Top Ten Kpop Songs With a Sad Rhythm

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41 Only Tears - Infinite

This song is really sad. Even without the translation! You can hear the pain in all of their voices! Especially Sunggyu's. Even when they perform it live they start to cry. Amazing song I recommend!

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42 Touch - Miss A. Touch - Miss A.

I like Miss A & I like touch, the melody is really touching... - windmill3

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43 Good Person - Super Junior Good Person - Super Junior

This song's got an upbeat rhythm but a very heartbreaking story behind. It tells a story of a guy whose always been there for the girl he loves, yet was only viewed as a good person for the girl loves another man. I've always thought the song tells a happy story not until I saw the English subs and I was like "this song is actually too heartbreaking". The guy in the song's story is such a martyr, too much of a good person, he was always there but the one he loves never sees him T. T

The rhythm is very nice~Also I love the lyrics of this song~Te first time I listen to this song I cried...

44 Cry - MBLAQ Cry - MBLAQ

The song and performance makes my heart sad

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45 That Woman - Baek Ji-young

When I listen to this song I always cried it touch my heart, it's an amazing song of an amazing drama Secret Garden

This is a MUST, MUST, MUST-LISTEN song. This is the best OST in Secret Garden. BAEK JI YOUNG is indeed an OST QUEEN.

She is wonderful, all her songs are beautyfull and I chosed "That woman" because it's song of popular drama "Secret garden"!

46 Find - SS501 Find - SS501

With out doubt, one of the best songs ever, a lot of people fell in love with SS501 & their music through this song... - windmill3

The vocals by heo young saeng made this song perfct, definitely recommended

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47 Time - Woohyun (Infinite)

Woohyun, being the main vocalist of INFINITE, has a beautiful gorgeous voice and amazing powerful vocals, and he definitely rocked this song. It is a sad song, and his sweet, gentle voice which can switch to powerful and strong in one second definitely matches well with it. He puts all his soul into singing this one song, making the song sound meaningful and not empty like some other sad songs. The way he sings it live is also impressive, singing all his heart out and even using hand gestures, even to the extent of having tears in his eyes when singing. This is a brilliant, amazing song.

Beautiful and Heartbreaking song! Woohyun's voice carried the emotions of the song perfectly. It's just perfect! Made me teary.

48 0330 - U-KISS 0330 - U-KISS

Soohyun voice is so nice in this song:) And his high notes is so 'WOW' really good! It's really really a beautiful song I ever heard. I swear.

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49 Really I Didn't Know - Baekhyun and Chen

New generation that make old song fell good

This song makes my tears to well up every single time I listen to it. Their voices are so powerful and they sing it so beautifully. ��� -

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50 Missing You - Teen Top Missing You - Teen Top

This a mellow, sad love story that drips with regret and the freshness and rawness of a bleeding heart. It's the knowing of never being able to turn back to the past- to love a person you love with freedom. It's the knowledge that kills from the inside- the knowledge that the once blooming relationship has gone stale, and you can do nothing but cling onto the ghosts of your loved one- by grasping onto people that have the flicker of the same spark of that special person.
Having to lie to others to ease your own pain- and the guilt that builds up from being such a horrible being.

The song about how a boy who still have feelings for his ex and want to find a girl like his ex.. So sad..

I really love Chunji voice in this song!

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51 Eyes Nose Lips - Taeyang V 1 Comment
52 Loser - Big Bang Loser - Big Bang
53 I'm Fine Thank You - Ladies Code I'm Fine Thank You - Ladies Code

This makes me so sad since EunB and RiSe died...

54 I Love You - Taeyeon (SNSD)

I love this song and I love the drama "ATHENA"

55 I'm Alone - Tiffany (SNSD)

Love it very much always listening to it when iam sad iam arabian can't understand what it says but I love it though

56 Talk That - Secret Talk That - Secret
57 Love Letter - Vixx Love Letter - Vixx
58 If I Were You - 2NE1 If I Were You - 2NE1

CL wrote it and it's really based on her experience. Plus, when they sang this song live... you can feel their emotions... (most especially CL's). Also, this song has a broken-hearted lyrics. Really really sad indeed.

59 Don't Leave - T-ara

How can this song in top 50? it should be in top 10..this song is more better than all songs in top 10

This song is totally spiritually sad. even the music would make you cry. Qri and Boram voice are just so tender and amazing.

60 Melted - Akmu Melted - Akmu

Strong lyrics, deep meaning but so beautiful and soft melody

This is such a haunting song really beautiful.

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