Top 10 Lääz Rockit Songs

"Lääz Rockit is a thrash metal band formed in San Francisco, California in 1982. Although one of the lesser-known groups of the Bay Area thrash metal scene, each album in their history has received high critical marks." (Wiki)

Early Metallica was once one of Lääz Rockit’s supporting acts. Lääz Rockit returned the favor with a 2011 opening slot at Metallica’s 30th anniversary concert at the Fillmore.

Subgenres - thrash metal, speed metal, heavy metal.
Lääz Rockit released 6 albums and their most recent album came out in 2008 (most recent as of Nov 2015). They work on a new album.

Current or former Lääz Rockit members have also played in Heathen, Angel Witch, Vicious Rumors, Slough Feg, Pro-Pain, Skinlab, Soulfly, Ill Niño and M.O.D.

The Top Ten

1 Shot to Hell

The speed, bass intro, screams, vox, guitars, solos - all amazing. I can see why Metallica was their supporting act in the early 80s.
I have nothing but admiration for their singer Michael Coons - he sounds like Bobby Blitz meets King Diamond meets Rob Halford. - Metal_Treasure

2 In the Name of the Father and Gun
3 Fire In the Hole
4 My Euphoria

A song from their most recent album Left for Dead, 2008 - a great comeback album after 17 years. Almost the same line-up, only the drummer is new. Their sound is updated but fortunately 2 things remained the same: great vocals and guitar solos.
I think vocals and lead guitars are the elements that stand out in their entire discography. - Metal_Treasure

Update: their guitarist Phil Kettner was a student of Joe Satriani. - Metal_Treasure

5 Curiosity Kills

It's live version in Japan 1992 is maybe even faster. I watched many live videos by Lääz Rockit and I would say they are damn good live. - Metal_Treasure

6 Most Dangerous Game

One of my Top 10 speed metal songs. Just awesome. - Metal_Treasure

7 Forced to Fight

I have to admit that depending on the mood, I would put at #1 every song from #1- 8 on my list, including Forced To Fight. - Metal_Treasure

Raw. Innovative. A timeless classic. Laaz Rockit at their very finest!

8 Necropolis

A very cool instrumental, awesome guitars. - Metal_Treasure

9 The Omen

A beautiful ballad, where the singer Michael Coons showcases that his great voice is also suitable for non-thrash music. This thrasher sounds here like a male version of Sade! And this makes me think he's probably the best thrash singer. Yes, the best vocal skills and versatility. - Metal_Treasure

10 Brain Wash

The Contenders

11 Last Breath
12 Outro

A 6 minute instrumental from their 2008 album, awesome guitars again. - Metal_Treasure

13 Take No Prisoners
14 Liar
15 Leatherface
16 Means to an End
17 Dead Man's Eyes
18 No Man
19 Holiday In Cambodia
20 Say Goodbye M.F.
21 Ghost In the Mirror

It's heavy metal and not thrash but it's cool. This guy still had great voice in 2008. - Metal_Treasure

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