Best Kpop Songs of 2017


The Top Ten


It is my favorite song from Bts

They will be the first

2 Rookie - Red Velvet
3 Fine - Taeyeon

Her voice and technique are commendable. - peyman_eun

4 Red Flavor - Red Velvet
5 Knock Knock - Twice

Twice is proved that is one of the best kpop bands of all time. They released "Cheer Up" song last year and win many awards but they still queen this year too because of their great "Knock Knock" song. - peyman_eun

It's a real catchy song, definitely one of my favorite's of TWICE. I'm a little sad it didn't get much media attention, but still, it definitely deserved that Melon Award.

6 Limitless - NCT 127
7 Really Really - Winner
8 My First and Last - NCT Dream
9 Jam Jam - IU

I wonder why her best songs are obsolete! This is her best song from her new "Palette" album. This song is a masterpiece Trance! Unfortunately, the Koreans don't appreciate IU. Best korean female singer of all time. Listen to this great song. - peyman_eun

10 Likey - Twice

A dope song - waraypiso

The Contenders

11 Hola Hola - K.A.R.D Hola Hola - K.A.R.D

Easily one of the best korean songs of 2017. I suggest that don't miss the MV. - peyman_eun

12 Girl Front - Loona

Yess! LOONA is the best!

13 Untitled, 2014 - G-Dragon

I think this is the most different song among all his songs. - peyman_eun

GD is back with a emotional song. - peyman_eun

14 Don't Recall - K.A.R.D
15 Palette - IU

Honestly, this should be in top 3


16 As If It's Your Last - Blackpink
17 Fingertip - Gfriend
18 Jam Jam - IU
19 I Got Love - Taeyeon
20 Don't Wanna Cry - Seventeen

They work so hard. This song has made history

21 Power - Exo
22 Kokobop - Exo

Really a bop song

23 Serendipity - BTS

Serendipity has a beautiful and soulful tune to it, with emotional and inspiring lyrics, not to mention a badass MV. My favourite intro song, and Love Yourself: Her song.

24 Excuse Me - AOA
25 Chase Me - Dreamcatcher
26 I'll Be Yours - Girl's Day
27 What's My Name? - T-ara

Their new song was good but not great. - peyman_eun

28 Signal - Twice

I like dis TWICE song also - waraypiso

29 Scene Stealer - Super Junior

so good.

30 Never Ever - Got7
31 Dramarama - Monsta X
32 Movie - Btob
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Top Remixes

1. Knock Knock - Twice
2. Jam Jam - IU
3. Hola Hola - K.A.R.D
1. Rookie - Red Velvet
2. Red Flavor - Red Velvet
3. Limitless - NCT 127


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