Top Ten Lady Gaga Looks in Music Videos

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1 Bad Romance

That fur coat, that frozen diamond and glasses and orbital thing, that pyrotechnic bra, that thing she wore when she was dancing for the men.

The dance move it's so perfect to the song ^^
Laddy gaga love ya keep dancing I love your moves it's so gorgeous
And you are Wonderful GAGA

Wish you all the best and with all my love
GooDy.. ~}

2 Lovegame
3 Poker Face

This Song is really really cool that I can't say how cool is it and that is the best song in her song s and the music is really good and good and the best.. I love you lady gaga forever and ever you are the queen of pop lady gaga love you so much and u'er style

4 Judas

She is just gorgeous in this video. Her hair is silky sweet and her makeup is beautiful. I love her for this. Her voice is amazing and intrigues me greatly. "Judas" is also my favorite GaGa song next to "Bad Romance".

When I saw this video I completely fell in love with her again. She looked so beautiful and those dance moves gave me chills. I love what she wears in the video. I love this song and is one of her best music videos. Can't wait for ARTPOP 2013! Love you mother monster.. Xoxoxxox

Love the influences from the Bible and Gaga's personal touch to em

5 Alejandro

OWWMAGAWD! I just love the choreography!

6 Born This Way

I think Born this Way should be number 1. It's a song that says to be yourself no matter what happens. So what if your different? BE PROUD! LOVE WHO YOU ARE! You know why you should love yourself no matter what? BECAUSE YOU WERE BORN THAT WAY! O YEAHH

7 Edge of Glory
8 Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

Not her best song, but she looks stunning

9 Paparazzi
10 Telephone

This should be number 1 the I loved the way her and Beyoncé wearing in the video and it was of the chain I can't get enough of it love it

The Contenders

11 Beautiful Dirty Rich
12 Marry the Night
13 Applause
14 G.U.Y.

Greatest lady gaga video since telephone

15 Scheibe
16 Chillin
17 You and I
18 Brown Eyes

A really nice song. Very emotional. I love this song! It should be on the top but the rest of the songs are also quite nice. But definitely should listen to this guys!

19 Dance In the Dark
20 Do What U Want
21 Bloody Mary
22 Scheiße
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