Seungri - Big Bang


Honestly he doesn't really care about sharing his own mistakes, which is one of his best traits. He's a really humble, funny, UNIQUE and adorable boy. He's just so different from your average idol that it's hard not to love him.

He makes fun of the other members, he let's other people make fun of him, (there was this one time where everyone was making fun of him gaining weight, and he'd never get mad, and would laugh about it like "I'll workout and show you my body in a few months) he has fun with his life.

Some might think that he's a bit noisy or has too much scandals, but to be honest, he's a blunt boy and that's part of his personality, it can't be changed. It's not a good thing but it's not a bad thing, it all comes down to personal choices. I think Seungri is one of the most confident and unique idol on Kpop

First of all, I am only into Bigbang during their MADE promotion. Because before this I am that kind of person that just into their music but not the member personally. However somehow seungri is the first person to caught me. He is really one of a kind, it's like weird kind, like you just loved him and accept his good and bad things. Well apart from his voice, and looks but his personality really attract me. He is really funny. This I can see during his variety show in Japan. sigh I miss him doing variety but I prefer him doing it in Japanese though because he is really enjoying doing it compare to when he is in Korea. He also a person not afraid to make fun of himself just for people to be comfortable surround him. He is also has this mindset not to be discouraged by others like "even though not all people will like you but you have to love yourself first". I don't know if you guys read his diary during his Japanese promotion, but really his diary will make you love him ...more

People talk about his scandal like it's terrible. However, in my point of view, he just like everyone, just a human, he made mistakes but he faced to it. He acted like nothing happened. It doesn't mean he didn't regret, he did that because he didn't want his fans had to worry about him. His mental is strong. He is the one who other needs. He's there whenever acquaintances have difficulties. Obviously, he is the warmest- heart I've ever known.

He's a fun person to be around. He's easygoing and humble. As well as He has a kind-hearted and He try hard in his music and his careers.

Seungri definitely has that "One Of A Kind" winning personality. I love the "Realness" of him. He is funny, goofy and appears an all around good guy. I like the "What you see, is what you get" image he gives off. I remember him saying he wasn't the type to be "One way in font of the camera and another when not." I like to think he's honest about drinking, dancing and such. I want to feel he is approachable. I don't need another idol who pretends like their perfect. We are all human so, it's good to know he make mistakes, he's loud, silly, likes to party, hang with friends and drink every now and then. I like how he is more open to the fans, willing to stop and talk when he can. How he post pictures showing his true self. Those are some of the qualities that make for a great personality. A person that you would want to get to know and make friends with. Congratulations to Seungri, our wonderful Maknae of Big Bang, you deserve the recognition.

I love Seungri, I knew Big Bang hin through song Haru Haru. But I do not know the members, when release ablum MADE, I know the team more and since then I loved Seungri. When he participated Running man, I do not know him. I watch him through the website Facebook and I realized that he is like me motivated learning. When I saw him smiling as happy. I enjoyed the film Angel Eyes that he played the fireman he is so handsome and I really like that film and whether he can do what, he's still a great person in my eyes.

One of the the reason why I'm Seungri's fan is that he never lies to his fan. I really like the way he talked about and faced his own scandal in a talkshow called Hwasin. He was honest and outspoken. I don't think that there are many idols being able to face their scandal directly like Seungri did. Instead of keeping silent or denying the scandal like many idols usually do, he had decided to say the truth and accept the criticism. He didn't lie us. That makes me know that he is a really honest and mature man who always know how to solve a problem intelligently.
I love Seungri because of many reasons. But I just wanna talk about this term. Because that is the most impressing character of him. I think that.

Seungri's is like a wave: you see it coming and you make a decision to either run away or jump into it. People would love to get Seungri's personality. You get this hardworking and determined self, but knowing you still have your weaknesses that you can overcome through them. You'll be the most entertaining person out there while keeping within your boundaries. Sure you'll make mistakes, but everyone will still understand you because you care for adjusting and noticing your flaws. Seungri is a person who I consider my role model, and hope that everyone will see how different he is from regular people.

I love how he makes everyone around him feel happy and special. No matter whatever problem he may face, once he is on stage, especially meeting his fans, he will not show it. I think that also shows how professional he is. His confident and determination are amazing! He shows me that even you have only a little chance, don't give up, you still have to do all your best because everything really possible (inspired on how he become BB member).

When you look up the word personality I am sure there's a picture of SeungRi. Whenever you read about people who have met him or know him they always say how friendly he is and how he makes them feel welcomed. To be able to come from a small town all on your own at the age of 15 with little training and then be able to shine on stage equal to people who had trained for years is feat in itself. At one point his personality was bigger than he was tall. However, there is one thing for sure once you see him in action you won't forget him.

Talk about personality, Seungri's the best singer I've ever met. However, it's only after a while I had been watching him that I realized it.

Truthfully, from the very beginning, he's the type I hate the most. At the first sight, I only saw his over-self-confidence, and self-centeredness, which made others super uncomfortable around. The only reason that I knew and followed him is that he is one of Big Bang's member. Yep, and that's all.

Neverthless, only a while after that, I had to change my mind entirely. Self-centeredness turned into confidence, one of things kept his steps forward from a Gwangju boy to a real artist. He always knows what to do, and what those acts bring about. He knows his strength, and willingly to show it, to make use of it, to win. As a very shy person, I was immediately attracted after seeing it. And really, I've changed so much, from the time I knew him, and of course, in a super better way. It's 90% thanks to a singer named Lee ...more

Seung Chan is pure love. Just look at the friendship he has with the other Big Bang members but not only that, he's always trying to be so nice and kind towards other idols. He's always trying so hard, trying to make people laugh so there's no awkward moments, he's a real sunshine and cinammon roll. I wish people could understand his personality more, he's so underrated, please give him a chance.

I love him so much, he is very good, friendly, sociable with people, he was good at sports, I believe later he is a wonderful husband and a lovely father and that is SEUNGRI, wish him always he success on the road to his selected.

To be honest, if we talk about personality seungri is the best I will say. He someone we need when we are sad or should I say he is our energy. He took care of his hyung. And as we know the hyung loves and adores him so much. Who doesn't love panda after all?

Seungri is a perfect man for me. He's kind, funny and handsome and above all he is so talented. I love everything about him. I admire him in all his aspects. He is a singer with a strange accent and fascinated listeners.

Always try to improve himself, be nice with people. He's outgoing, friendly, a truly gentleman. Seriously, he has all over the world, doesn't this fact prove that he has the best personality?

The thing about Seungri that he really makes you feel comfortable to be around him and that's not even certified by those in the industry but also by all normal people who got to meet him in real life.
He's outgoing, fun, always tries to lighten up the mood and became an essencial pillar in BigBang's mood making and concerts' good flowing. If it wasn't for him, BigBang few appearances on variety would be quite dull for they don't have the same grasp on varieties like he does.
He's confident, thinks outside the box, had a great business mind, always keen on his juniors and doesn't want them to go through what he has, He's hardworking and very easy to get close with. It's not a coincidence that he has million plus friends all over the world not to mention that he's one of the fewest idols who's friends with his seniors ans some SM idols.
Let's end it with one of his quotes, "I like to make people happy, whether through music or acting, I will continue doing things that make ...more

Seungri is not only a multi-talented king but also a humble and funny guy. His larger than life personality and bold way of presenting himself stands out and shines more than anything. He is a successful businessman, songwriter, dancer, producer, singer and most importantly a part of a massive kpop group BIGBANG. He has a success story we all dream of.

One of the rare Kpop idols with the most genuine and refreshing personality. Hardly a dull moment with him on stage. Like G-dragon has said, what you see is what you get with Seungri. He doesn't pretend to be what he is not.

Why do we love him? There is just a very simple reason : his real-self. He shows us all his real-self, he doesn't hide anything as others. And that reason made Seungri-made our lover-made him special.

A genuinely happy person whose committed to be as true to himself as possible. I love his relationship with the other members of BigBang and love to see them interact with one another.

What a wonderful way to teach youth to never give up even in adversity. Seungri is synonym of endurance, resilience and empower. He, just all we must do, will never let his inner child fade. This is his great personality, this is the great human that cares and takes care of his members, as well as others.

He teach me how to try to make dream come true, he teach me how to be confidient to overcome my personal fear, he make me moving because he always try to make fans happy, he shows all of his side, he is honest, he is not perfect but the one and only

He is the sweetest person who says what he thinks unlike other idols who are fake. I like his honesty and determination to fight what he wants by working hard. He has thought me to have confidence in doing things and also learn from my mistakes. I am happy to Stan this person and who never regret stanning him

I'm sad that he's underappreciated compared to the other bigbang members, but bigbang is definitely not bigbang if he isn't around to be honest. Seungri brings the approachable image to bigbang, and that's what makes me love bigbang even more in the first place. His effort to make everyone happy & comfortable is admirable, and I just love his energy when it comes to living up the atmosphere. As a very bright & fun person, I'm sure Seungri also has his own scars & fear when it comes to what people say about his role on BIGBANG, and I'm honestly glad that he has such a strong mentality to overcome those prejudices against him, and continuously trying to be a better person. He's such a strong person, and I'm absolutely proud of himā¤