Best Kpop Songs of 2013

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1 Trap - Henry

I LOVE YOU HENRY and the rest of Super Junior M. Henry FIGHTING!

After listening to this song, you can't be stone- -hearted. This can melt anyone's heart. Totally in love with Henry, he approved that he's really good singer and one of the most talented SJ members! Henry FIGHTING! ^^ - KpopAllOverTheWorld

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2 Wolf - EXO

Wolf is a great song! The rhythms is good abd I love their voices expecially luhan sehun baekhyun and chanyeol voice they're like super duper awesome! And also their dance was super unique the life of tree was awesome! Love this song ♥

Love the dance move...and their stage perfomances...and also the song

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3 I Got a Boy - Girls' Generation

It must in first.. Song is so catchy made me sing so much...where as I don't know korean... Love snsd please vote

This song is so catchy which I love. They are so cool. Jessica is my favorite member.

Best song by girls generation for me!

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4 Falling In Love - 2NE1

That song is so underappreciated. Teddy did an amazing job, the beat is sick!

2NE1 is the best...
Missing you & Do you love Me are also Great Songs from them.. it should be on the Top 10 vote for it..

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5 Dream Girl - SHINee

The dance is just... The best.

6 No More Dream - BTS
7 NoNoNo - Apink

Most loveable song ever! Too tired of sexy, too tired of cute? This is the perfect song for you!

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8 Rum Pum Pum Pum - f(x)
9 A.D.T.O.Y - 2PM

Beautiful song, Wonderful singers, Best group

10 Hyde - Vixx

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11 Bar Bar Bar - Crayon Pop

A new style of video clips
And cute members!

A unique take on Kpop! Crayon Pops moves are cute, yet polished and stylish, while they seem young and innocent compared to *cough* someone we all know...

12 Coffee Shop - B.A.P

The best song ever in kpop... Love B.A.P... Most talented band.

13 Painkiller - T-Ara
14 Ocean of Light - NELL
15 Smoky Girl - MBLAQ

WOLF in 4th place? Are you crazy? The wolf screaming and wolf movements were like what am I watching! This is a proof of lack of musical taste...anyway...SMOKY GIRL, SMOKY GIRL, SMOKY GIRL, that's a great song! That riff omo

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16 Growl - Exo

My favorite song


17 First Love - After School
18 Standing Still - U-Kiss

One of the best U-Kiss songs

19 Destiny - Infinite

This song is very nice and the music video. The setting of the mv took place in Universal Studio in America! (Correct me if I'm wrong). This is one of the songs which brought me to Kpop world!

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20 Yoohoo - Secret
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1. Wolf - EXO
2. I Got a Boy - Girls' Generation
3. Falling In Love - 2NE1
1. Falling In Love - 2NE1
2. Smoky Girl - MBLAQ
3. Dream Girl - SHINee
1. Hyde - Vixx
2. Trap - Henry
3. No More Dream - BTS

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