Top Ten Kpop Songs With a Sad Rhythm

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61 Painkiller - Spica

the best!

62 Melted - Akmu

Strong lyrics, deep meaning but so beautiful and soft melody

This is such a haunting song really beautiful.

63 U R - Taeyeon

"The lyrics to this song and the way Taeyeon sings it always bring a feeling I can't describe (it's like a mix of nostalgia and sadness). Also, the high notes she adds are incredibly beautiful and I just love this song so much."

It is a beautiful song, comparing her loved one to everything such as sunlight, a beautiful dream, rainbows that color the world, and the shining star. I don't get emotional too much but this song made me almost cry

64 With You - B.A.P

This song was written for the fans. It's all about a guy who thinks that when that girl didn't come to her life, he is just nothing
I highly recommend this. Try listening to it.
It's really sad.

65 Sleepless Night - 9muses

So soothing yet so sad, shes lonely and hungry and can't stop remembering him...even music video would put to sleep...crying...

66 Secret Love - B.A.P

Same I love chunji voice.. Really different

Junhong.. I am secretly loving you 😍

67 Let You Go - Trax

The first time I heard this song was on Family Outing 2, when Heechul sang it to Sohee. The tune sounded very nice and so I went to listen to the original version and also looked up the lyrics. I also went to watch the music video which was when I found out Heechul was featured in it. Victoria from f (x) was also in the MV too. It was so sad, how the MV went, how much emotions the singer put into singing the song and how the lyrics went, I just started weeping uncontrollably. Every time it starts playing from my iPod, I still will cry. It's a very emotional and sad song :'( go listen to it! :D

68 Illa Illa - Juniel

A song which tells how the "first love" come out and how does it feel to be in love.

69 You Don't Know Love - K. Will

This song really makes you think about both sides of love and about when you breakup, are you really doing the right thing. Is it out of anger or have your feelings changed. Sometimes you meet the person who you will love your whole life only once, maybe by chance meeting. You have to take control of those times and rally think about your actions.

70 Love In the Ice - TVXQ

This song is just to beautiful. One of the last songs from the group and it really does show off their vocal and musical talent. The beginning is impossible to not sing along to

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71 Fairytale Love - A Pink

It's a touching song written by the leader herself. the song has a soft and soothing melody that creates beauty in every ears

They sang it right after the Sewol incident so it really fits the mood and the melody is just too beautiful!

72 Crying Out - D.O.

Not only is Cart an extremely sad movie, DO's voice really hits the feels. His voice is so beautiful and melancholic, I can't help but want to cry whenever I listen to this.

It's amazing

73 Girls Don't Know - FT Island

This song is just amazing.. Even without reading the translation, you can hear the pain and the sadness in Lee Hong Ki's voice. You can tell his heart is hurting over his one sided love, and I think it's simply beautiful.

74 Bad Guy - Joo
75 Ttl (Time to Love) - Tiara Feat Supernova
76 Love Follows the Rain - CN Blue
77 Guilty - Seung Yeon (Kara)

A really cool rock sad song!

78 The Reason - Shinee

This Ballad song is just wonderful... Read the lyrics, listen to their voices... This song is about the Reason they love someone. I cried the first time I listen it. And... WA. THEIR VOICES. T^T

79 Life - Shinee

It's just beautiful. Such a song that expresses such amazing emotion. We can hear and feel what the members feel with every word.

80 One Person - Huh Gak

Again..a great sad song in top 70.. this song totally sad than other kpop song in top 10 😑

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