Top Ten Kpop Songs With a Sad Rhythm

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121 Sad Movie - Beast

This song is kinda sad.

122 That One Person - Jessica Jung

See! She did for sooyoung drama.. But snsd push sica away... Snsd the worst group I have ever known..

You don't know the true facts, only whats put in front of you, of what only the media wants you to see

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123 Back - INFINITE

The first infinite's song that I's very nice..

124 Rain Sound - B.A.P V 1 Comment
125 Phone - 100%
126 3 Years and 6 Months - Secret
127 Missing You - 100%
128 It Hurts - Huh Gak
129 60 Seconds - Kim Sunggyu
130 False Hope - Song Ji Eun
131 Anxious - Melody Day
132 Turn Around - Joo

This song made me cry

133 In Your Eyes - Onew (Shinee)
134 Lies - T-ara

It never gets old

135 Hurt - T-ara

It always makes me cry

136 Wi Ing Wi Ing - Hyukoh

YES. EXO's Chanyeol did an amazing cover of this!

137 The Manual - Eddy Kim
138 This is War - MBLAQ
139 Baby Don't Cry - EXO

Baby Don't Cry is the saddest song that EXO made but than I heard Promise and saw a video of the EXO members crying and I started to cry with them. Am not Korean and don't understand the lyrics but the way it was sung made my heart sad and water come out my eyes. Listen to Promise than listen to Baby don't cry...I would vote baby don't cry as saddest song but promise is sad as well...uh I can't decide so I voted for B.A.P's song.

This is a song about the original story of the little mermaid.
Wherein the girl needed to stab him in order to have a real human soul.

It says that 'Please don't hesitate anymore. Just take my heart right away from my chest. Sorry if the trans are wrong but its something like that! '


Best ballad song! The rhythm is goodand also the lyrics is good too!

This is such a sad song, especially the translation.

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140 Complete - Girls Generation (SNSD) V 1 Comment
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