Top 10 Prettiest Male Kpop Idols

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1 Kim Hyun-joong

Kim hyun Joong is handsome externally and he has a pure heart and humble personality. Very rare to find people with prettiest heart and Face.

Kim Hyun Joong the most beautiful man in the world, with the most beautiful smile and gaze!

Kim Hyun Joong the most beautiful man in the world, all in him is beautiful.

I love him! But sometimes I don't like it when he as long hair. he should stay with short hair. he's so cute!

2 G Dragon

G-Dragon is a very peculiar case for me because he presents both feminine beauty and also tough, badass looks. He is very handsome and very stylish (already mentioned I'm sure) and he has incredible charisma. He can be the center of attention even in a room full of manly men with muscular bodies and pretty faces.

He is so cute! Especially when he's doing that bite-lip of his while smiling widely. No one prettier when he does that. His face is small and his skin is so good. And his facial expression's range is so wide. He can be sexy, dorky, cute, manly, all that with that "pretty" atmosphere around him

Gd is beyond stylish! From his debut to now he has always had unique style! He is also definitely the prettiest considering he played girls before in parody dramas and still looked prettier than most girls!

GD IS BEAUTIFUL! Not only is he effortlessly glamorous while having style and class ooze out of him, he's definitely the prettiest out of all the Kpop groups. He has a perfectly adrogynous face, as proven by his 'Black Twins' shoot for Vogue.

3 T.O.P - Big Bang

Most people would think T.O. P is sexy and handsome, I also think that but overall, I think he is the most adorable being to ever exist.

Come on people.T.O. P can impregnate you simply by giving you a glance how is he not #1 or at least in the "T.O. P" 10?

4 Lee Taemin - SHINee

Lee Taemin is no handsome, good looking, ethereal, whatever good thing you want to say about him he is it. He's also a great dancer, vocalist, & hyung. Anyone can tell that Taemin has talent, from SHINee to SuperM he is talented.

Taemin is not just pretty or cute but he is exceptionally HOT! His legs are so sexy that it gives you so many dirty thought. He makes all girts perverty! His dance is like! No one can dance like him. He is so young and he can sing and dance like a pro! He looks so hot with that long hair extensions in lucifer MV! His hip thrusts are the best and you just can't stop looking at him! He has that charm of putting girls under his spell just by simply staring. Such a Hottie he is!

Taemin has a bright beam and has a sparkling eyes. It also makes you smile whenever you see him too. If anyone from you remember their 2nd world concert VCR, there appeared a story of two lovers which Minho is the man and some will never guess who might be the girl, it's Taemin! SHINee hyungs always thought of Taemin really pretty. I also envy him though...

If he were a girl, all boys would fall head over heels. He just gives of that feminine charm with those twinkling eyes, nice legs, cute eyes, charming smile and a small face. Once I showed a picture of him crossdressing to my brother, he was like:"Who's this gorgeous girl? "

5 V - BTS

KIM TAEHYUNG (V) is so sweet, he has a beautiful soul and he's also nice to ARMY. He is all around perfect, he is handsome, sweet, hardworking, talented, selfless, and

I love his personality so much; and his beautiful soul is blessed with his lovable nature and handsome face. he could heal fatigue and depression with his smile and dorky self, and I found myself falling in love even more every time I see him. I love him so much, I've never felt this attached to a male idol, but he snatched my heart by just the sight of him giggling cutely over something; and my heart just expands even more when he's pulling off his funny faces love this boy to bits ♡

I guess this is a fan poll in the end, in my opinion most of the top ten are actually kind of weird looking. I've been googling them all so far to see a few pictures of each and this guy is the most attractive so far by a landslide. I might find someone more attractive even lower on the list but for now I'm voting for V.

V is just too cute and pretty to be in this place, he should be in the first ones!

6 Sungmin - Super Junior

He's pretty, especially when he's doing aegyo. Can't get over how cute he is. His favorite color is pink, even though SJ says he's probably one of the most manly out of them!

Definitely the one who looks the most like a girl in SJ when they dress like one. I swear I did a double take a couple of times because I was confused. Heechul and Kyuhyun are really pretty too but Sungmin's cuteness makes him #1.

Sungmin is amazing.. Super talented artist.. Really love him.. Really like his personality, not only pretty but also kind.. Make me happy every time I see him.. Has lovely voice that always make me calm

Super cute and Super pretty he's Sungmin from Super Junior.

Sungmin is so perfect

7 Jungkook - BTS Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. more.

He is more beautiful than a woman! He one of the CUTEST Kpop idols! He should be at least in the top 20s

Jungkook Should be the top 1 cutest kpop male because he's handsome,he had a beautiful voice,he's very good at dancing and singing...Please vote for Jungkook...

Jungkook is so adorable! He should at least be in the 20s.

He's the most beautiful boy I have ever seen.

8 Min Yoongi (SUGA) - BTS

He is cute and cold on the same time.. Not just by face he is even handsome and pretty in his character... That's why he is the best in my ranking... Again we have same birthday(not the year actually).. I do even find similarities among us... he is actually the one who made me enter the kpop world ..

So adorable like a kitten, and so rude like a beast. Min Yoongi Jjang jjang man boong boong! Not to mention his talent... He puts so much emotion into what he composed and produces. Also, tounge technology!

He looks like a porcelain doll, seriously so pretty, I'm jealous...

This boy is honestly so beautiful, he almost looks ethereal!

9 Jimin - BTS

If we are speaking about prettiest male, I would say Jimin because he has an angel eye smile and his voice is unique. When he dances he liberates an incredible charisma.

Jimin is so cute! He is like one of the most adorable person of the world!

Why he was in this LOW?! He deserves to be rank in top 10.Most cutest chimchim!

He is pretty handsome and really adorable.

10 Jin - BTS

Literally the worldwide handsome. BTS isn't my favorite group, but I still say he deserves top three. He is absolutely beautiful!

! I was waiting until I saw someone from BTS because(in my opinion) they are more beautiful then all of this other idols in the list. I wish he was upper becuse it's the pink princess! (sorry for my bad English, I'm not from USA)

Uh why isn't Mr. Worldwide Handsome up on top? have you SEEN this man? he has a mathematically perfect face (it's true, look it up! ) and even without the math he's beautiful. GET HIM HIGHER please

He looked beautiful in his red dress. No Joke. He deserves to be up there.

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11 Luhan - Exo M Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member, known as Luhan, of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-group EXO-M, before leaving the group in October 2014.

How in the world is he only #12? Please, bear through my long explanation:

First of all, I think he looks really nice! I mean, compared to all of the other k-pop idols. In a harsh world, he's like a ray of sunshine. Handsome in a way, but more cute! I mean, k-pop should have more of these cute faces instead of this cold brick faces they have all the time!

Second of all, he was invited to participate in Running Man China! That's actually a huge honor! Why? Because almost everyone in the cast has become famous due to the show. Chen He, Wang Cho-Lam, etc.

Third of all, did you know that he could still speak Korean even though he's in China now? Like, if you give up on something, you usually don't leave anything about that something behind as a memory-but Lu Han still speaks Korean! I thinks that is something really good about him.

Fourth of all, his dancing, you have to admit, is really good. You know the difference between naturally talented at dancing and "I ...more

Lu Han's a real cutie! I've looked him up on the internet quite often...way too often.
It's really sad that he left EXO already. Same goes for Tao and Kris but I still think he's beautiful all throughout. I am not mad by his decision of leaving the group, I think he's just as beautiful as he left. Of course I miss him and I bet some of you guys miss him too. But making the right choice, the right road for the better good makes life a bit more prettier but obviously there are still more obstacles on the way. But I know that Lulu did this to show what more he could do and make the better. I believe that's what makes him pretty than just his looks. Friendly, social, enthusiastic, and etc. that is Lu Han to me~
I bet that Sehun might agree as well

-A person who'll forever love the ''Xiao Lu''

Luhan - my ultimate bias, and one of the sweetest, most hard-working and humble people I've ever seen. It's not just his face that's beautiful, but also the way in which he stays true to himself and helps others. Yes, he's pretty and cute and looks like a 5 year old on most days, but he has a mature and manly personality and is an inspiration to millions across the world.

Luhan is actually prettier than girls. He has this doe eyes, pale skin, small mouth that makes him look so young. Even if he says that he's manly, I think he's childish. He looks like he's not 23. He makes women fall head-over-heels for him. I mean, who wouldn't? He has an amazing personality. His cuteness will make you scream. He's sometimes mistaken as a girl. Haha.

12 Dongho - U-Kiss

When he smiles and scrunches up is nose... ! So adorable!

13 Seungri - Big Bang

He is the cutest panda in the world. Nothing and no one can beats him.

14 Karam - The Boss

Yes he looks really cute in the movie Ai Ore. People even mistake him for a girl and the outfits he wears!

15 L (Myungsoo) - Infinite

I really love L. I see, that he's doing his best, to improve his talents. I appreciate that about him. But what especially fascinates me about him: L can be sweet, hot and sexy, but his charisma you can not beat easily.

I love him and hope for him that he will continue to have much success in his future life. I wish him and Infinite all the best.

L is the first idol which took my heart, such a cute, hot, and stubborn one. I don't like his voice that much, but I like the way he perform and his other talents. Keep it up L. I honestly think he is the most handsome visual here and he deserve for the 1st place.

He is the most handsome person I have ever seen in my life. His eyes are really pretty too. And I think he has a little but of an eye smile. He looks good in whatever he wears and whatever haircut he has.

I would vote for all of infinite but L especially has this unique look that is really charming. Even when he zones out, he's still so picturesque! Although we all know thr's an extreme dork hiding behind this handsome face!

16 Lee Donghae - Super Junior

He is a really sweet and generous person and if you want to know why I think so... Search for his phone call with Nam Jihyun (4minute)

Donghae not be described. I can stare for hours to see him, but I do not get tired.

Actually I want to vote for all super junior member. because all f them are prettier than any woman. but since I can choose only 1. so I choose the most I love.. hehehe..

Donghae has a very pretty face! He's so handsome!

17 Ren - Nu'est

Ok, Ren truly deserves number 1 on this. He's not my bias or anything and I agree that all these other guys look pretty.. When they try to look pretty. After watching my first nuest video I was legitimately confused as to why there was a girl in a male kpop group. It took weeks for me to stop thinking of him as a female. He is absolutely gorgeous and honestly it makes me jealous.

I always think he is a girl. Or she? Besides, he is even prettier than me and my friends think I'm blind because I say that this is a boy. They think I am just joking and doesn't even believe me. Well, I understand them. I thought so too and I think everybody else thought so too.

P.s Is it really a boy?

Come on, ya'll. Though I have an undying love for Lee Taemin--and Heechul, Donghae, L, and Jaejoong are all beautiful people--if we're talking PRETTY...Ren is on top. Like what has been said, Oppa looks like a girl so often, it's not even funny anymore. Sure, Taem, Jae, and Heenim have all made guys question their sexuality (lol), but Ren, from my immense experience, has always been the one to shock people the most when they learn he is a guy. It's always Ren. Let's just be real, okay?

How is my bias not first?!?!? Ren has the most perfect and prettiest face ever, seen any of the YouTube comments lately?
"The awkward moment when Ren is prettier than me"
"The awkward moment when Ren is prettier than my girlfriend"
This guy should be first without a doubt

18 Jaejoong Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.

If we're talking about pretty then it has to be Kim Jaejoong. Even Kim Heechul said that Jae was one of them idols who's prettier than he is. Jae is very inspirational - he's beautiful. He's gone through countless obstacles and he's still standing proud with Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun at his sides. God bless Jaejoong.

His not just face value - his character made him looks more beautiful. And distinctive from other k pop idols. There can be many beautiful and handsome idols that also have skills and talents but only one unique character of Kim Jeajoong. An Inspiration to normal public like me. Kim Jeajoong Fighting!

Jaejoong is not even a human. I mean he's perfect in every aspect. He can sing, he can compose songs (dem feels songs) and he has very nice personality. Jae has it all... !

Simply because he's not trying hard to look handsome by wearing messy make ups like the other.. He's naturally beautiful and it will always remain that way..

19 Heechul - Super Junior

I mean, have you see him? 16 years since he's debut and everyone still thinks he's attractive. His Instagram photos get turned into articles instantly and not to mention, he's 38 years old already which you probably can't tell just by looking at him.

I don't get why heechul is in this list he's not exactly a pretty boy maybe in the beautiful ranking but not pretty I think he's pretty manly looking. (No offense) I have always wondered when is he gonna cut his hair it suits him but yea...

The most prettiest man
Well... once I was searching his name okay,
I get muddled up a lot by ze:A's heechul and super junior's.
I found a man with long hair and I was like "You E.L. F don't try to play around with me! This could not be Heechul! "
A few days later I went to Heechuls Insta. All I could see is a girl
Super Junior Hwaiting!

Heechul was kicked out of a Men's toilet back when he was just a teenager after the guys mistook him for a girl. When he headed to the Women's toilet, the girls just thought he was tall for a female and praised him about it. Heechul hwaiting!

20 Baek Hyun - Exo

Baekhyun is very very beautiful. He has a sweet charm that can, at the same time, look very sexy and fierce. He has an amazing smile and his beautiful voice adds up to complete the package. Although I wouldn't say he's the prettiest in the group, he definitely is a handsome young man.

He is really beautiful. His smile is really cute and his voice is very attractive. Not to forget about his adorable laugh. He can pull off anything at any moment. He is definitely a definition of pure perfection.

Baekhyun has a very petite figure although he does have abs and muscles. He is someone who can do both. He can do aegyo and at the same time, make girl squeal due to how sexy he can look and be.

His voice is really sweet, not too mention his delicate body. His eyes are small, and the eyeliner just make it better. A precious eyesmile, I can't ask for more.

21 Kang Min-hyuk - CN Blue

Cutest of the cutest! His eye smile just kills U! Every time he smiles, makes your heart skip a beat! His drumming is so stylish and you can't take your eyes off him! He is tall and has a really good skin. He is so pretty. He sings so well too. His song "star" from heartstrings makes you fall in love with him the very moment! He can play tge flute and piano too though he is the drummer in CNBLUE! CNBLUE is one Korean band that is totally composed of only pure talent! The other guys are good looking too! But for me, Min Hyuk stands out! He acts so well. He played crucial roles in the hit dramas 'heartstrings' and 'The Heirs' with the other Korean hottie lee min ho! Min hyuk should really be in the top 10. He puts you under his spell from the first moment you see him. Min hyuk is "cuteness personified"! Dot.

Every time I see a concert Cnblue I would love to see the drummer. Minhyuk is very handsome and very talented drummer. Minhyuk is so perfect. He has good voice when he sing and also he is a good actor too. He is my favorite member of Cnblue... love him so much.

Come on. It's Minhyuk. Cute, handsome, pretty... everything. Add his visuals with his talent and you get at least top five.

Always smiles and he is in a band that is filled with talents (cnblue)
Acted so well in the heirs... !

22 Yong Hwa - CN Blue

The best and he is the top and the other list...
He is perfect and I think that no can beat him the other list about the most beautiful and handsome yonghwa was the first one...
No one can deny his skills and how he is so perfect at singing insturment and also adding to that his skills at acting are so incredibly amazing... Note : he has one of the amazing faces with no surgeries..

The most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in kpop male artist, perfect nose and jaw, sexy lips. warm and beautiful soul but also funny and witty. No doubt of his multitalents. Time is gold for him, a hardworking person, his work attitude aplicable for others kind of job. Never does such complain for hard time he's been through, always find things to be grateful even in hard times.

He has absolutely gorgeous natural features, he is photogenic and charismatic. He is beautiful inside and outside, a complete package, with amazing musical talent!

He has such beautiful natural features, being praised by specialists!
He can be serious, playful, charismatic & photogenic - all in one!

23 Key - SHINee

Ren should be #1, and Key needs to be 2nd. We're talking PRETTY. Key's my main bias (tied with Lee Taemin, of course), but that's not the point. If we're ranking PRETTIEST male idol, then we got to look at when they don't have on makeup or have been styled. Without all that, Ren still gets confused as a female most often and Key just looks like a diva. Haha, so, yeah. Ren #1, Key #2.

Key is pretty... Beautiful even... With his beautiful skin, captivating eyes, sharp jawline and pretty lips he can pull off any hair style and clothes. If that doesn't say something about his looks, then look into the mirror, then at Key and then into the mirror again. Yeah, Key is prettier. I do admit that to myself whenever I see a picture of hin xP

He is just too pretty. Even prettier than female idols. But he is also so sexy. Though most wouldn't agree but he is also manly (I mean did you see his shoulders? Despite he doesn't do any sports or doesn't go to gym they are WİDE! ) and they say that he is the last or 4th good looking in shinee but that's in critics of Korea (tall, manly which is minho) but in my opinion no one in shinee can beat his features. (No hate I LOVE shinee! Shawol forever! )

Key is super gorgeous. Their stylist can put him in anything and somehow he manages to pull it off flawlessly. Key is an amazing performer, and part of that is due to his weird sex appeal. He's adorable, beautiful, and hot wrapped up all in one. I love him

24 Choi Si Won - Super Junior

He's really cute and I respect that!

I think he is so handsome!

25 Daehyun - B.A.P.

You always know that Daehyun is more hotter even the the hottest than the other male kpop idols! Sexy, have a killer smile, adorable, and more!

There is no denying the visuals this man holds. He is worthy of your love and support. He's incredibly pretty!

My UB used to be Luhan but now it's Daehyun because he's beyond amazing. I love him so much<3. His smile is so pretty it can instantly brighten your mood. He's my source of happiness. Daehyun is the best!

I am quite literally in love with Daehyun. He is so pretty and that needs to be recognised.

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