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Almost everyone from all over the world is hooked by Korean pop songs. No one can deny that. In 2013 recently, YouTube held an award which is called YouTube Music Award, aka YTMA. Girls' Generation, a KPop girls' group, won the award over the nominees such as Justin Bieber, One Direction, Lady Gaga, Eminem, etc. You see? KPop is now #1 worldwide. Nobody will be surprise. After all, it's the Korean wave and KPop era.

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1 Fantastic Baby - Big Bang

One of the coolest, unique and mind blowing kpop video of all time. Bigbang take KPOP to a whole new level

2 Gangnam Style - Psy V 2 Comments
3 Crayon - G-Dragon
4 I Got a Boy - Girls' Generation

BEAUTIFUL! I'm holding my breathe all the way through this music video. I'm truly surprised I'm still alive seeing all these beautiful ladies dancing and singing. I have to say, I have a terrible non-stopping nosebleed though.

All the members are so beautiful and charming in this MV. The dance concept are breathtaking and the song's so hot and gets you dancing all the way. I love the setting too, it's all pink which matched Girls' Generation's official balloon. Totally HOOKED.

I love girls generation so much. What was cool about the music vidio was when they kept on changing to these cool backgrounds. The music is also great and catchy to.

V 1 Comment

EXO rocks! Who doesn't know that?

V 1 Comment
6 Growl - EXO V 1 Comment
7 Blue - Big Bang
8 Tonight - Big Bang
9 Sexy, Free, Single - Super Junior
10 Beautiful Day - G.NA

G. NA's Beautiful Day MV tells us all we want to know about her. Her dancing skills, vocal and beauty mesmerizes all of us. No doubt about it. She's so beautiful that she'll melt you into another world.

The Contenders

11 Volume Up - 4Minute
12 BTD - Infinite

The music, setting, dance and the plot of the music video is amazing!

13 Dancing Queen - Girls' Generation
14 Blood Sweat Tears - BTS
15 Gee - Girls' Generation
16 Wolf - EXO
17 Lucifer - SHINee
18 You and I - IU
19 I Am the Best - 2NE1
20 History - EXO
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