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1 Firestone

Firestone gives a different view into EDM. Most other EDM songs are club bangers that are very harsh, but Firestone is one of a kind. You can hear the layers of rhythm, melody, and chords add on top of each other as the song progresses. The lyrics makes you want to fall in love and the melody forces your mind to wander out into space. Conrad Sewell does a great job putting a lot of emotion into this song, and that together with the beats make Firestone the best song from Kygo to date (at least I'm writing this when he released Here for You).

Beautiful song. - Ark-M

Listen to it and dream. Then you'll understand why I love this song so much.

This song just transports you to another place.. so beautiful

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2 Stole the Show

This is better than firestone. Enough said. - Ithinkiknowwhokilled2pac

I voted this from 3 to 2 - RockStarr

Why isn't this #1?

This is better than any song else. its masterpiece really

3 It Ain't Me

I have to say it... Firestone is too overrated and this one may be a bit overplayed, but it constantly feels fresh and relaxing and you can't stop listening to it

New song so that's why I'm guessing its not top of the list yet

This song gives us a very good feeling...

Come on media, this should be obvious. after drop(an EPIC vocal drop), Gomez's voice come in perfectly. U rock, kygo.

4 I See Fire

It's an amazing remix. Kygo manages to mix tropical house while keeping Ed's vocals in the spotlight.

5 Happy Birthday

Kygo and John legend perfect combination!

6 Coming Over

Best vocals

7 Raging

It's good until you hear it constantly while playing fifa. Then it gets annoying

Truly his very best song

His best

8 ID

Here for you

9 Nothing Left
10 Cut Your Teeth

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? Sunrise

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11 Carry Me
12 Stay

I love it! - HeinzMorgan

13 Sexual Healing

This needs to be higher! (time of post at #15)

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14 Oasis
15 Fiction
16 Stargazing
17 Epsilon

Kygo goes for electro mix for this song

18 For Many Years
19 First Time

So underrated! better then it ain't me in my opinion! can't get enough of this song

20 Here for You
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1. Firestone
2. Cut Your Teeth
3. Stole the Show
1. Firestone
2. Stole the Show
3. Coming Over
1. Fiction
2. Oasis
3. Stole the Show



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