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1 Lady

I'm always obsessed with cocker spaniels like her the same way I'm always obsessed with misunderstood but good ice, snow queens like Elsa herself (Frozen) and even Ingrid herself (Once Upon A Time) too. What's it like if Lady was Elsa's royal pet cocker spaniel best friend so far? Huh? What's it like if Elsa was Lady's owner and best friend so far? Huh? Lady is still one of my most all time favorite Disney heroines.

Lady And The Tramp's better than its sequel because the first original classical movie focused on Lady.

Lady rocks and rules but that Anna (Frozen) sucks and drools anyway!

Lady the cocker spaniel's the best classical heroine ever, isn't she? But not Anna (Frozen) because that Anna (Frozen) was the worst all time less classical insult to Gerda (The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen).

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2 Tramp
3 Scamp
4 Jock

I love his Scottish accent a lot, far more than ever.

5 Trusty
6 Angel
7 Si
8 Annette
9 Buster
10 Peg
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