Kpop Idols With the Best Personality

Idols, that are not just amazing in singing & dancing.. but also be kind and warm-hearted..

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61 Teacyeon - 2pm

I like taecyeon oppa

62 L - Infinite

Even though he's shy and quiet, he is so sweet and caring to other people.

L oppa is a good singer and is very handsome

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63 IU

IU is like she's not afraid to show her another personality side. It may be retarded for a idol girl like her But Than she's still not afraid to show it. I'm proud of her like when she's on weekly idol 2014. She's cute and retarded just like a normal girl, like us, What we usually do. Not much different. I love her. She won't get angry easily and she always laugh which was a good thing. She's also a easy going person.

64 Luhan - Exo Luhan - Exo

Baby face. Chinese blood. cute. handsome. innocent face. exom of exo

He seems so genuine and he always cares for his dongsaengs. *cough* Xiumin *cough* Sehun *cough*

65 Yunho ~ TVXQ Yunho ~ TVXQ Jung Yun-ho, also known by his stage name U-Know Yunho or simply U-Know, is a South Korean singer, actor, and a member of the pop duo TVXQ.

He did so many charity work, he literally forgave an anti who tried to poison him. The fact that he's not number one is beyond me.

He literally the nicest guy on earth when you get to know him and the good deeds that he has done

He forgave an anti-fan who poisoned him... So.. Yeah

Why such low ranking? He's the king & known as the idol with best character... Everyone seems to like him & he's my UB for his character among other reasons. So underrated haha...

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66 Dahyun - TWICE
67 Thunder - MBLAQ

Thunder is too cute and can rap

68 D. O. - Exo

He is such a cutie pie. He has got such a great personality.

Handsome and Cute^^ I love him. His voice is really perfect. My bias in EXO. Charming Face with heart-shaped lips. Pretty both inside and outside. Can't stop supporting him.

69 Amber Liu

Amber has a genuinely funny and caring personality. Oftentimes idols can come off as trying too hard to be funny, and it does not seem natural and has a very staged feeling, like they absolutely need the attention. Amber's authenticity is what makes her cute.

Remember that prank with Eric Nam? He lied saying that his friend had a car accident and needed blood, so Amber volunteered to donate some. She didn't think it was a big deal, since she was helping someone.

So very kind to fans and she loves to communicate with them as well!

She is such a laid back and cool person.

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70 Kiseop - U-Kiss

He always makes the fans laugh heaps! He's not afraid to do ridiculous things for the sake of the group. The awesome thing is that even though he went through hard ships before debut he still smiles and works his hardest.

He went thru so much before he debuted and I cried when I found out he used to be suicidel. But now he looks so happy being in U-Kiss witch makes me happy when I see him and the rest of U-Kiss laughing and playing around.

71 Ryeowook - Super Junior Ryeowook - Super Junior Kim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.

Ryeowook is kpop idol with outstanding personality

He's just so kind and nice suju hwating! :D

72 Sungjong - INFINITE

Love you sungjong

Kind and innocent lee sungjong fighting! ^^

73 Zico - BLOCK B

Zico is an amazing leader who brought Block B to the success they are at now! He is amazingly talented and is way too underrated in the industry currently. Fighting!

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74 Max Changmin - TVXQ

Cool, cute maknae, talented, shy and matured. He was handsome plus cute..

75 Eric Nam

He is a really sweet person and always cares about other people.

If KNetz think Eric Nam is an amazing person with great personality, he probably really is. He's always against people sexualizing minors and are always super mindful of everyone and himself. He's such a 매너남

76 Yook Sungjae - BtoB

Yook Sungjae is my #2 husband

77 Bang Yong Guk- B.A.P

Very upright person. Thinks of the children in the world more than himself. The best leader in kpop. A good example for many people. :))

He almost always puts the happiness of others before his own, he loves children and no matter how hard he and BAP had it in the past, he's always thinking of donating to charity.
Bang Yongguk is a really sweet and humble leader and a good role model

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78 Park Ji-yeon - T-ara

She is really nice



Unnie sa rang he yo... QUEEN'S VIỆT NAM

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79 Naeun - a Pink

A girl with nice look and sincerity

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80 Park Chan-yeol - Exo

He may be playful but he is a caring person! He can cook and console other.
He's my type!

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