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1 Akashi x Kuroko

Ok time to rant.

Akashi and Kuroko are opposites in many ways (except height but that's a taboo area for both of them). I believe that it's these opposite traits that they have make them so perfect together. They balance eachother out.

Firstly, Akashi is someone who simply can't be ignored. If he walks into a room all eyes fly to him. Akashi has a commanding presence that completely contrasts Kuroko's weak and almost nonexistent presence. Kuroko's weak presence causes him to more likely then not be ignored. Most people do not notice him at all until he actually speaks even if he is right next to them. Akashi is the ultimate light to the shadow that is Kuroko.

Secondly, their coloration perfectly balanced out. They are like fire and ice in both personality and looks. Kuroko always wears a cool expressionless mask while Akashi will be sure that you know he's annoyed and has already thought of thousands of ways to get revenge.

Thirdly, Akashi can always ...more

They truly are like ice and fire! Complete opposites, yet so closely connected by their love for basketball. I first began to love this pairing because it reminded me to heart of Ereri, but after I finished the show I grew to love this on a completely different league.

It saddens me that it does not receive the popularity it deserves. Akashi's fire and ferocity needs Kuroko's temperance and coolness to produce balance. Akashi was the one to help Kuroko nurture his basketball talent. I wish Kuroko nurtured Akashi's humanity in return.

Someday. Fanfiction.

! This is my favorite ship. I love the way that they are the opposite of each other. It's like Kuroko can fill in what Akashi is lacking!

Il y a tellement de moment et de raison à donner qu'il m'est difficile de tous les dire

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2 Midorima x Takao

They're really compatible in both basketball and in a relationship (platonic or romantic). They have such a trusting and unique bond. I think they'd make a great and healthy couple! - KitsuneScarlet

Insert nosebleed here

These two are so cute!

They're my 4th favorite couples in KNB

3 Aomine x Kagami

The best ship ever

The best couples

4 Kise x Kuroko

Gives life a whole new meaning for me.

They're just so cute together. - RampoRampo

Kuroko considers Kise his rival.
Kagami considers Aomine his rival.
200% confirmed.

5 Murasakibara x Himuro
6 Aomine x Kise

They share a friendship and bond no one else can come close to, other than kuroko and aomine. Kise looks up to aomine at the same time aomine sees kise as a great rival and strong player

I think the already have chemistry for each other and I really love this couple so much more than the other one..

7 Aomine x Aomine

The only one who can love me is me

8 Akashi x Mibuchi
9 Kagami x Kuroko

They belong together.


10 Akashi x Furihata

The Lion and the Chihuahua >3

The Contenders

11 Aomine x Kuroko

I love this ship so much...I have no words

They are perfect together, Aomine was Kuroko's original 'light', he made some mistakes along the way but I've always felt they belong together. Aomine's really aggressive and Kuroko can always calm him down, people might same that it's the same with Kagami but they were the original! I will go down with this ship.

My otp! I love them so much!

12 Hyuga x Riko

I heard that hyuga has feelings for Riko

This captain and coach are just. too. cute. He loves her so much! When he ate that "curry" I instantly fell in love with this ship. OTP man! I feel so trash... I shipped them from like ep 2...

13 Takao x Mibuchi
14 Kuroko x Momoi
15 Kuroko x Midorima
16 Kuroko x Murasakibara
17 Kise x Kasamatsu
18 Kagami x Aomine
19 Kagami x Himuro
20 Murasakibara x Akashi
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