Ten - NCT


Ten is talented and humble, but his talents is nothing compared to his efforts he has been putting in doing anything. He has warm personality and a kind heart. HE IS A GOOD KID! SUPPORT HIM.

Ten is so bright, I love his personality. He is soft and sweet and he really cares about his members. He has a lovely aura and every time he steps on stage I honestly can't help but stand in complete awe.

I really appreciates Ten's personality. He is "unique" he has a great personality, smilling,laughing a lot. He never give up when he failed. He always has a positive attitude.

When he dances that's cool! I really love it. Never get bored when I watch him. I hope you'll comeback again. I'm still waiting for you. Love ya

I was attracted first by his talent. But after I found out more about him, his personality is more charming. He is cutie, sexy, hottie at the same time. What I love the most is when he smiles, it makes the world the better place!

I've been follwing him for years and he's improved so much. I got inspired every time I see him dance. Sadly I haven't see him on stage for a while, but I know he gonna be worth waiting for. If you see this Ten, I want to tell you that we're here waiting for you no matter how long will I take. Do your best, we will too. Your 10vely fan

He is a nice kid, a soft hearted boy who cries easily. He puts other before himself. He always assures his fans that he is fine, he feels sorry towards fans for something which is not his fault. He doesn't forget to put "lovely" as an endearment for his fans.

Ten is a happy person. I feel he has such a positive energy floating around him, so he makes people around him happy too.

He is good looking and funny. Moreover he has good attitude too.

He might seem like someone who is cool and cold but he has such a warm personality. Along with his great talent in dance, his attitude towards his profession is something admirable. Despite coming all the way from Thailand, he does not forget his roots even though he is promoting in Korea. His affection for his fellow members and his 10vely fans is something to be appreciated since his sincerity and love for them is genuine. He looks up to people in the industry who are considered legends and he will not be far from achieving that status as well.

Ten is SO bright and sweet with everybody! I've never seen him be rude to anyone and he's always friendly and loves to joke around with all his members. he's an incredibly passionate and hardworking person on top of that.

Ten is amazing. He's really kind and always smiling. Whenever he's in the room you can notice he's the one trying to make the atmosphere friendlier. His upbeat mannerisms never fail to make the others smile as well

He has wonderful, he is very nice and very kind.

Even if he is not korean but his manner is very good he is very humble

Ten is nice person. He is an idol in real life.

Every time ten's one of the cast or guest shows in any variety, everything is seriously more fun. he hasn't been in much programs but what I've seen so far shows that he will only get better. he's genuinely a ball of sunshine and such a bright and funny 4-D person. I feel like he has a lot more to offer so I'm excited to see what he has in store for then future

Ten is so bright and positive, I aspire to be like him. He gives me strength.

Super sharp! Super Smooth! He's so humble and adorable. Once you lay your eye on him when he dances, you can't go anywhere

He is not K-pop dancer but he is the real dancer for me. The precious skill that I've never seen in this industry.

His passion in this career is real

He is my inspiration. Love you Ten

Ten is a really good kid I was moved while watching next life in Bangkok when I saw him crying because of meeting his teachers

He is a good boy that will never give up anything

Sometimes it wasn't easy but I saw him never give up

Ten is the good idol for the next generation.