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1 Sink or Swim

Lab rats is the best show Disney has. I'm being serious. It's actually very funny and mature. Adults can enjoy it too. It's really funny

I'm john from tamp, Florida this is my wife joan and that's are lovely daughter piper. - garnet01

It was so impressive!

Its all guch

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2 Crush, Chop, and Burn

Their mission suits made them look like walking tin vans.

3 The Bionic Showdown

Mateus Ward is incredible

- Douglas Davenport


4 You Posted What!?!

Leo gets a new ability. Lab Rats don't have to worry about keeping their secret. Makes you want to watch the next episode, more than anything

This episode is awesome

5 Leo vs Evil

There goes pizza night! Noo!

Hilarious! I feel sad for Marcus though! Sorry!

6 Memory Swipe

It is one of the funniest things iv'e ever seen

Its memory WIPE

7 Armed and Dangerous
8 Speed Trapped
9 Three Minus Bree

Best episode


10 My Little Brother

The Newcomers

? Dude, Where's My Lab?

Bet ep ever

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11 Leo's Jam

It's funny

12 Adam Up
13 No Going Back

I think something is going to happen

14 Bionic Action Hero

Best episode of all


15 Avalanche!
16 Adam Steps Up
17 Space Colony


18 Face Off
19 Under Siege
20 Bionic Dog
21 Blindsided

It was renamed Lab Rats: On The Edge later

This is Lab Rats: On The Edge by the way

Probably a good episode.

22 Night of the Living Virus
23 Rise of the Secret Soldiers

The best episode ever

24 Spy Fly
25 Chip Switch
26 Merry Glitchmas
27 Scramble the Orbs
28 Bionic Rebellion

I like when Adam, Brew, Chase, Donald, and Leo destroy Douglas lab and Marcus

Dude that's Bionic showdown

Adam: Hey, Sebastian!
Sebastian: RAHR!
Adam:...hit Chase again!

29 Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med

Why isn't bionic action hero on here

Really cool crossover! Go lab rats! Its not faflaffal

30 Bob Zombie

The wedding is HILARIOUS!

31 Can I Borrow That Helicopter?
32 And Then There Were Four
33 The Vanishing
34 Drone Alone
35 Space Elevator
36 Bionic Birthday Fail

So funny

37 Mission Invisible
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1. No Going Back
2. Three Minus Bree
3. Leo vs Evil
1. The Bionic Showdown
2. You Posted What!?!
3. Armed and Dangerous
1. Sink or Swim
2. Memory Swipe
3. Crush, Chop, and Burn


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