Top Ten Lame Jokes

Please bear with my lameness. I'm sure these jokes don't make any sense. Just bear with my lameness.

The Top Ten

1 Why do people laugh at others' mistakes? Because they can't laugh at their own.

It's lame but, kinda true...

2 Why was the elephant afraid to see the ant? Lack of experience. He never battled someone of its size.

AW! Am banging my head against a wall. - CityGuru

3 Why is the lion always angry? Because he can't get a hair-cut.
4 Why is milk white in color? Idiot, do you want it black.

It just made me chuckle since you put the word "idiot" in it. But still lame. Good list! - funnyuser

5 What is the similarity between Summer and Winter? Both are not Spring.

That's actually very lame - Ananya

6 What is the cause of obesity? Neglecting moral values while eating food
7 What are noble gases? Gases produced by noble people.

Hey hey that's true - Ananya

8 What does Gauss law teach us? Ridiculous calculations cannot beat creative imagination.
9 How do you destroy a burger? Separate the buns

Haha this is so funny haha. Just kidding! I know someone in my class that will pee their pants... - funnyuser

I like this one despite it being lame - PositronWildhawk

10 What problems would we face when time machine is invented? Nothing. The damn paradoxes are too complex for me to understand.

The Contenders

11 Knock knock. Who’s there? Ash. Ash who? Bless you!

Like something out of a Christmas Cracker.

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