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1 Akashi x Kuroko

Ok time to rant.

Akashi and Kuroko are opposites in many ways (except height but that's a taboo area for both of them). I believe that it's these opposite traits that they have make them so perfect together. They balance eachother out.

Firstly, Akashi is someone who simply can't be ignored. If he walks into a room all eyes fly to him. Akashi has a commanding presence that completely contrasts Kuroko's weak and almost nonexistent presence. Kuroko's weak presence causes him to more likely then not be ignored. Most people do not notice him at all until he actually speaks even if he is right next to them. Akashi is the ultimate light to the shadow that is Kuroko.

Secondly, their coloration perfectly balanced out. They are like fire and ice in both personality and looks. Kuroko always wears a cool expressionless mask while Akashi will be sure that you know he's annoyed and has already thought of thousands of ways to get revenge.

Thirdly, Akashi can always ...more

They truly are like ice and fire! Complete opposites, yet so closely connected by their love for basketball. I first began to love this pairing because it reminded me to heart of Ereri, but after I finished the show I grew to love this on a completely different league.

It saddens me that it does not receive the popularity it deserves. Akashi's fire and ferocity needs Kuroko's temperance and coolness to produce balance. Akashi was the one to help Kuroko nurture his basketball talent. I wish Kuroko nurtured Akashi's humanity in return.

Someday. Fanfiction.

Beautiful blend of the most ravenous of fires and the rawest of ice. They complete each other. Kuroko can let Akashi's fire burn as brightly as it needs to, but his strength and calmness will always prevent Akashi from burning out. Akashi can lighten the shadowed path Kuroko walks on and make him finally smile. Oh, endless possibilities for fanfiction for these two. Check out The Kingbreaker on, it presents their relationship perfectly.

Remember the saying "Opposite attracts"? Well, it's rarely accurate but this ship is a 100% definite representation of it. Akashi and Kuroko, although they mildly interacted, their silent mutual respect and love (as friends or something of higher degree 😏, however you want to interpret it) is so adorable. Might I need to mention the way they silently communicate or how they understand each other without hearing or looking at one another is simply something we cannot over-look as being "teammates." More so, I really support this ship because of how un-tense both of them are: notice how Kuroko isn't as afraid of Akashi unlike the rest of the GoM? or how Akashi has a soft spot for the shadow? Truly, this ship is the best 🙌

2 Kagami x Kuroko

Kuroko practically confessed his gay love for Kagami and his basketball skill in like the first three episodes. Plus the light to the shadow, so symbolic, so cute!

I can't really ship them with anyone else but each other. They are the main bond of this series after all. The light and his fated shadow

The two main characters together, they math and they're so cute together!

Made for each other. Kuroko always show his concern on kagami

3 Midorima x Takao

Def one of the best ships in the entire series

Insert nosebleed here

These two are so cute!

They're my 4th favorite couples in KNB

4 Aomine x Kise

Aokise in my opinion is the best ship, since they know so much about each other (as said in the anime). They share such a special bond and friendship than a lot other ships. Aomine also inspired Kise to play basketball which he loved and still kept playing. He also encouraged Kise to play better and improve so that Kise could beat him. Kise also makes a big impact on Aomine. When they played each other in the inter-high, it was because of the look Kise have to Aomine that he started taking the game more seriously. Put this in a relationship, they would be so encouraging and helpful to the other. By always inspiring and encouraging the other party. They both also see each other as worthy opponents. They would have an amazing and unique relationship. Plus Aomine even punched Haizaki when he injured Kise in the Winter cup. It just shows how much he cared for him. Plus Kise is a model and Aomine likes pretty girls ;) a bonus! I love them so much!

They share a friendship and bond no one else can come close to, other than kuroko and aomine. Kise looks up to aomine at the same time aomine sees kise as a great rival and strong player

I think the already have chemistry for each other and I really love this couple so much more than the other one..

They are very best pairing ever. I love them.

5 Kise x Kasamatsu

Shipped them ever since the last episode of 1rst season. I love how Kasamatsu is such a good influence to Kise and the way they care thoroughly about each other's well being.
Also, you can see how Kise is an inspiration for Kasa to try harder in his studies and basketball.
Otp forever

How could you not ship this? Kasamatsu cares about Kise so much! They deserve each other.

I feel like if they were dating Kise would be like 'oh hit me please' I don't know why lol

Kasamatsu's words brought Kise into the zone. That's so sweet and moving! ;_;

6 Kise x Kuroko

I think the fact that Kuroko was the first person Kise acknowledged at Teiko makes the ship even more compatible.

So cute also kise is more then a friend to kuroko and we can all see it

I feel like kise would protect kuroko with his life

Gives life a whole new meaning for me.

7 Aomine x Aomine

Because the only one who can understand aomine is himself..

The only one who can love me is me

It's just.. it's just... the best thing to ever exist.

Quality content.

8 Aomine x Kagami

2 idiots: Ahomine & Bakagami ❤
(aho=stupid, baka=idiot)
They're rivals, but they'll have the best chemistry when they're not in competition. Because they have similar characters.
Aomine is Kuroko's former light, Kagami is Kuroko's present light. Some said it's light x shadow, but this is a light x light one ❤ They're meant to be. (Kuroko is with Akashi by the way)
I've read aoxkaga dj and love all of them. They seem to have the perfect compatibility in normal life. They both are stupid and funny, I just love to see them together.
It's a manly hot x manly hot!

They both got in the zone in the same match. They are also very alike therefore I ship them.

I love this ship and also the rivals how cute is that

I love them so much and they are so idiot

9 Aomine x Kuroko

They are perfect together, Aomine was Kuroko's original 'light', he made some mistakes along the way but I've always felt they belong together. Aomine's really aggressive and Kuroko can always calm him down, people might same that it's the same with Kagami but they were the original! I will go down with this ship.

They just have such a long history and I don't think that the feelings in the previous relationship is gone.

I don't know why honestly I like their chemistry

I love this ship so much...I have no words

10 Hyuga x Riko

There is kind of a sweet chemistry there, like when Hyuga started the “I will confess naked” oath, I had the feeling Riko was the girl he was talking about. And this belief went on becoming more and more solid as the episodes went. I really hope he will confess in the end, they are just so right😍

Ye Riko did date Kiyoshi but they broke up. Ship her with Hyuga instead. It kinda makes more sense because they new each other longer.

This captain and coach are just. too. cute. He loves her so much! When he ate that "curry" I instantly fell in love with this ship. OTP man! I feel so trash... I shipped them from like ep 2...

How could you not ship them? Basically the only ones who kinda have romance thro out the series

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11 Murasakibara x Himuro

Murasakibara is like a child, while Himuro is like the mother restricting said child from eating too many sweets. Although people see this as a platonic ship, they would be very couple like.

I love murasakibara and himuro they are so cute together

12 Kuroko x GoM+Kagami

I mean, it seems already obvious that Kuroko has a harem

Kiseki and Kagami all have soft spots on kuroko. Yash

Kuroko harem incoming lmao

Kuroko's harem XD

13 Kuroko x Momoi

Ikr now this is awesome. I mean kuroko’s sorta sweet in a way and you gotta admit that he’s cute. And momoi’s pretty I mean so yea this is awesome

She throws her affection to him and he has only good intentions theyd never break up

14 Akashi x Furihata

I don't know why but I like this ship

The Lion and the Chihuahua >3

Yess ahh my otp in the entire show I love them!

They're so adorable together 🥺

15 Aomine x Momoi

I don't like this ship cause for me they are like siblings and they argue a lot. They just don't seem like a good couple to me and this ship to happen someone has to get hurt first since Momoi is in Love with Kuroko.

I mean, it’s just clear they are the real couple! Momoi just “loves” Kuroko as a friend, because he’s the good, kind guy, but nevertheless she chose to follow Aomine to high school...coincidence? I don’t think so. To me it’s clear she is secretly in love with Aomine, always worrying for him and looking after him, maybe she even hasn’t realised it herself but that’s how it is, so they should TOTALLY be together. Who doesn’t fall for the bad (but secretly good) guy😍

Momoi cares so deeply for Aomine and I love it they were friends for a while and I find them so cute together!

I love them! The only couple that was romantically hinted at, together with Hyuuga x Riko

16 Kuroko x Vanilla Milkshakes

I mean they kiss all the time

It's canon we all know it

You know its right

I mean, how can’t u just love it? It’s awesome isn’t it?

17 Hyuga x Teppei

Their history is adorable and I feel like they'd go great together

They always fight but they are best friends Yash

I personally ship Teppei and Riko more but I can't help but ship this too!

hyuga cares for teppei and this is so cute

18 Kuroko x Murasakibara

I don't know but it's just really cute ;3

I don't why but I ship them. It's cute

Isn't the height and averything so cute owO

19 Izuki x Puns

Because it's meant to be

Y e s.. Izuki LOVES puns which makes me ship them. Lol

this ship is absolutely golden

20 Kuroko x Midorima

Midorima said he respects Kuroko OWO

21 Kiyoshi x Hyuga
22 Akashi x Mibuchi
23 Midorima x Akashi

Their ship is like from lovers to enemies, and rivalry ships are always hot! Plus Midorima is always hanging out with Akashi in middle school

They were so close in Teiko era, and it seemed like Akashi had a different aura while playing shogi or talking with him. (Sorry if I have mistakes, Eng is not my main language)

They are always together in Teiko and I think that they are just so cute together

24 Murasakibara x Akashi

Simply love them

25 Kagami x Aomine
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