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1 Alive

Obviously the best. There's no doubt whatsoever about the quality of this song. There's no doubt that it's number one!

This is one of their best songs.

I love this song! Reminds me of my crush!

Amazing song!
Beautiful lyrics!

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2 Live for the Night

This is the best dance number ever by krewella. the music is good and beat drop is amazing.. Lovin' it

Human is better than this and deserves the 2nd spot. This should be 3rd.

BEST SONG - SkullKid101

3 We Go Down

Love the song

Awesome song

4 One Minute
5 Come & Get It

The beats is just drum and bass genre song till date.Shows class of the group

6 Legacy

Insane thumping beats. The bass just simply clears my head n brain. Plus the video is intense, although its not that understandable - Ark-M

Nicky Romero and Krewella is awesome in this song! :P :D

7 Killin' It

Doesn't deserve 3rd spot. Human, enjoy the ride and pass the love around are much better...

8 Lights & Thunder

Man, This song is sick. best collaboration with Gareth Emery for your night clubbing!

9 Enjoy the Ride

Alive is cool too! But the beat drop and catchy melody of enjoy the ride makes it an awesome song and by far the best by krewella! A must listen no.

I like this song but there is another I think is (better) by them - don't know the name

This song is really awesome & the video is beautiful, this song deserve first place.

2nd Best to alive track...

10 Feel Me

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? Runaway

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11 Team


12 Can't Control Myself
13 Play Hard

IT is my favorite song

14 Human

One of their most real songs. I adore the vocals of this. at least top 5 for sure!

This is should be at 2nd spot. Come on guys...
It is a serious song depicting the agony they face during their tours. (if you have watched the video)... The tune is soft and calming...

This is the best

Its more than awesome.. deserves to be in the top 5!

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15 Strobelights
16 Rise & Fall
17 Alibi

Better than Alive in my opinion

Lmao - Why is this not even in the top 10. Such a lit track. Only 0.9% ;-;

18 Breathe

Skrillex Ft. Krewella this song is one the best song, Krewella's vocals rocks with Skrillex music.

19 Dancing With the Devil
20 This Is Not the End
21 Pass the Love Around
22 Set Yourself Free

It is tiesto ft. krewella.

23 Say Goodbye

Best song by Krewella.

24 Be There
25 Party Monster
26 United Children of the World
27 Alone Together
28 Calm Down
29 Ring of Fire
30 Fire Hive
31 We Are One
32 Love Outta Me
33 Marching On
34 Parachute
35 Th2c
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1. Alive
2. Live for the Night
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1. Lights & Thunder
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3. Alive
1. Live for the Night
2. One Minute
3. Feel Me

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