People actually think of her as an actual Ice Princess but she's not. I may not know her personally but for all I know she's a very caring sister and a good daughter. Despite the cold distance between her and snsd I've been hearing articles saying she really missed the girls. She values fans as much as she values her family and treats them well. During her stay with snsd she was really a caring unnie towards the dongsaengs and she loved to make people smile

People say she has an attitude or something, but on the contrary she's a really sweet girl.

Jessica may seem cold in the outside but she is warm in the inside. Jessica will always be apart of snsd.

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43 Chen - EXO

"He has always let people come first, he's caring, extremely humble, he tries hard to improve everything he does, he respects everyone regardless of what they are/have done. He cares about the fans' problems and doesn't worry others, always wearing a smile.

He is so caring and gentle and he also is very funny. He is just the perfect human being!

He's one the most humble people I've seen including his members

He's one of the most nicest kpop idols I've ever known he should be higher than this

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44 Yoon Bo-mi - A Pink

Bomi is one of the first kpop idols I got to know and I'm very happy I did. She's very laid back and funny. She very talented even though it doesn't show that much during shows. She's also very caring towards her members, friends and even strangers. She's very well known for being silly and stupid but there is so much more to her! If people took the time to really look at her they would stop bashing her. She's a wonderful person and I hope she gets her solo debut soon.

She has the funniest, most dorkiest personality. She's really just plain silly, I doubt with her around any work gets done! Always making jokes, laughing, and charming people with her sweet personality: Yoon Bomi!

Bomi has a laid back character that's why 4minute's Jiyoon likes her personality. I don't know why others think she's just using her gorilla walk for apink to become popular for me. Bomi does her gorilla walk to entertain fans though it does embarrass her sometimes. She's cute, friendly, outspoken, funny and confident. She doesn't care if she does something embarrassing because it's the real her. I hope anti's of Apink especially Bomi's please know the idol first before bashing them. Some cassiopeia's also likes her due tot he fact that she imitated her XIAH Junsu sunbae and not calling him JYJ's junsu and singing DBSK's debut song Hug in front of Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. She's not afraid to show what she really feels or who she is. She's not afraid to do things that might make fans hate her because she's also very careful. She might be very crazy and does weird things but that is YOON BOMI.

45 Suho - Exo K Suho - Exo K Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

He always takes of the other members and check to make sure they're feeling well and that they're alright. Suho, being the kind and awesome leader he is, is also very kind to fans. And he always bows 90 degrees to anyone.

He goes through a lot and still manages to be a leader with a bright personality, I appreciate that.

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46 Min Yoongi

Min Yoongi might seem cold from outside, but his members say that he is really caring. Also, he is like the dad of the members, because he fixes the house and takes care for them like a dad. He doesn't really say that he truly cares about them, instead he does things that makes them known. Min Suga is beautiful in the inside and outside.

He always honest and sincere and respectful. Min Yoongi is always caring for his other members and fans even though it doesn't look like it all the time, but he does. He sends good messages that encourages his fans to keep going work hard and that clearly shows how much he loves them.He comforts his members so much when they're down. Also, his personality is unique and isn't afraid of doing and saying what he wants on camera (like cursing haha) and he is really funny and crazy at times:). He expresses himself so well and honestly through music and other places. Min Yoongi really is someone to look up to.

He's the closest thing to a real-life tsundere. He's up with the "I don't give a f***" act, but cares enough to make 300 personalized gifts for fans on his birthday.

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47 Himchan - B.A.P

HimChan talk about his fans a lot and yet he did more fan service in fan meeting and in concert. He's the best and yet he have the looks not only that his So nice and kind. His personality is like the best boyfriend ever girl dream of.

"Don't be sad and don't give up in your dreams. Dreams will come true one day. There is no person as beautiful as a person who dreams." This is one of his precious quotes. He's just a beautiful inside and outside.

He went to a concert with a broken hand just to see his fans :) so.. Yeah

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48 Teayang

He always takes care of fans, sticks around longer than most to sign autographs, does special fanservice, plans special events himself for the fans etc. He's always grateful and thankful to fans for supporting him, recognises fans in the crowd and is polite and friendly when people approach him when he's not working. Everyone who's ever worked with him only has positive things to say about him. He takes the time to understand issues and other people and generally seems like a respectful and kind individual.

Taeyang should be higher on the top. He is so kind and gentle. I don't have any negative thoughts about him since day 1. He's a sweetheart.

A very sweet and gentle person and really funny... He is really a good boy!

Someone please fix the spelling of his name, how can you get it wrong?

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49 Tiffany - Girls' Generation Tiffany - Girls' Generation

She's really beautiful. She is nice and cute. She is funny and she loves her fans. For me, Tiffany is perfect. Her voice is amazing and maybe her dance is not-so-good but is still cute and amazing.

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50 Minho - SHINee

Minho's personality totally changes when he's on stage. He becomes serious and even more respectable, and his rapping is awesome. His "Flaming Charisma" really shows. He's kind to everyone, especially kids, and he's totally adorable-For instance, he glares at the stairs when he trips on them. He's handsome, and I'm not sure what else I can say without sounding like a crazed fangirl, but Minho really steps up to the plate.

Minho is a nice, handsome guy who loves kids, soccer, is very athletic, and has a cute laugh. He is kind to everyone and has a serious side I absolutely love, but then again I love his funny side too. He loves scarves and is a great actor and is in To the Beautiful You which is an AMAZING k-drama!

Minho oppa is very handsome and loves his fans.

Amazing look and caring gentle man

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51 Jung Eunji - A Pink

So talented, pretty, and cute.
She has an amazing voice and I can't stop supporting her!
She has a good personality

Jung Eunji has the best personality because she is always smiling all the time. She is mostly always happy. Keep on smiling and being happy Eunji!

Super nice and great personality! Happy and well-deserved to be called an idol

Best kpop idol female in personality, the soul of the group, really

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52 Yong Junhyung - Beast

Junhyung oppa is good looking and raps well. Also he is a really good song writer.

He is really funny people

53 Rap Monster

Rap monster is cute, funny and is always taking care of his members

A ligh hearted leader, and an amzing and talented charming guy. He's one of the reasons why I now actually like rap, he's talented, charming, and had such a cute personality. Rap Monster will become even more succesful with BTS and also with his own solo path. Rap Monster has this kind and cute aurrora, kind of like a jokester and he can steal your heart without you even noticing. He leads BTS very well, and he's well respected as well.

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54 Luhan - Exo Luhan - Exo V 2 Comments
55 Ken - VIXX

Ken is full of aegyoo! He loves his fans more than he loves himself. He is a super multitalented guy (where else we can see a main vocal who can do beatbox as great as he sings) and a complete trouble maker (the good one of course) in the group. Starlight loves him so much as much as he loves em

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56 Thunder - MBLAQ V 1 Comment
57 Siwon - Super Junior

He is perfection personified. He can be a gentleman and serious and the next moment be playful and funny. He is adorable

He is very down to earth despite of what he had now. It's very hard to find a guy like him nowadays. He is just so perfect in both looks and personality

58 L - Infinite

Even though he's shy and quiet, he is so sweet and caring to other people.

L oppa is a good singer and is very handsome

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59 IU

IU is like she's not afraid to show her another personality side. It may be retarded for a idol girl like her But Than she's still not afraid to show it. I'm proud of her like when she's on weekly idol 2014. She's cute and retarded just like a normal girl, like us, What we usually do. Not much different. I love her. She won't get angry easily and she always laugh which was a good thing. She's also a easy going person.

60 Amber Liu

Amber has a genuinely funny and caring personality. Oftentimes idols can come off as trying too hard to be funny, and it does not seem natural and has a very staged feeling, like they absolutely need the attention. Amber's authenticity is what makes her cute.

Remember that prank with Eric Nam? He lied saying that his friend had a car accident and needed blood, so Amber volunteered to donate some. She didn't think it was a big deal, since she was helping someone.

So very kind to fans and she loves to communicate with them as well!

She is such a laid back and cool person.

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