Top Ten Kpop Songs With a Sad Rhythm

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121 Selene 6.23 - Shinee

Whenever you look at the moon and this song is playing... the mood is very emotional. I can't stop crying whenever I hear SHINee singing this song. Jonghyun's really a great song writer! This song should be higher.

122 Memories - Infinite
123 Joah - Jay Park

Amazing song with beautiful voice

124 Sad Movie - Beast

This song is kinda sad.

125 That One Person - Jessica Jung

See! She did for sooyoung drama.. But snsd push sica away... Snsd the worst group I have ever known..

You don't know the true facts, only whats put in front of you, of what only the media wants you to see

She did it for sooyoung's drama and it made me cry!

126 Back - INFINITE

The first infinite's song that I's very nice..

127 Rain Sound - B.A.P V 1 Comment
128 Phone - 100%
129 3 Years and 6 Months - Secret
130 Missing You - 100%
131 It Hurts - Huh Gak
132 60 Seconds - Kim Sunggyu
133 False Hope - Song Ji Eun
134 Anxious - Melody Day
135 Turn Around - Joo

This song made me cry

136 In Your Eyes - Onew (Shinee)
137 Lies - T-ara

It never gets old

138 Hurt - T-ara

It always makes me cry

139 Wi Ing Wi Ing - Hyukoh

YES. EXO's Chanyeol did an amazing cover of this!

140 The Manual - Eddy Kim
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