Top Ten Lame Arguments Used by Christians

Here they come again, Bible in hand, on a mission to save your soul. Prepare to eye-roll!

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How do you think you got here?

The Big Bang is how I got here. and on top of that my parents also had a little BIg Bang going on.

It's a long way off and many won't be around but 2067 is supposed to be the end of Christianity in Britain.
As long as the keep Christmas around but just call it Crimbo, Yule, Saturnalia or Winter Solstice.
Maybe change Easter too Ostara.

Seems to me that religious people are only aware of one alternative theory : the big bang. There are more theories than the big bang who are equally plausible. The oldest and now the less plausible theory is the god-theory. It's modern science and it's progressions that will maybe someday explain the beginning of the universe. It's certainly not the sudden proof of existence of god that will explain it!

Let that sink into you. How DID you get here? The big bang you say? Alright, let's say that there were two billiard balls. One gets hit with a cue ball, and goes 3 mph. That ball hits the other ball, can it go more than 3 mph? No, of course not. In the big bang theory, two atoms hit each other head-on then exploded, creating the universe. Can two atoms seriously hit each other and create something bigger than possibly another element? No, it can't.

So, to answer how do you think you got here. The answer: GOD!

Hit the wrong button the first time. The question asks "How do you think you got here? " The answer is sexual intercourse between my parents. It doesn't ask anything else deeper than this.

Second: I don't understand why so many religious people absolutely refuse to study the science they wish to discuss, or try and refute. Before the big bang was cosmic inflation, and there are really good, potential explanations for what caused it. We just need to do more research. Time did not exist before this period, and as such, there wasn't any beginning, as many like to claim. The big bang wasn't even an explosion, that's just a term used to generalize it, so people can understand it easier. Imagine a black hole, where all the matter in it is condensed into a space the size of an atom. Then imagine this black hole spraying out everything inside it, you get a whole lot of stuff, coming from a very small point.

Just because we don't know for sure, doesn't mean we can never, and will ...more

You must BELIEVE in order for prayers to be answered.

Bruce Almighty made a theory on how prayers could be answered.

I'm not a Christian but I once heard a pastor say that God answers every prayer. He answer with "yes" "no" or "not yet"

I believed for thirteen years. Someone I knew believed and he used his religion to justify his poor actions. "God has a plan". He drank himself to death.

I guess you haven't heard of the placebo effect...

You can't prove God doesn't exist

I had 3 seizures in one day, I was still alive and breathing but everything blacked out like nothing there. There is no humans, no animals, no earth, no space, no sun, no moon, no living room and chair that I was sitting on. that's what it looked like.
What if when someone passes away that happens.

Then prove that He exists, then. Don't tell me that I can't prove He doesn't exist when you can't prove that He DOES.

Then why doesn't he reveal himself.
If he exists then I think questions in Heaven would be not reveal.
Is he shy? busy? hates earth being more full of conflict? dead? killed by people who didn't want to go to Hell?

If you can't prove that god doesn't exist and if you can't prove that he exist why should I believe then in a made up fantasy?

We are in the end times; read Revelation.

Listen even if Christian God exists...and he has committed the sin of sloth lazy to not appear on earth in our time. He would not send his son down here to behave like a monster, Jesus who was supposed to be peaceful. "Fundie who believes come to Heaven" "Sinner you will be beheaded" The seas turn into blood, some evil looking horsemen appear, Sinners go to Hell.

We are maybe in the beginning of the end ( I'm not sure about that ) but even if this was true it would be the people's fault. Unless god decided suddenly that his creation will be bad people now. Doesn't make any sense if you ask me!

End of Times? Sorry but the world has always had disasters.

I am a Christian and I agree that it is annoying how most other Christians say that we are in the end times. God clearly states that nobody knows when the world will end. It could be a long time from now.

If we came from Monkeys, then why are there still Monkeys?

First, not only some Christians gave this argument.
Second, we came from great apes.
We also have evolved from single-celled organisms

Creationists also use this argument
Also we came from single celled organisms

Because their Pokemon trainers didn't put them into enough fights in order for them to evolve.

Actually humans are more closely related to the great apes, not monkeys. And to everyone saying we evolved from fish, we evolved from single-celled organisms.

If there is not god, then who made the universe?

The answer is : Something else than god!

It's this very simple answer that you Christians refuse to believe in, it's called science

Maybe the universe was made in a universe cluster along with other universes?

Answer: The Big Bang

Why can't you Christians believe the works of science already?

The Bible says...

The bible is made by humans, so if you say " the bible says " it's the same thing that you say " people say ". And if I had to believe the morals and thinking of the stupid people that made the bible Thousand of years ago I would be stupid myself.

Yep, it's a book. Written by humans. Who are flawed.

Noah was drunk after Noah's Ark.

The only argument they have. Which is not very good one

God works in mysterious ways.

My church used to say this every time I would ask a question about God. I started doubting religion the exact moment they told me this sentence.

Just a fancy quote to saying without admitting that they can't explain what is happening or giving a answer to something.

Again, this is not a lame argument. Beleivers say this because they know that there is more to the interaction between God and humanity than the stupid deus ex machines seen in certain forms of entertainment.

This started being said after people started realizing so many things contradict the bible, and shouldn't be happening if that god existed. It's also used as a means of saying, "I don't know, I don't understand, it shouldn't be happening, and I can't explain it, or this is tragic and I can't find a way to console you". Not an argument for god. - Daeralic

They pretty much always use this whenever there's a hole in their logic

The Bible is a history Book.

Yes and no. The Hebrews mixed history with theology, but there are huge portions of the bible that exaggerate, or try to tie religious belief with factual history, much of it being based on, or identical to, earlier Mesopotamian religious beliefs, in spite of things they knew were true even then. As well as many that contradict themselves. It is first, and foremost, a book of Christian theology, not history.

No, it isn't. But it's a great read, all those 1000+ pages.

But where's Hamilton?

The Bible is a religious text

You're going to go to hell when you die

...and Hell is a party.
Party all night in Hell.
On the Highway to Hell!

Personally, I think hell is fictional. And if I die, then I (plus everyone who dies) will stay in my grave.

Only if you did something really unthinkable, such as committing terrorism or murder.

It might not be so bad. I mean, they say there's pizza with pineapple there.

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Jesus died for you.

If he died or if he had lived what would be the difference in my life?

And does that change my life in any way?

He died for my sins.

So he died for billions of people?

God gave Man free will.

If god is omniscient it means he knows the future. If he knows the future it means that the future will develop the way he knew. If the future shouldn't develop that way it means he didn't knew the future. If everything develops because his omniscient it also means that everything happens necessary. And if everything happens necessary it means that there is no free will. You can't change something that will happen necesserary. And if there's no free will it means that people aren't responsable for their sins and acts. If god punish people because of their sins from wich they are not responsable it would mean that god is immoral. The conclusion is : Or god is omniscient and also immoral or he is not immoral but in that case he isn't omniscient. Logic says that god can't be omniscient and good if he gave free will to men. In more logical terms it means that there is no god and for that matter a god-given free will.

If you say that god give us limited free will ( this wouldn't be free anymore ) like you can't choose your species or you can't fly like superman ( like you wrote in your comment ), it would be saying that he gave free will with the conditions of nature. But nature is not neccerssally a god giving thing. You can ( and I'm sure we will one day ) explain nature by science proof.

So we have free will to do whatever we want yet God has a plan and knows exactly what we're gonna do in our lives, doesn't that seem a little contradicting to you?

And the church took it away

If you ask God for forgiveness, you will be Saved.

That one is true, to be honest.

Well, at least if you didn't commit very horrible crimes. (That way, it might not work! )

Saved from what? I don't believe in god and I don't think that if you're doing something very bad like rape or kill someone you deserve to be forgiven. If god forgive you for something bad as that just because you ask him then I think god is immoral and not very sane if you ask me.

Conscience. And if they think that their conscience is clear it means that they think that they didn't do anything wrong because it's forgiven.

Yep, no matter how bad it is, you will always be forgiven if you just believe.

Morality is only possible through religion

No, it can be possible without religion. I still have morals and I’m an atheist

So, if I'm Atheist, I'm IMMORTAL?!

That's a silly claim

I'm not immortal

Don't you mean "immoral", because immortality and immorality are two different things? Just pointing out. - BorisRule

This is why I hate when people say that if they’re abstinent or are pretty wholesome, they’re a “child of god”. I am abstinent and quite wholesome and I’m an atheist. If someone tells me I’m a “child of god/Jesus” because of my lifestyle, I’ll tell them to stop giving me that schtick.

God is just testing you

Why would God test me or anyone in general? Even though I am a Christian, this statement sounds stupid in my opinion.

This is also not a lame argument. Theists believe in a close relationship with God, but it doesn't mean that they expect God to spoil them rotten. Hard times tend be a test of faith because God wants to see if humans are strong enough to deal with the harsh reality of the world.

This is completely stupid. It requires that god be an idiot who doesn't know if someone really believes or not, and had to do things to find out. This isn't an argument for god, mute of an explanation for why bad things happen, in spite of believers praying otherwise. - Daeralic

If god is testing me for something I didn't ask than he must be a very evil person (or whatever he is). He likes to play with his supposed creation or what?

The worst possible thing you can say to a grieving person

Why don't you accept (religion)? If you don't believe, and it does exist, then you'll go to hell, but if it doesn't, then nothing bad happens

I see this all the time, and the problem with this is that EVERYTHING has a risk. If you played it safe with everything, well, if I leave my house, a axe man might kill me, or I might die in a car accident, but the chances of this are slim, so I still go outside.

Another problem is that you can't 'put on' religion like a coat. It's not a belief unless you actually Belive it. And, if you're an atheist like me, it's hard to change your mind.

Remember to a Christian the fear of getting killed every time you leave the house is nothing compared to the fear of hell because they truly believe that those who are not "born-again" go to hell and the Christian does this to make you think about the risk and if it's really worth gambling with your soul. Of course if this the only reason to be a Christian then we can apply the same philosophy to all the other religions that send you to hell if you don't believe and at that point your most likely to pick the wrong religion anyway - maverick88

I would rather be an atheist than a catholic(I am a Christian). Why? Because breaking God's commandments is the same as not believing. Note: some Catholics are actually good people and God is calling them out to quit.

This is known as Pascal's wager. It argues for a god that's stupid and doesn't know much of anything. You would figure a god would know if someone truly believed, or was just taking out a fire insurance policy. - Daeralic

Rather be a ruler in hell than a servant in heaven!

But Atheists (like me) think there is no hell, so how are we suppose to know we'll go to hell?

God told me to give you this (hands you money).

Why not give money to the poor instead of those who don't want it?

If you just gave that to a homeless person, what would they honestly be able to do with it?

I don't want money though. That's greedy

How do you know God told you?

Global Warming is a myth. God created everything and the world is getting colder

As a Christian, I disagree. Global Warming is real and we really need to fix this catastrophic situation as fast as possible.

The worlds temperature has not increased in any major way over the past century. It may have changed a few degrees every now and then but that is completly natural and has always occurred. No doubt greenhouse gasses are a problem but overall the mass hysteria over "global warming" is complete uncalled for and defiantly should not be a concern for our government despite what Obama thinks.

Is the world getting colder because of atheists? If so, I take offense to that

Global warming is happening but it takes too long to destroy the world

The average mean global temperature had been rising, since the dawn of the industrial revolution. It's been rising every year since, steadily, with 2015 being the hottest year in recorded history. People think that just because it gets cold locally, that somehow means that the whole planet must be normal. - Daeralic

God's time is not our time.

Time is relative. You can however measure time in relation with the speed of light. But when matter goes faster than light it will transform in pure enegergy. And beyond pure energy even time stops because it's impossible to measure something that doesn't react anymore. That is a proven scientefic theory. My question is, where is god in all that?

This is not a lame argument. It is used by beleivers because God is supposed to transcends humans in everything, including patience.

The problem with this one has more to do with believers, than non-believers. It's generally used as an alternative to, "I can't explain why your prayer hasn't been answered yet, or why this prophecy hasn't been fulfilled, etc". - Daeralic

God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

I may be Christian, but there are homosexual animals too.
"Don't judge or you too be judged"

This statement singlehandedly convinced me that God isn't real, a kind, loving God wouldn't just shun all the groups of people that he deems different, just because a man and a woman came first it doesn't mean it's the only way for love to happen, and what really pisses me off is that many Christians say it's their job to guide homosexuals down the right path, which in reality means they try to tell a homosexual person to just not be gay, which is completely stupid, a gay person can't just decide to not be gay, and for you to even try to "guide them" as you say, I think is just despicable

If god created all humans at his image, why did he create humans then who are homosexual? You are born homosexual ( sometimes you are not realizing it until later ) so why is it a sin? He gave man free will? Where's the free will in your choise of love? Nothing makes logic in all that. Unless you're saying that homosexuals choosed evil and satan and therefore it's a sin. But then comes the question again, If you were born homosexual ( it's a proven fact ) how can you choose then? I'm an atheist and I'm not homosexual but to say that there are not accepted in your irrational beliefs is very hypocritical..

Poor Steve though... I feel bad for the guy...

You had to come from somewhere

We all came from the womb.

I came from my mother, not God. Why the hell would God summon me all of a sudden?

I can't believe my eyes! God made some people bad just because I'm suposed to help them? If one of those bad people is for instance a religious extremist who decides in the name of god to blow up with a bomb people who don't believe ( it can even be your family that is a victim of his acts ), I am the one who is suposed to help him? ( Response to the comment that god made bad people because we have to help them )

Yes, I came from my mother and father.

Humans existing is proof that god exists

Thanks, Captain Obvious. Because God was a human (if he even exists, of course)

Humans come from sex

Can atheists be good people? Where do they get their morals from?

Some atheists are good

Uhh from my parents?

Sometimes, religious nutjobs are annoying XP

I get my morals from myself. And I’m a good person!

It takes more faith to be an atheist

But, Atheists don’t really have a faith. Or do they?

This claim made me lose a brain cell

Atheists are satanic

how can they be satanic when they don't believe in Satan tho

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