Top Ten Kpop Songs With a Sad Rhythm

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81 To My Ex-Girlfriend - San E To My Ex-Girlfriend - San E

The lyrics are very touching and I cry a river when lostening to it. San E and Seon Woo Jung Ah give much emotions in this song. love it :'((((

82 The Real Reason We Broke Up - Younha The Real Reason We Broke Up - Younha

This is one of my favorite sad song. The girl realized that there is no reason behind the broke up, it's just the boy who never really love her

83 I Told You I Wanna Die - Huh Gak

Its too painful to bear your pain alone when you have some emotional vocal singing that out.

84 Coma - B.A.P Coma - B.A.P

Seriously emotional! Best mellow song!

I'm in a coma due to love now

85 Home - Roy Kim Home - Roy Kim

I cried listening to this song every time

86 Painkiller - Spica Painkiller - Spica
87 I Promise You - Mr. Mr
88 Lonely - B1A4 Lonely - B1A4
89 Number 9 - T-ara Number 9 - T-ara
90 Skeleton Flower - Jonghyun (Shinee)

This song is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever heard. The lyrics are touching and the piano melody is just perfect.

91 First Snow - Exo First Snow - Exo

When I listen to this, I feel so sad

92 U R - Taeyeon U R - Taeyeon

"The lyrics to this song and the way Taeyeon sings it always bring a feeling I can't describe (it's like a mix of nostalgia and sadness). Also, the high notes she adds are incredibly beautiful and I just love this song so much."

It is a beautiful song, comparing her loved one to everything such as sunlight, a beautiful dream, rainbows that color the world, and the shining star. I don't get emotional too much but this song made me almost cry

93 Reset - Tiger JK Reset - Tiger JK

It just makes you think back on your past and wanting to reset all those bad memories... JUST THINK BACK

94 Sleepless Night - 9muses Sleepless Night - 9muses V 1 Comment
95 Guilty - Seung Yeon (Kara) Guilty - Seung Yeon (Kara)

A really cool rock sad song!

96 Life - Shinee Life - Shinee
97 Leaving - Noel
98 As a Man - Gummy
99 I'm Sorry - Gummy

Love the video.. great song.. I felt really bad when the girl was crying and felt the love of the man for the girl

100 Young Love - Yangpa

It's a hold song k-pop.. I hear this song on drama Reply 1997.
I don't know why, I always listen this song even if make me sad.

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