Top Ten Kpop Songs With a Sad Rhythm

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81 Tears are Falling - Wax

OST of Korean drama I Miss You!

82 Janus - Boyfriend

I want to feel pain when I hear it. Listen to it, you feel it, don't cha?

83 Because I Love You - Wendy [SM Rookies]

I just heard this song and it make me cried so hard

84 Closer - Taeyeon

This song is from the movie called "To The Beautiful You"

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85 The Letter - Davichi

All of davichi's songs are sad but they are amazing

86 Love Is Crying - K. Will

Why this song is so underrated? This is relly good.

This was one of the saddest kpop song TT^TT make me burst tears

87 Hello, Goodbye - Hyorin

Love it so much from drama you who came from the stars... right

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88 Alone - D-Unit

The lyrics have a deep meaning. RAM voice's so sweet too

I really love this song

89 To My Ex-Girlfriend - San E

The lyrics are very touching and I cry a river when lostening to it. San E and Seon Woo Jung Ah give much emotions in this song. love it :'((((

90 The Real Reason We Broke Up - Younha

This is one of my favorite sad song. The girl realized that there is no reason behind the broke up, it's just the boy who never really love her

91 I Told You I Wanna Die - Huh Gak

Its too painful to bear your pain alone when you have some emotional vocal singing that out.

92 Coma - B.A.P

Seriously emotional! Best mellow song!

I'm in a coma due to love now

93 Rain Sound - B.A.P

Listen to this song..and u will know how much sad this deserve more vote.. because this is "top ten saddest songs"

94 Home - Roy Kim

I cried listening to this song every time

95 I Can't - 4men
96 I Promise You - Mr. Mr
97 Melted - Akdong Musician

This song brought me many tears, it's truly heart breaking and deserved a lot more credit.

98 Lonely - B1A4
99 Number 9 - T-ara
100 Skeleton Flower - Jonghyun (Shinee)

This song is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever heard. The lyrics are touching and the piano melody is just perfect.

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