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61 Ten - NCT V 1 Comment
62 Kiseop - U-Kiss

He always makes the fans laugh heaps! He's not afraid to do ridiculous things for the sake of the group. The awesome thing is that even though he went through hard ships before debut he still smiles and works his hardest.

He went thru so much before he debuted and I cried when I found out he used to be suicidel. But now he looks so happy being in U-Kiss witch makes me happy when I see him and the rest of U-Kiss laughing and playing around.

63 Teacyeon - 2pm

I like taecyeon oppa

64 Sungjong - INFINITE V 2 Comments
65 Zico - BLOCK B

Zico is an amazing leader who brought Block B to the success they are at now! He is amazingly talented and is way too underrated in the industry currently. Fighting!

V 1 Comment
66 Max Changmin - TVXQ

Cool, cute maknae, talented, shy and matured. He was handsome plus cute..

67 Yunho ~ TVXQ Yunho ~ TVXQ Jung Yun-ho, also known by his stage name U-Know Yunho or simply U-Know, is a South Korean singer, actor, and a member of the pop duo TVXQ.

He did so many charity work, he literally forgave an anti who tried to poison him. The fact that he's not number one is beyond me.

He literally the nicest guy on earth when you get to know him and the good deeds that he has done

He forgave an anti-fan who poisoned him... So.. Yeah

Why such low ranking? He's the king & known as the idol with best character... Everyone seems to like him & he's my UB for his character among other reasons. So underrated haha...

V 1 Comment
68 Eric Nam

He is a really sweet person and always cares about other people.

If KNetz think Eric Nam is an amazing person with great personality, he probably really is. He's always against people sexualizing minors and are always super mindful of everyone and himself. He's such a 매너남

69 Baekhyun - EXO V 1 Comment
70 Naeun - a Pink

A girl with nice look and sincerity

V 2 Comments
71 J-Hope (BTS)

Hobi is such a bright ball of sunshine who just lights everyone's day with his cheer. He is true to his name, he really is our hope and out angel!

J-hope is a really bright person and I don't think I would ever be sad if I was near him.I kind of look up to him, because I really wish I was like him.

V 2 Comments
72 Mark - Got7

A cute energetic guy, you can see him always smiling and joking around. An amzing person who can just make you laugh

V 2 Comments
73 Yoo Chun - TVXQ V 1 Comment
74 Ryeowook - Super Junior Ryeowook - Super Junior Kim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.

Ryeowook is kpop idol with outstanding personality

He's just so kind and nice suju hwating! :D

75 Park Ji-yeon - T-ara V 8 Comments
76 D. O. - Exo

He is such a cutie pie. He has got such a great personality.

Handsome and Cute^^ I love him. His voice is really perfect. My bias in EXO. Charming Face with heart-shaped lips. Pretty both inside and outside. Can't stop supporting him.

77 Yang Yoseob - Beast

He is such a sweet idol, always looking out for b2uties and spoiling our damned asses with comeback information and feeding us good photos! a tru idol

78 I.M - Monsta X

He is just so nice and the face that he got along with the members so fast prove that he's personality is just superb

I.M. has such a good personality. I met him last summer and since he can speak English he talked to me. For real I.M. is such a cutie. 'cause he knew that I was there only for meet some of my idols he gave me hug and he was so polite.
He's an angel

79 Jeongmin - Boyfriend

He is so cute and a funny person.. I love his voice too...

80 Seohyun - Girls' Generation

The maknae of SNSD is known for being a very upright person. She is an anomaly in the K-Pop world, it is not common to meet many girls or individuals like her. She goes through daily life with discipline always following her morals and ethics. Never speaking disrespectfully to older individuals and her sunbaes. She knows her place and does not overstep boundaries. Seohyun knows how to share her limelight and not hog it all for herself, as well as jump at any chance for attention. She is wary of her actions and what she says, always cautious to make sure what she says and or does, does not hurt anyone's feelings. She is considerate of others often reminding her unnies and others to wear their seat belts, although this may not seem like such a big deal, a large majority of K-Pop idols DO NOT wear their seat belts, Seohyun understands and makes it her utmost priority that everyone is cared for and safe, she thinks not only of her own well-being but of others. She reminds her friends and ...more

To the other person who added a comment for Seohyun -- I agree that some people may have voted for their biases and such, but your comment on that is uncalled for. Just because others may disagree with your opinion does not mean you get to tell them to "open their eyes". Perhaps they did not know about Nichkhun or Seungri's actions, or did not take them into account at the time the voted, not that they simply ignored the fact when voting. I personally did not vote for them (I voted for Yubin, Amber, and Jackson), but I don't think you bashing those who voted for the idols at the top merely because they did not vote for your choice of idol is right. You could have stopped at, "I believe Seo Joohun has the best personality in K-Pop." There was no need to go on and say, "Although she may not be your bias, please take into consideration that this is NOT 'Pick your Top Ten Bias List'". Just because some of us did not vote for Seohyun does not mean that we merely voted for our biases.

Seohyun has the best personality in the whole celebrity world. A great women and an inspiration to all others. Very humble and genuine in her act that anyone can look upto her. Evenafter being drowned in fame, she leads a humble life following her ethics. A women without a single flaw. A pool of kindness, a women with intelligence, a beauty and supertalented - is there a better combination than this.

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